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Mystery Sports Drink

Mystery Sports Drink

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Mystery Sports Drink

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  1. Mystery Sports Drink Inquiry Science Chapter One

  2. Learning Targets: • Use observations (evidence) to develop an idea • Writing a testable question • Taking notes – Cornell Note Style

  3. Introduction Text, pages 17 – 18 • Read “Mystery Sports Drinks” Introduction • Read Process & Procedure; intro and #1 – 3. Do NOT do the tasks yet… just read through them!

  4. Science or Opinion? How to Test? Is it “testable”? Questions about the Drink? Use observations (evidence) to develop an idea Write a testable question.

  5. Cornell Notes one method for effective note-taking! • Turn to page 18. We’re going to practice a new note-taking method with the article “A Powerful Thirst”. • I will read out loud the first paragraph of the article and demonstrate taking Cornell Notes!

  6. “A Powerful Thirst” Bengal Punch First sports drink Appeared in 1958 But wait! We can make this even better! Gatorade Appeared 7 years after Bengal Punch Sports drinks Booming industry now More than 24 different colors and recipes Sports drinks Began with Bengal Punch in 1958 Next came Gatorade in 1965 Now, more than 24 different colors and recipes

  7. “A Powerful Thirst” Now it is your turn. Read the entire article “A Powerful Thirst”. For each paragraph, you should have at least one “cornell note”. For each bold-face term (usually important vocabulary) you should have a “cornell note”. You can use scratch paper and then re-write them more efficiently (like I did in our example). Re-writes usually make your notes better, and help you remember the material better! Sports drinks Began with Bengal Punch in 1958 Next came Gatorade in 1965 Now, more than 24 different colors and recipes

  8. Stop & Think Text, page 20 Answer the Stop & Think question, #1. (Tomorrow, we will be answering #2 and #3 together).

  9. Mystery Sports Drink DAY TWO

  10. Mystery Sports Drink (MATERIALS) Conductivity probe Hot plate Benedits solution Sports drink Foil Tap water Distilled water Evap dish Graduated cylinder Beaker (large) Beakers (3, small) Test tube Test tube holder Dropper Mass balance

  11. Follow Up to: A Powerful thirst Get out your Cornell Notes to answer the following questions: • What’s an electrolyte? • Why is it important to humans, especially during exercise? • What is a carbohydrate? • How does a human body use carbohydrates when we exercise? • What does homeostasis mean? • What makes a “good” sports drink? It is NOT to replace the salt lost… it’s to help absorb the water in the drink! Up to 30% faster absorption.. “Quick energy” – to replace the calories used up. ‘balance’. Water, salts, minerals, temperature… 6-8% carbohydrates & electrolytes, [92-94% water]

  12. Mystery Sports Drink Text, page 20 • Get into groups of 3 – 4 people. Designate a group leader. • Table leader: get apron/glasses for each person • Everyone: Put on aprons & safety glasses. • In your science notebook, begin a new section labeled “Mystery Sports Drink”. • Create a Table of Contents for your notebook. Add Mystery Sports Drink to your Table of Contents.

  13. Mystery Sports Drink, cont. • Get into groups of 3 – 4 people. Designate a group leader. • Page 20. Read “Part II: Testing…Testing…Testing…” • Pages 22-23. Read Protocols. • Teacher demo for each test. • Benedict’s Test • Electrical Conductivity Test • Evaporation Test

  14. Mystery Sports Drink; LAB 10) Part II: Testing. Record all observations in your lab notebook. • Part II: At the end of class store goggles and aprons in the proper location.

  15. Mystery Sports Drink DAY THREE

  16. Mystery Sports Drink; LAB 10) Remember aprons & safety goggles! • Finish up any testing you have remaining. • Clean up and store all equipment.

  17. Mystery Sports Drink; Write-up • Write up the lab in your notebook. Make sure your data is nicely presented. Make sure you have included units. 11) Questions: answer these questions in your notebook: a) Is this a “testable question”: “Does the sports drink we used in class contain ingredients that are beneficial to athletes?”. State why or why not this is testable. If not, then re-write a testable question related to the ingredients. b) Does our “mystery sports drink” meet the requirements of a “good” sports drink? Look back at your ‘Cornell Notes’ to remember what a good sports drink should contain. 12) Page 26. Read “Background on Controlled Experiments”. Use Cornell Note-taking system!