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RECAP CONFERENCE West Chester University May 23, 2013 Michael F. Ruffini, Ed.D. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating a PowerPoint SCREENCAST USING CAMTASIA. RECAP CONFERENCE West Chester University May 23, 2013 Michael F. Ruffini, Ed.D. Bloomsburg University The Teacher Cast Academy – Presentation Focus. Screencasting Overview

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RECAP CONFERENCEWest Chester University

May 23, 2013Michael F. Ruffini, Ed.D.

Bloomsburg University

The Teacher Cast Academy –

Presentation focus
Presentation Focus

  • Screencasting Overview

  • Teacher Cast Academy & Resources

  • Flipped Classroom

  • Screencasting and the Khan Academy

  • Educational Screencast Websites

  • Recording Screencasts

  • PowerPoint Screencasting Model

  • Student Benefits

  • Screencasting Production Steps

  • Resources

  • Screencast Tools

Teacher cast academy resources
Teacher Cast Academy & Resources


  • The Teacher Cast Academy


  • Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia - TechSmith Guest Blog, February 2013.

  • “Screencasting to Engage Learning” - EDUCAUSE REVIEW in the November/December 2012 online issue.

  • “Creating a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia Studio” - EDUCAUSE REVIEW in the November/December 2012 online issue.

Screencasting overview
Screencasting Overview

  • Screencasts have emerged as a prominent teaching tool in classrooms today.

  • Ascreencast is a digital video and audio recording of what occurs on a presenter’s computer screen and can be used for tutorials, demonstrations, digital storytellingand narrated PowerPoint presentations.

  • A screencast can be used in any class as a part of real-time instruction or as the lesson itself as in the flipped teaching model. 

Flipped classroom
Flipped Classroom

  • Recently there has been a lot of “buzz” generated on the "flipped classroom".

  • The main idea behind the flip classroom model is it essentially reverses traditional teaching.

  • Instead of lectures occurring in the classroom and assignments being done out of class, the opposite occurs.

  • Lectures are viewed online out of class by students, via videos (found online or created by the teacher), and class time is devoted to assignments or projects based on this knowledge.

Screencast student benefits
Screencast Student Benefits

  • The ability to pause or rewind gives students the option to move at their own pace, which is not always feasible in the classroom.

  • Screencast can organize and sequence contentto objectives.

  • A screencast is an excellent multimedia presentation format.

  • Screencasting is a perfect mediumto explain difficult technical concepts to anyone with a non-technical background.

  • Students themselves can create authentic, content-rich video presentations for their classmates and audiences around the world.

Screencasting kahn academy
Screencasting & Kahn Academy

  • The Kahn Academy is pioneering thousands educational screencasting videos across the curriculum for free.

  • 60 Minute segment on the Kahn Academy.

Educational screencast websites
Educational Screencast Websites

  • There are two ways to acquire screencast videos to use with a lesson:

    • Find a screencast video that is already available from YouTube, Kahn Academy, neoK12, TeacherTube andother resources

      • Takes time and many do not align with lesson objectives.

    • Create and produce your own screencastusing screencasting tools such as Camtasia Studioand post to

      • You can align objectives exactly to lesson objectives.

      • Add – narration – music – video – images – special effects and assessment.

Recording screencasts
Recording Screencasts

  • There are two general methods for creating an instructional screencast:

  • Record a PowerPoint presentations using software such as Camtasia Studio, which can enable an add-in to run the program from within PowerPoint.

  • Record the computer screen, provide narration, and use a digital tablet and pen to show for example a sequence of steps to solve a math or chemistry problem, in real time.

Powerpoint screencasting model
PowerPoint Screencasting Model

  • Design Model Infusing PowerPoint Battle of The Bulge – Rise of the Third Reich



BB- Video 2

RR-Video 2

Screencasting production steps
Screencasting Production Steps

Creating an educational screencast also requires planning.

  • Topic – give your screencast a specific name related to a content topic from your lesson or unit of instruction.Decide if the content going to be a presentation, tutorial, or demonstration.

  • Objectives - Specify the learning objectives of the screencast.

  • Script/Outline- From the objectives write out a script and/or outline.

  • Record - Make the screencast recording. Keep the screencast no more than 12 minutes.

  • Post-production – Create a title slide – music sound track – transitions, etc.

  • Post Screencast - Once you have finished the recording and post-production of your screencast video you can post it to a publically accessible location (, Web, YouTube, etc.).


  • Camtasia Tutorials


  • Lynda.com

  • Free Screencasting Tools


  • - When you use TechSmith software to create great content, makes it possible to share it easily - Free


  • Sound Bible – Free sound clips

  • Animation Factory – Animated Clip ArtPresenter Media – Animated Clip Art

  • Royalty Free Sound Tracks


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