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Mendelian Inheritance PowerPoint Presentation
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Mendelian Inheritance

Mendelian Inheritance

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Mendelian Inheritance

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  1. Mendelian Inheritance

  2. The genes are in our cells. In the nucleus Where are they kept?

  3. The genes are on long, string-like things called chromosomes

  4. We have 46 of them in our cells. What do you notice about them?

  5. All our chromosomes are in pairs and half came from dad half came from mom Where did we get each one from?

  6. How do you get two copies?

  7. Sex cells are special when it comes to chromosomes. They only have one of each pair, not the usual two. Sex Cells Why is this? Sex cells are designed to join together and so... 1 + 1 = 2

  8. This means that genes are in pairs Because… E E Genes are found on chromosomesand chromosomes come in pairs—homologs!

  9. Some gene are in two forms Some people have ear lobes and others do not (attached).

  10. A gene controls how ear lobes develop. Let’s use letters to represent genes/alleles to make it easier. There are two versions of the gene. They are called alleles. E which produces ears with lobes. and e which produces ears without lobes.

  11. So... 2 forgetting all those chromosomes lets talk about ears EE two lobe alleles two no lobe alleles ee or Ee one of each allele but you definitely have

  12. We can use these facts to make predictions about the features that children will inherit from their parents.

  13. Lets pretend... that a man without ear lobes and a woman with lobes will soon have their first baby Will the baby have ear lobes?

  14. mom dad Lobes No lobes parent’s genotype EE ee sex cell’s alleles E e e Children’s genotype E Ee But… does the child have ear lobes?

  15. YES One allele effect’s (E)can hide the other’s effect (e). Ee This allele version is... dominant The allele that is hidden is….. recessive

  16. Lets see if you have got the idea!

  17. mom dad Lobes Lobes parent’s genotype Ee Ee sex cell’s alleles E e E e E e Children’s genotype E EE Ee e Ee ee But… do the children have ear lobes?

  18. Lobes Lobes Ee EE Lobes No lobes ee Ee Phenotype: the appearance of the trait in the organism.

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