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Five Aspects that Negatively Impact your Oral Health

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Five Aspects that Negatively Impact your Oral Health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In recent years, poor oral health has been a pertinent concern for scores of Australians. Here are some important aspects that need to be avoided to retain your oral health. To know more, visit

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Five Aspects that Negatively Impact your Oral Health

In recent years, poor oral health has been a pertinent concern for scores of Australians. This

has had dentists all around the country looking for ways to increase awareness about sound

oral hygiene habits as a means to limit the number or extractions, cavities and instances of gum

disease in young as well as senior citizens each year.

Refrain from these appalling oral habits to retain a healthy set of pearly whites for as long as


1. Avoiding flossing

Several dental care surveys report that the average adult experiences more cavities today than

ever before. Studies show that though only 31.4 per cent of the adult populace had teeth rotting

in the year 1994; the year 2008 saw this percentage increase to a shocking 39.9 per cent.

Dentists attribute a large part of this to poor flossing habits. Forgetfulness or a busy lifestyle

often gets in the way of oral hygiene. But the truth remains that a lack of flossing regimen can

lead to conditions like gingivitis.

2. Improper brushing and cleaning of gums

Although everyone may insist on brushing, not everyone follows the right brushing technique or

the frequency of cleaning your pearly whites. Stale food crumbs, fibres and even fruit seeds

stuck between teeth and gums result in decay while plaque can further deteriorate your oral

health. Brushing after meals, using a dentist-approved mouthwash and mandating routine visits

to a Sydney CBD dentist for can help you avoid this and keep your pearly whites and gums



3. Having one or more oral piercings

You may think keeping up with latest style trends like piercings is chic; however, it can wreak

havoc on your tooth and gum health. You may chomp down on the metal ring accidentally,

which can chip your incisors. Be it a top, lower lip or tongue ring, they all create the same


4. Unintentional grinding of your pearly whites

A lot of people remain unaware that the annoying habit of grinding their pearly whites can

actually be termed as bruxism. Although you may be grinding them due to nervousness,

excessive work pressure or even due to insomnia; it is a condition that leaves your teeth

severely damaged.

5. Crunching chunks of ice

What may seem like a harmless habit can in fact cost you your molars. People take to munching

on ice cubes because they have zero fat content and use them as substitutes for fatty foods,

snacks and sweets. However, you can experience a lot of sensitivity when your oral tissue

comes in contact with the freezing chunks, which leads to tooth aches. Exceedingly tough and

cold, these ice cubes can severely damage and even break your molars calling for an

emergency visit to a dentist in Sydney CBD.

Insisting on following proper oral care habits can help you avoid premature tooth implants or

dentures that will be necessary if your molars rot and demand extraction. A simple but effective

flossing routine with intermittently scheduled dentist appointments are the answers to all your

oral woes.