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STC GEOSTAR, Russia. Devices and Equipment For Oil & gas and chemical industries. PRESENTS. STC GEOSTAR. Echometers Dynamometers Flowmeters Pressure gauges Automatic transducers Mobile chassis trucks. About company.

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stc geostar russia





Oil & gas

and chemical industries.


stc geostar





Pressure gauges

Automatic transducers

Mobile chassis trucks

about company
About company

Company "STC GEOSTAR" is developer, manufacturer and supplier of devices and equipment produced under GEOSTAR ® series.

Electronic measuring instrumentations such as echometers and dynamometers , research instrumentation and equipment such as mobile logging trucks for hydrodynamic and geophysical researches, electronic measuring instrumentation (pressure gauges, position counters), winches and other equipment are developed and produced under GEOSTAR ® series.

Our team has been involved in developing of measuring equipment for oil&gas industry since 1996

Therefore our technical service and trade policy have not changed since then and run as follows:

  • constant improvement of our existing products;
  • new products' development;
  • software updates;
  • after-sales service;
  • extention of service centers network and representatives formation.

If you choose to cooperate with "STC GEOSTAR" company you get permanently updated devices, service maintenance and full software support.

New modified echometer-dynamometer system has the best measuring features and capabilities and advanced repair technology that is very important for service centers.

Best regards,

Director Tatyana Bush

echometer dynamometer geostar 111
Echometer-dynamometer GEOSTAR-111

The best mobile system to measure oil level and casing pressure, and register the surface dynamometer card to control the pump operation and predict malfunctions. It also allows to control valves leakages and measure estimated well rate. With additional transducers it’s available to measure the liquid flow.

System consists of registration unit with keyboard and LCD-screen. The most advanced capabilities of system are the set of connected transducers. For each kind of measurement it is used the appropriated transducer. RU supports for 2 kinds of dynamometers, 3 kinds of echometers and 2 kinds of flowmeters.

echometer transducers
Echometer transducers

Echometer transducer consists of two parts – acoustic generator and signal receiver. Acoustic generator is changeable according to the oilwell conditions. It is used the exhaust valve on the pressure wells. Manual pump and rubber device as generators are used on the zero-pressure oil wells.

Generator produces the acoustic starting impulse into borehole and the reflection from the “Gas-Liquid” boundary is detected by the signal receiver.

dynamometer transducers
Dynamometer transducers

System has two kinds of dynamometer transducers.

Polished rod transducer is mounted on the polished rod without stopping the pumping unit and registers the relative load and position.

Horseshoe load transducer is mounted into the carrier bar and it is necessary to stop the pumping unit and use the jacks. It measures the absolute load.

Usually it is used the polished rod transducer because it gives the dynamometer card which can be used to monitor the condition and malfunction of the pumping unit.

functions of geostar 111
Functions of GEOSTAR-111
  • Automatic calculation of liquid level depth
  • Conclusion about pump operation
  • Smart checking for valves leakage
  • Pump card calculation
  • Support for slow-moving pumping units
  • Gaseous liquid column estimation
  • Multilanguage interface of registering unit
specification of geostar 111
Specification of GEOSTAR-111

8 … 4500

0 … 40

0 … 20000

5 (1 for horseshoe)



Registered level range, m

Measured pressure range, MPa

Load measurement range, kg

Max allowed load error, %

Non-stop operation time, hours

Max weight of basic system, kg

software edwin
Software EDWin
  • Special software to prepare the data registered with echometer-dynamometer system GEOSTAR-111.
edwin filter reader
EDWin – Filter/Reader

Software has the very flexible system of filter and measurement search. And verbose reader will make your working more pleasant.

edwin reports
EDWin - Reports

Big choice of some reports and report designer.

edwin reports12
EDWin - Reports

Big choice of some reports and report designer.

automatic echometer
Automatic echometer

Automatic stationary echometer GEOSTAR-112 is designed for automatic registration of the liquid level depth and casing pressure in oil well on the user-defined time scheme. System operates in standalone mode without operator. System allows to register the level buildup curve

automatic echometer15
Automatic echometer

Technical specification

  • Registered level range 8…4000 m
  • Registered pressure range 0,1…6,0 MPa
  • Sample rate 1…65500 min
  • Power supply self-contained
  • Running time 1 month
  • Quantity of registered echocards: with duration 10sec (1150 m) up to 500 without graphic up to 10000
  • Weight3 kg
  • Overall dimensions 70×155×210 mm
down hole pressure gauge
Down-hole pressure gauge

The Pressure gauge is designed for down-hole diagnostic well surveys. The gauge performs simultaneous or separate measurement of values of pressure, temperature and humidity and saves results to the nonvolatile memory.

down hole pressure gauge18
Down-hole pressure gauge


- Flexible user-defined time scheme of data registration

- Startup modes: from the button, overpressure and timer

- Pressure data can be synchronized with flow data (flowmeter counter SVU-102) and depth data (GS-SPS)

- Preparation of pressure data on personal computer


- Measured pressure range 0..100 MPa

- Relative pressure error, % FS ±0.15

- Measured temperature range 0..120 C

wellhead pressure gauge
Wellhead pressure gauge

Wellhead pressure gauge is designed for diagnostic well surveys. The gauge performs measurement of pressure, temperature and saves measurement results to the nonvolatile memory.

water injection system
Water injection system

System is designed for real-time on-line testing for flow rate changing and for wellhead pressure changing simultaneously. It is used for water injection logging.

It also can be used for logging the flow rate data for other liquids and transfer registered data to the remote unit system.

water injection system21
Water injection system

System consists of:

  • - primary transducer DPI-UZ (1) is mounted on the pipeline with using of joint flanges. It converts the flow volume into impulses.
  • - secondary counter SVU-102 (2) is mounted on the primary transducer. It has self-contained power supply, converts impulses into flow rate value, calculates the average flow rate and store it to the nonvolatile memory.
position and velocity counter
Position and velocity counter

Device is designed to log the lowering and hoisting operations of the down-hole instruments. It is used for geophysic researches to operate jointly with winch.

Device displays and stores the velocity and position values of down-hole instruments during hoisting operations.

Position data can be synchronized with the pressure values registered by down-hole pressure gauge with the help of supplied software.

logging winch service trucks24
Logging winch service trucks
  • Truck is designed on full-driving chassis GAZ, ZIL, URAL, KamAZ, Volvo, Mercedes, MAC and etc.
  • Van body. It is available to produce the isothermal body in two variants: mono-cabin and two-cabin. These bodies are differed by availability of the inner partition with the door, and sets of built-in furniture as well.
  • Winch can have mechanical, hydraulic or electric drive.
winch for logging truck
Winch for logging truck

Winch can be used with three kinds of drives – mechanical from engine, hydraulic and electric.

  • Maximal lifting capacity,

(w\o wireline), kg 150

  • Hoisting speed range, m/s 0..4
  • Wire line laying automatic
  • Overall dimensions, mm,

length 840, width 650, height 700

  • Weight, kg, no more (without drum and wire line weight) 180 Wire line diameter, mm 1,8..2,2
  • Drum capacity (Ø1,8 mm), m, no less than 4000

Company: «STC GEOSTAR Ltd»

Address: Office 24, Vakhitova pr.,42a, Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, 423816, p.b. 16103

Tel/Fax: +7(8552) 399-222, 399-333