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OmniPro-Accept 7. Installation and Activation procedures. The following presentation will describe the OmniPro-Accept 7 software licensing procedure.

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omnipro accept 7

OmniPro-Accept 7

Installation and Activation procedures


The following presentation will describe the OmniPro-Accept 7 software licensing procedure.

The concept might also be applicable for other software from IBA Dosimetry in case that the product registration and licensing is performed via the HASP service.

  • Review of System Requirements
  • Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • Installation of OmniPro-Accept 7
  • Online License Activation
  • Manual License Activation
review of system requirements
Review of System Requirements
  • First of all, insert the OmniPro-Accept 7 CD-ROM into an appropriate drive at your computer.
  • The auto run process will start and open the install shield in your standard internet explorer, e.g. Windows Internet Explorer.
  • The Welcome screen provides information regarding the icons on the left side. It is recommended to review the Requirements and Learning prior to performing the Installation.
review of system requirements1
Review of System Requirements
  • Ensure that your computer meets the System Requirements before you continue with the installation of OmniPro-Accept.
  • In addition, before you continue, ensure yourself that you have full administration rights on the computer and disable any firewall and virus scanner software until you have completed the installation, registration and equipment setup.
review of system requirements2
Review of System Requirements

The Documents icon will link you to electronic copies of the RTPS interface user guides and operating manuals.

It might be a good idea to have a look to the Readme document to learn more about the OmniPro-Accept software requirements and modification history as well as known effects.

review of system requirements3
Review of System Requirements

The Readme document provides information regarding:

  • the Operating system
  • the Installation of the software
  • the License Activation
  • the used Coordinate System
  • and other details in context with this version

Please ensure yourself that your operating system meets one of these requirements.

OmniPro-Accept must not be installed on a virtual computer, network server or RAID hard drive configuration.

installation of components prerequisites
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)

After reading the Requirements and other information you can start to run the Installation by clicking the corresponding button in the menu bar.

Depending on operating system and internet explorer etc, the following scenario might appear.

Click the Run button to continue.

Again, click the Run button to continue.

installation of components prerequisites1
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • Then the OmniPro-Accept 7 Setup and prerequisites wizard is starting.
  • Before you continue by clicking Next, please read attentively all information provided in the window.
installation of components prerequisites2
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • The prerequisites wizard is detecting automatically which component is already installed on the computer and does meet the requirements.
  • Missing components are automatically selected and get a check-mark. They will be installed after clicking the Next button.
  • Depending on which component need to be installed, you might be requested to accept license agreements from third parties.

Please do not uncheck / skip the installation of these components.

They are required by OmniPro-Accept in order to run properly.

installation of components prerequisites3
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • In this example, the Visual C++ componente will be installed at first.
  • Then the HASP software installation is prepared. This will take some time and we ask for your patience.
  • You will get it prompted when done successfully.
installation of components prerequisites4
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • In the next step, the software installer prepares the DirectX installation.
  • Please read the software license terms, you need to accept the agreement to continue the installation.

If you do not accept the agreement, the DirectX components will not be installed and the OmniPro-Accept software will not work properly.

installation of components prerequisites5
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • After confirmation of the license agreement, the installation wizards starts.
  • Continue by pushing the Next button.
installation of components prerequisites6
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • It is now possible to monitor the installation process in the status bar.
  • Please show patience until the installation process will be displayed in the status bar – it will take some time. Click the Next button on request.
installation of components prerequisites7
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • When all required components have been installed, click Finish.
installation of components prerequisites8
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • Finally, when all components have been installed, check if the HASP License Manager is starting automatically.
  • Use the Windows ‘Search’ function to find the Services and open it.
  • You will find the HASP License Manager as well the Status and Startup Type under local services.
installation of components prerequisites9
Installation of Components (Prerequisites)
  • With the right mouse click open the HASP License Manager Properties.
  • Select the Startup Type ‘Automatic’ in the General settings, and
  • Under Recovery, select ‘Restart the Service’ in First failure situation.
installation of omnipro accept 7
Installation of OmniPro-Accept 7
  • After pushing the Finish button, the OmniPro-Accept 7 installation is being prepared. Click Next to start the installation.
  • The program will propose an installation folder for OmniPro-Accept. If necessary, you can choose a different location. Click Next to continue.

Please note:

Do not define a folder somewhere on a server or network path or virtual computer. The program folder must be located locally on your PC.

installation of omnipro accept 71
Installation of OmniPro-Accept 7
  • Push the Install button to start the installation process.
  • Until it starts and the progress can be monitored in the status bar, a few seconds of patience are required.
  • Follow the further instructions and push the Finish button at the end to exit the setup wizard.
online license activation
Online License Activation

The internet explorer can be closed now.

On the desktop, double-click the OmniPro-Accept 7 icon to start the application.

online license activation1
Online License Activation
  • In the menu bar, click Help and open the drop-down menu.
  • Select About to open the information window of OmniPro-Accept.
  • In this window, respectively into the text box Product Key, the license number code need to be entered.
online license activation2
Online License Activation
  • The required Product Key is given with the software license document you received together with the installation CD.
  • By default, the product key can be used for five installations.
online license activation3
Online License Activation

The fastest way to register and activate the software is the online activation, provided you have a connection to the internet.

In this case click the Activate button. The OmniPro-Accept software will then connect to the HASP server for the activation.

Important notice:

To get unlimited access to all features you ordered, please register / activate your software as soon as possible, but latest within 30 days.

online license activation4
Online License Activation
  • An information appears when the activation was done successful; click OK.
  • After the registration the software will be restarted automatically; click OK.

Important notice:

An internet connection via Proxy-Server can cause restrictions and the activation may fail.

online license activation5
Online License Activation

After the restart of OmniPro-Accept, you can compare the features enabled in the OmniPro-Accept software with the options marked in the associated OmniPro-Accept software license document.

manual license activation
Manual License Activation

How can I perform the software activation when my computer does not have access to the internet?

manual license activation1
Manual License Activation

Alternatively, if no internet connection can be established, the software need to be activated in the following way:

  • After entering the product key, click the c2v button in order to generate a so-called c2v (customer to vendor) file. It contains your licensing information.
  • In case you install OmniPro-Accept on more than one computer, you generate a c2v file on each of the computers.
  • Save the c2v file locally and send it by email to, including a screenshot of the About window and your complete address details.

Do not change the file name, format or content of the c2v file. This will cause the licensing procedure to fail.

manual license activation2
Manual License Activation

After sending the c2v file(s) to, you receive corresponding v2c file(s).

  • Save the file(s) locally. Start the OmniPro-Accept software and open the About window.
  • Click the v2c button in order to import the activation information into the OmniPro-Accept software.
manual license activation3
Manual License Activation

How can I discover which v2c file belongs to which c2v file (i.e., to which computer)?

I have installed the software on different computer and created for each installation a c2v file.

manual license activation4

In the c2v file you can find the HASP-ID within the first lines.

The v2c file you received must contain the same HASP-ID.

Manual License Activation

Open the folder where the c2v and v2c files are saved and open them with Notepad.

manual license activation5
Manual License Activation

These HASP-ID‘s must be identical with the HASP-ID that is displayed in the About window of OmniPro-Accept 7.

Note: Only c2v and v2c files with the same HASP-ID are belonging together.

manual license activation6
Manual License Activation

When the HASP-ID‘s in the v2c file and About window are identical, then move your mouse pointer to the v2cbutton and click it.

Select the corresponding v2c file from the folder where you have saved it and click Open.

After this, the License Activation window will appear.

And finally you will get the information that the OmniPro-Accept software need to be restarted make the activation effective - click OK.

manual license activation7
Manual License Activation

The following scenario is showing potential error messages when performing the v2c import:

  • Should you have selected a wrong v2c file, the software will respond with an error message.
  • In case that you use the v2c file a second time, the following message will appear to inform you.
manual license activation8
Manual License Activation

When OmniPro-Accept has restarted you can see the activated features in the About window. You can compare them with the options provided with the OmniPro-Accept software license document.

last but not least
Last, but not least…

Some notes at the end of this presentation:

  • In case that you need to add or change features / options, please talk with your local IBA Dosimetry representative or send an e-mail to
  • When you have received a newProduct Key for additional or modified features/options, you need to enter it into the corresponding field of the About window and perform an Activation in the way as described before.
  • Please observe the computer requirements and follow the installation procedure exactly as described here.
  • In case of unexpected problems please send a detailed report including screenshots of error messages, computer specifications and other information that you think could be helpful to your IBA Dosimetry representative or directly to

Please activate the software as soon as possible –

the initial license expires after 30 days.