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Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone | Fundraiser Script PowerPoint Presentation
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Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone | Fundraiser Script

Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone | Fundraiser Script

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Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone | Fundraiser Script

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  1. Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone

  2. Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone Kick Starter Fundraiser Clone is the best to start your crowdfunding Platform. Checkout our Script with User, Fundraiser, Investor modules

  3. Business run on investments and funds, so it’s very important to manage transactional activities properly. With the help of our software you can assess the real ongoing situation of your enterprise and can control the risk factors on timely basis. We help you to develop your own kickstarter scripts to attract more investors to your business.  Get your own fundraising clone scripts, developed by our experts. We deal with the best kickstarter clone scripts at affordable rates. Our technology empowers all the parties involved such as investors, owners, managers and fund managers by keeping them informed about the records, available all the time.doditsolutions Websites’ Fundraiser is ready-to-launch so you can quickly start your own kickstarter website.Trend of  Kickstarter Websites in today's marketKickStarterwebsites raised $5.1 billion for KickStarter projects this year, nearly twice as much as in 2012. At least 50 percent of fundraisers were entrepreneurs trying to get a business off the ground. More than one-quarter of them were funded in a short time span. KickStarter websites will become more social in time – performing a great job of finding funds even if project creators lack social exposure. Doditsolutions Websites can customize your KickStarter website now with social marketing features.

  4. Scope of KickStarter PHP ScriptAs new startups take the plunge into the market, the demand for financing will go up, and many of those startups will opt for KickStarter. KickStarter has proved to be the easiest and fastest way for many startups to fund their business. Startups will search out for better KickStarter platforms that can help them raise funds. The scope for KickStarter platforms is expanding along with startup businesses. To match the escalating and increasing needs for funding, doditsolutions Websites has designed its KickStarter Script with you in mind, start your own, easily customizable KickStarter website today.Products powered by KickStarter Script:Kickstarter Clone - Enables you to get started with your own KickStarter platform where people can raise funds for creative projects, as well as for creators of other projects. It is highly advanced, scalable, robust and user-friendly platform, created for big data organizations and its architecture is designed with large traffic in mind.Indiegogo Clone - With IndiegogoKickStarter Clone, the creator can get funded even though the project's monetary goal/target is not achieved. There are no limitations to campaigns; your users can start a project for any cause that you want to list on your website. Admin, however, has to approve each and every project.Admin, however, has to approve each and every project.GoFundMe Clone - It lets you start a KickStarter platform that helps people in raising money for their personal projects like educational expenses, medical emergencies, charities or any other non-profit initiatives. This platform lets effective sharing of campaigns over social media with no deadlines or goal requirements.SecondMarket Clone - It is designed to be the best marketplaces for people to buy and sell liquid assets. Major participants are monetary institutions, equity funds, qualified investors, and many more who are dealing in secondary markets.All of these website clones are based on our KickStarter clone platform anyway and hence share the same code and structure.

  5. Different types of KickStarter business modelsEquity KickStarterScriptRewardKickStarterScriptLendingKickStarterScriptReal Estate KickStarter ScriptWebsites operating in the default and most popular rewards based KickStarter segment include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe etc. Popular websites for equity based KickStarter model are SecondMarket, Crowdcube, WeFunder, Crowdfunder etc. GoFundMe also has donation based funding model. Other sites popular in the donation based KickStarter category include Indiegogo, Crowdrise, YouCaring, GiveForward etc. Kiva, LendingClub, FundingCircle, Upstart etc. are popular specifically in the lending based KickStarter segment.Customize KickStarterscriptUnlike other third party KickStarter Script vendors, we provide complete customization facility for all our products, scripts and apps. Be it a custom responsive design or a mobile friendly site for your Fundraising startup venture; alteration of an existing feature or addition of a completely new module to your KickStarter site - we will listen to your requirements and provide relevant suggestions and solutions.Part of the beauty of this KickStarter Script by NCrypted Websites is that it is easy to customize - now there are several reasons why this product is easily customizable:

  6. Features:KickStarter clones help you in organizing and managing your assets records and funding sources. You can add many features to your crowdfunding apps to deal with the things separately. Such as:Investment management:Manage your investments cycle with KickStarter clone and plan the solutions on timely basis. Our software ensures full performance of the enterprise by managing the risk factors on time.Assets managementManage the details of your assets and deal with all the requirement on time. It keeps the record of your infrastructure, properties, debts and other assets which must be reserved. Deal with all your assets to keep yourself away from the risks in the future.Dealings with investorsDeal with your investor separately depending on the type of investors. Such as deal with the partners separately, with whom you have limited partnership and separately with the general partners. Manage your capital related partners dealings separately, using our software.E-SignatureMake the agreements and dealings online and allow your partners to make agreements by using E-Signature service.Easy AuditingThe always ready data helps the auditors to access the data easily and anytime. The auditors can track the dealings and activities directly.Payment dealingsThe investors may pay for their equity and agreements on the app, using our payment source available.Mobile AppsMake your own KickStarter apps on the Android devices and IOS devices, to keep everything in your mobile and use it anytime and anywhere.

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