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C olorado C ommunity C ollege S ystem (CCCS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C olorado C ommunity C ollege S ystem ( 8 Designated CTE schools – statewide 4 Dept. of Corrections. Real Purpose. Vision: Colorado CTE delivers intentional pathways & planning for lifelong career success!

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C olorado c ommunity c ollege s ystem cccs edu
Colorado Community College System (

8 Designated CTE schools – statewide

4 Dept. of Corrections

Real Purpose

Vision: Colorado CTE delivers intentional pathways & planning for lifelong career success!

Mission: CTE ensures a thriving Colorado economy by providing relevant and rigorous education that is connected, responsive and real.

21st century skills
21st Century Skills

20th Century 21st Century

1 – 2 Jobs

10 – 15 Jobs

# of


Mastery of

One Field









Integration of 21st

Century Skills into

Subject Matter






Comprehensive Guidance!

Cultivate a culture of career academic success p 20

Together We:

Cultivate a culture of Career & Academic Success (P-20)




6th -9th

For some = ECE-5th


Postsecondary & Workforce Opportunities

Colorado s current pipeline
Colorado’s Current Pipeline





Source: NCES 2006



PWR Standards!



Missing ctso
Missing CTSO


Agricultural & Natural Resources

Business & Public Administration

STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology

Hospitality, Human Services & Education

Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences

Health Sciences & Public Safety

Seamless Transitions:





Career Development Journey

And from around Colorado…

Insert map of CO


11th grade

Lamar HS

DECA State President

Postsecondary Workforce Goal = Sports Marketer or Sports Agent

CTE = “Well, being in DECA is somewhat of a family legacy for me.

All of my older siblings were involved. What I like best is the networking,

meeting new people, new experiences both locally, statewide and nationally.

I feel like I have an advantage over other people with the Marketing Experience.

CTE is co-curricular, which means in and out of the classroom. You learn it, then you take it to the next level and apply it to the real.”

Planning = “I think about my future often, and factor what the consequences will be when I take action. I do plan to go to college and get a degree, and it's been good for me because it makes me work harder so I can accomplish what I want to. I try to see the choices that I make today in classes, social, etc. in the light of how they may affect me in the future: really help me on my path, or come back and bite me in the butt.”

Expectations = “I feel like colleges and Job interviews will be attracted to my work ethic, my ‘being on time’, my positive representation for the organization, my time management and being bilingual”

What was missing? I definitely miss being among people I was really familiar with (my classmates/friends from before high school) and I do feel left out at times now I'm in high school, but I just have to remember that it's going to happen to everyone in college, and I have to fight on. I do think that I could have used some stress relief to help with the pressures that come with high school, and I would have liked to have a time / stress management class.


HOSA State VP of Events

12th grade

Dakota Ridge HS + Warren Tech

Postsecondary Workforce Goal = Attend UC Denver and be a Nurse

CTE = “Everyone works hard and puts effort in learning because it is something they enjoy doing…they have motivation…I think more students should be able to be in a CTE program. There is an obvious need for more CTE schools”

Benefits of CTE = “I have learned that my career is in the healthcare field…being in CTE I was able to explore the career and learn what is required to become a health care professional. I learned that most professions are not just about school work, but also the experience and skills.”

Planning = “I did not seriously start thinking about college and my future career until the end of my junior year, when I started thinking of scholarships and financial need. [But] I knew that I wanted to get the wonderful school everyone talked about so my freshman year I applied to attend Warren Tech….I still run into seniors that have no idea what they are doing after high school or what they want to major in”

Vital Roles = “All the teachers and administration from schools. Because of the people willing to help me, I have been able to create a clear path to my career. It takes a lot of work, especially figuring out college by yourself. It is not as simple as it seems. I have a lot of people to thank!”

Advice to Younger Students = “Never be afraid to ask for help. There are always people willing to help and in order to have success anywhere you will always need a strong support system to help you out. Also if you have the opportunity to advance and you have a passion for it, take a risk, it may not be easy but it is worth it. Never forget to thank those who help you and remember to give back whenever you can.”


10th grade

Montezuma-Cortez HS

Regional VP – DECA

Postsecondary Workforce Goal = Be successful in the Business World, maybe be a part of Merchant Marines too.

CTE = “My Marketing teach said it would look good on a resume and it was something to do. My older brother was also involved and is now a Merchant Marine. Meeting and interacting with new people is something I enjoy most. It’s about connections. The business classes have probably made me most successful, just because they teach you important life skills like time management and marketing strategies which help when working with people (customers).” The organization provides countless leadership positions at the local, state and national levels…..this program has instilled in me the drive to pursue my passion and exhibit hard work and persistence in every area of my life.”

Planning = “In certain areas of my curricular and extracurricular activities, I began the planning process early. This has allowed me to establish loft goals for myself early on and then take very strategic approaches to achieving such goals. It has helped me to set higher goals for myself and know that my potential is greater. My bumper sticker reads: The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Vital Roles = “My business teachers and Chapter Advisors informed me of some obstacles and is optimistic about my future. Anyone who does well in business is who I’m attracted to – they teach me new things.”

What was Missing? “I think our reading skills need to be improved. We can never be to good at reading. I’d advise not just reading for fun but have fun reading! On another note, the drama in both MS and HS is upsetting. I wish I could have just let things ‘fall of my back’ because I feel like I wasted a lot of time – I could have done something more productive with that time.”


Freshman, Mesa State College

Graduate of Warren Tech + Dakota Ridge HS

Received CNA with Concurrent Enrollment

HOSA State Office

Postsecondary Workforce Goal = To be a Pediatrician

CTE = “I personally absolutely loved the specialized education. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time at all because I was doing what I loved while still improving my reading and writing skills. If I were in a different program than Health Sciences this may have been different. Many people don't know about Warren Tech or the possibilities behind it or the real world experience you can gain. Many though comment on how cool it sounds and if they are still able, would like to look into it … a resource for cheap haircuts, nails, facials, food, video productions and even a resource for volunteer work.”

Planning =“I started planning my future as early as 5th grade, this helped me because I had plenty of time to experiment and decide ultimately what I want to do for a living, many people I feel waste money looking for what they want to do as soon as they hit college….I switched between massage therapist, veterinarian and doctor. Freshman Year of HS, I knew I wanted to be a pediatrician. I settled for a state college because I had a full ride scholarship and knew I would need the money later for Med School.”

Challenges = “Currently, they include finding time to study, participate in the few organizations I am in and staying caught up in classes. I am taking Advanced classes and am really having to work much harder than I did in high school. I appreciate the challenge, the creativity and exploration I get to do now and didn’t get to do in HS”

Advice = “My advise for a great high school career is to seek out alternative education and to explore and test your interests. I would recommend to younger students to do some extracurricular activities during high school and find something that they can immerse themselves in while they are in high school. I found in 6th grade that I absolutely loved playing the trombone in the school band. If I hadn't continued in high school, I would have felt very out of place.”


Jr. at UC-Boulder

Was VP for FBLA

Postsecondary Goal = Degree in Architectural Engineering.

CTE Reflection= These organizations gave me the opportunity to “act” like a professional person in a safe environment. I was given pointers on things like how to dress (plus how to tie a necktie!), how to present myself, what works and what is attractive to professionals…participating in many different interviews for summer internships and mock interviews with presentation practice has prepared me for what I’ve experienced while in college.”

“I was a hard worker and gave me a GPA boost, it didn't do much for helping me in my technical drawing class. I had no idea how to go about Computer Aided Drafting and Drawing (AutoCAD) while some of my classmates breezed through it. I found out that they had taken courses through CTE in HS and had a big advantage because of it.CTE gives that more real-life skill set that students start to learn about in college.  If students are exposed to it in high school though, they get a great advantage.

Planning = “I had always planned on attending college, but what I wanted to do for a career didn’t really come to mind until I had taken Critical Skills. While at the time, I thought that taking personality and ability quizzes had no way of successfully matching me up with a career, I realize now that it at least started me thinking about what I wanted to do. By my junior year I had started researching universities and their offered majors and lining those up with possible careers that I knew matched my interests.”

Vital Role = “My parents have played a huge role in my success in academics and my career paths. In high school, it was much more of the typical parent role of providing meals and parenting. Now they help more with professional advice, like how long to wait after an interview to call a company, or whether or not my resume is up to par. The Career Services Office at CU-Boulder has also provided some great opportunities for mock interviews and resume critiques.”

What was missing? “Inform me more of the different opportunities that were available and how important they may be. College life has taught me the importance of personal finance skills the hard way, and I know now that I could have taken classes to help prepare me for it in high school.”


12 grade

Calhan HS

Skills USA – Officer

12 credits shy of an AS in Criminal Justice

Postsecondary Workforce Goal = Joining the staff of a local Correctional Facility

CTE = “To me, I think that this would prepare me for the real world and it seems like it would be hands-on and let me learn by doing not just seeing or hearing. I think people, mostly adults, this its just about learning about careers and the technical pieces within but it’s really about learning how to apply these skills…sometimes it doesn’t come easy…like public speaking and leadership.”

Planning = “For me, it began 1st semester of Sophomore year. I realized that HS goes by really fast and without a plan, I’d be lost. I realized that through my life experience (my older brothers’ death when I was a freshman) that I wanted to help juveniles with what they need. I researched it and with the help of my Counselor and English Teacher I figured out what classes to take, how to get into them (I had to push myself with the tests) and how to apply myself to what I want for my future. It was tough to get my life back on track after losing my brother but with a lot of encouragement and being a part of a small community, it worked.”

Vital Role = “My English teacher had us write a paper on what interested us and what our backgrounds were [personal story]. We then had a sit-down conversation about it. It helped me realize that I can be in a career that fits me based off of what I’ve gone through. I couldn’t have gotten through HS without my English Teacher”.

Wish = I think the older we get in HS the more we should be treated like a college student. Don’t baby us or hold our hands so much but also don’t just drop us either, It will help us be ready for the future.”


Lauren k Jones, CTE-Career Guidance Trainer:

[email protected] 720-858-2825

Career Guidance

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