practicing general science vocabulary n.
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Practicing General Science Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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Practicing General Science Vocabulary

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Practicing General Science Vocabulary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Practicing General Science Vocabulary
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  1. Practicing General Science Vocabulary April 4, 2011

  2. Equilibrium Equilibrium: A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system. Example Sentence: After a week of having diarrhea, my stomach once again achieved equilibrium and returned to normal.

  3. Exhibit Exhibit: to show outwardly; to display Example Sentence: The Cubs exhibited their lousy baseball skills by losing their home opener.

  4. Trend Trend: The general direction in which something tends to move; the general direction followed by something. Example Sentence: There is an increasing trend in the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide concentration.

  5. Decline Decline: to slant or slope downward; a downward motion Example Sentence: There has been a decline in the number of my cookies since the cookie monster moved into my apartment.

  6. Ascend Ascend: to go or move upward; rise Example Sentence: The hot air balloon ascended into the atmosphere.

  7. Reduce Reduce: to bring down; to lower Example Sentence: I can reduce the amount of electricity that I use by turning off the lights.

  8. Emphasize Emphasize: to stress Example Sentence: Cookie monster emphasized the importance of using real butter when making cookies.

  9. Annual Annual: yearly; occurring or returning only once a year Example Sentence: Billy hates going to his annual dentist appointment.

  10. Crucial Crucial: extremely important Example Sentence: It is crucial that you wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

  11. Words that are associated with “going up” Words that are associated with “going down” Words that mean going up and down! First, correct Ms. Grom’s mistake and cross out up and down written in the arrows and write the opposite term so that they match their arrow! Then, look at the words that we just defined. Decide which of these mean “go up” and put them in the upward arrow. Then, find the words that mean “go down” and put them in the downward arrow. decline ascend reduce

  12. Words that are associated with “going up” Words that are associated with “going down” Words that mean going up and down! Now, let things about other words that might be used to say that something I going up or down. Write them in the appropriate arrow. raise lessen addition descend expand decrease increase decline ascend heighten reduce growth diminish

  13. Come in Handy All of the words that we learned today will come in handy as we learn more about science and as we practice our skills for the EXPLORE/ACT exam.

  14. College (Life) Readiness Standards (CRS)

  15. College (Life) Readiness Skills (CRS) Our main standard for our new unit: Determine how the value of one variable changes as the value of another variable changes in a simple data presentation What is the overall trend in biodiversity over the past 500 million years? it increases it decreases it increases, then decreases it decreases, then increases

  16. Practice Now, go back and write your own complete sentences using the vocabulary words. Circle the word in your sentence.