Introduction to the insightmirror 360
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Introduction to the INSIGHTMirror 360. Why is The INSIGHTMirror 360 considered one of the premier online 360 Assessments? Because it recognizes that the key to exceptional performance is in utilizing people’s strengths. Here’s Looking At You.

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Introduction to the insightmirror 360
Introduction to the INSIGHTMirror 360

Why is The INSIGHTMirror 360 considered one of the premier online 360 Assessments?

Because it recognizes that the key to exceptional

performance is in utilizing people’s strengths.

Here’s Looking At You

What is the most recent research telling us about the best way to improve people s performance
What is the most recent research telling us about the best way to improve people’s performance?

1. By correcting people’s weaknesses?

2. By building on people’s strengths?

3. By placing equal emphasis on both people’s weaknesses and strengths?

The answer may surprise you. All the major research studies confirm that the answer is #2, although almost 70% of current managers gave# 1 as their answer. - Gallup Organization’s 20 year Leadership Study with over 200,000 leaders.

It is within

people’s strengths

where lie the true


for exceptional


Fred Astaire

strengthenedhis dancing talent through an astounding work ethic and through his explicit requests for feedback from choreographers, dancers and friends whom he held in high regard.

Introduction to the insightmirror 360

Q. Why is The INSIGHTMirror 360 one of this country’s premier 360s?


• The INSIGHTMirror 360 focuses primarily on people’s STRENGTHS.

It is within our strengths that lie the true

opportunities for both exceptional performance

and a superior return on investment.

We will deal with the importance of working with

people’s weaknesses in the next slide.


According to the Gallop Study, only 17% of people spend most of their day working with their strengths.Gallup Organization’s 20 year Leadership Study, cited on page 2.

An analysis of the 360 assessment data from 695 IRS managers in a three year study of leadership traits showed that IRS leaders who build on existing strengths (based on 360º perception) achieve much larger increases in overall leadership effectiveness than those who focus on improving weaknesses.

Introduction to the insightmirror 360

Does the INSIGHTMirror 360 premier 360s?

Address People’s Weaknesses?

  • Absolutely! We devote two sections in our Award Winning Action Planning Guide to practical ways to overcome weaknesses.

  • • Why so: If you don’t manage the weeds, you will soon be left with a once beautiful garden left In decay.

  • • How so: By providing the best (non-boiler plate) tools to the Ratee. Through our Action and Planning Guide, we provide specific exercises and examples to assist Ratees with their weaknesses.

  • Below is an example from our Planning & Action Guide on how “better questions” can make a weakness more manageable.

  • Martin’s 360º feedback report showed a very low score on the question relating to Getting along well with others. Martin was not surprised since he has heard this feedback many times from supervisors and other employees before. Neither commu -nication workshops nor limiting his chance for promotion ever helped Martin Get Along With Others. Martin’s behavior had a high impact on the productivity of the office since his behavior inhibited the informal, yet vital, flow of office information. 77hh

    • Waste-of-Time Question:How can we motivate Martin to be pleasant at work?

    • Better Question:How can we help Martin practice improved people skills withthe key management leaders that influence his performance rating?• An Even Better Question: (Ratee completes)

    Introduction to the insightmirror 360

    How Easy is the INSIGHTMirror 360 premier 360s?

    Assessment Process?

    • We invested over $500,000 in the most cutting edge hardware and software that impressed The Ken Blanchard Companies, HRD Press and several other companies so much, that they now use our online assessment software system for most of their online assessments.

    • The INSIGHTMirror 360 is extremely easy andintuitive to use.People at all levels of computer literacy have successfully used our on-line assessment to personally and directly invite Raters, and send out reminders to delinquent Raters.

    • Invitations to individual participants or groups go out instantly.

    • An individual’s assessment information is automatically integrated and put into charts and easy-to-read logical formats.

    Introduction to the insightmirror 360

    Inviting Raters is a simple process: premier 360s?

    • Customize or use default invitation

    • Enter names and emails

    • Select the Rater’s professional category (peer, supervisor)

    • Click Submit

    • An assessment email is sent automatically to Raters

    • Read the requirements and guidelines for Raters before proceeding.

    • You can change default invitation to make the invitation more personal.

    • 3. To invite Raters simply complete the table below.

    • 4. The Ratee can invite two people to whom they report.u● Supervisor A

    • ● Supervisor B

    You (the Ratee) may invite as many Raters as you wish.


    Monitor rater activity

    Monitor Rater Activity premier 360s?

    Here you can view which Raters have completed their Rater assessments and send reminder emails to those who have not.

    • Monitor Rater Activity:

    • Ratee and administrator can see who has completed the assessment. You can change the setting so the Ratee cannot see their rating until you (the administrator) want them to.

    • You can send automated reminders to those Raters who are delinquent in returning their completed assessments.

    Introduction to the insightmirror 360

    Written Comments: premier 360s?

    INSIGHTMirror 360 elicits specific and insightful Rater comments in the Assessment’s thirteen comment areas.

    After we added these paragraphs at the end of the first set of questions

    the quality of our written Rater comments improved markedly:

    Instructions for questions in Section I:

    “Although written comments are optional, they add richness to a person’s Feedback Report in ways that numerical numbers cannot. You may wish to offer suggestions, clarifications, constructive feedback, and kudos. When writing comments, please be thoughtful and sensitive about how you phrase your written feedback.

    Please make your comments specific. If you write, ‘Poor delegation,’ this does not give the Ratee much information to work with. If you are specific, and write, ‘Does not disseminate new information I need to make the delegated task match the needs of the client,’ that would be more meaningful and useful to the Ratee.”

    Our clients tell us that the underlined words above give Raters permission to write comments that are not typically seen in other 360s. Our clients find the written comments contained in the INSIGHTMirror 360 feedback report quite meaningful and insightful, especially compared to other 360s they have used.

    Introduction to the insightmirror 360

    Your Strengths are your Rising Sun. premier 360s?

    At Independence Hall, as the delegates signed the U. S. Constitution, Benjamin Franklin pointed to the president's chair, which had a sun painted on it. Franklin eloquently stated before all the representatives:

    "I have the course of this session...looked at that...without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now at length I have the happiness to know that it is a rising and not a setting sun."

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