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Cross-stitch embroidery – Unique Vintage Clothing

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Cross-stitch embroidery – Unique Vintage Clothing

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  1. Cross Stitch, one of the most seasoned manifestations of hand embroidery known today, dates back to around A.D 500. Seeking inspiration, contemporary designers have explored this antediluvian and come up with the most ingenious derivatives that not only look good but also put forth extremely voguish statements.

  2. Cross-stitch embroidery on unconventional materials, like wood and metal, has changed the rather straightforward looking furniture and home embellishments into extremely imaginative and snazzy compositions, challenging the limits of this traditional embroidery. That being said, cross-stitch, has traversed a cross over journey expanding from traditional fabrics to the world of furniture and fashion.

  3. Cross-stitch Crossover to Furniture, Art and Collectibles

  4. Belgian designer, Charlotte Lancelot teamed up with GandiaBlasco, to concoct an exceptionally modern take on cross stitch embroidery on upholstery fabric. Charlotte has reinterpreted this embroidery style using oversized stitches in wool, to create a composition that blends culture and contemporary design.

  5. The collection includes: rugs, pouffes and decorative pillows, is handmade and casts a very debonair impression. Irish design studio, Superfolk, has adopted a bold approach towards cross stitch, by using it as a technique to fasten their stools together to compose a bench seating, that looks engaging and is a profoundly utilitarian use of this stitch.

  6. A softer approach has been embraced by Johan Lindsten, who has thought of the stunning cross-stitched seats that cast an imposing impression. • The 16th-century’s Italian lace, fired the creative imagination of U.K. designer ImoganLuddy, who then crafted the stainless steel, cross-stitch handmade table that has no thread work, rather it simply has laser-cut cross-molded gaps that bear the impression of antique lace and appears very contemporary.

  7. Cross-stitch Crossover to Fashion

  8. Designer UlyanaSergeenko’s Couture 2013 collection sees the playful use of folk style cross-stitch embroidery combined with modern and chic accessories. Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show too, featured the petit point embroidered floral pieces on dresses, shoes and handbags, all gorgeous equivalents of the timeless antiquities.

  9. Cross-stitch has sure witnessed a fair amount of experimentation from designers that have resulted, in giving this hand embroidery, a lot of limelight.

  10. The crossover journey from the traditional to contemporary has explored the true potential of cross-stitch, especially in terms of versatility and adaptability to different uses and needless to say that we cannot cross, cross-stitch hand embroidery from the fashion palette.

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