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Holding Your Staff Accountable PowerPoint Presentation
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Holding Your Staff Accountable

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Holding Your Staff Accountable - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Holding Your Staff Accountable
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  1. Holding Your Staff Accountable Without allowing yourself to be held hostage!

  2. The Pointy Haired Boss...

  3. The Job Description • Do your sales people have a written job description? • Ignore at your own risk • Lack of communication is a leading reason that employees under 35 change jobs (USA Today)

  4. Account Executive skillset Account executives must possess or work to acquire the skills necessary for the successful performance of the job duties associated with their position. Account executives will also be required to make an ongoing and reasonable effort to improve and evolve their skill level.

  5. Account Executive skillset Account executives will be given performance goals that are appropriate to their experience, capabilities, and account list status. Achievement of these goals is expected and the account executive’s performance in relation to these goals will be a factor in future employment evaluations.

  6. Account Executive skillset Following is a list of skills at which account executives are expected to be proficient.

  7. Account Executive skillset Sales Competence- Competencies should include communication skills, strategic interview skills, solution development, presentation skills, closing skills, and the provision of superior customer service.

  8. Account Executive skillset Technical Competence- An understanding of all marketing and advertising statistics, measurement and methodologies, research and the definitions of industry terms and how to use them.

  9. Account Executive skillset Conceptual Competence- Creatively blending the facts and figures into a compelling story of how the station excels as an advertising and marketing vehicle.

  10. Account Executive skillset Commitment- The nature of success and achievement assumes excellence in performance. Excellence requires personal commitment. Account executives are expected to demonstrate a commitment to achieving goals within the framework of company policies and procedures.

  11. A Closer Look... Let’s examine a sample job description for an account executive.

  12. Measuring Performance • Selling Skills • Prospecting • Appointment to Proposal Ratio • Proposal to Close Ratio • Account Development and Retention • New Business Development • Traditional • Non-Traditional • Pricing and Profitability • Collections

  13. Suggested Areas For Measurement • Percent of Goal • Revenue • New Business Accounts • New Business Revenue • Non-Traditional Revenue • Average Number of Accounts On Air • Average Order Size • Client Retention • Average Rates per Daypart • Receivables • REVPAD • Written Presentations • Demo Spots • Advertiser Successes • Influence / Attitude

  14. How & When to Measure • Informally • On Calls • In Office • Interaction with Others • Formally • One-on-ones, held only as often as you are prepared for them, tracking past and future activity • Formal reviews (quarterly, yearly)

  15. How & When to Measure • Whenever you have an informal or formal discussion with a sales person... • Keep a record of your discussion • Schedule any necessary follow-up meetings • Send the message that you don’t forget

  16. How & When to Measure • Make sure you are communicating exactly what you intend... • Body language (58%) • Voice (37%) • The words you use (5%) • Monday morning sales meetings...really?

  17. The Tough Stuff It’s not the people you fire who will continue to ruin your day You owe it to the people who work hard and do a good job to remove the people who create drag (It may even turn you into a hero!) You also owe it to your team to be the first to recognize your own weaknesses and to make the necessary improvements

  18. Get an outside view of your staff...

  19. What Should Sales Managers Develop? A. Values • Sales Teams • Client Relationships • Revenue Growth • Market Share • Expense Control • Promotion of Properties • Laws and Regulations Anything Missing?

  20. Holding Your Staff Accountable Without allowing yourself to be held hostage!