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Buying Vintage Clothing Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Buying Vintage Clothing Tips

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Buying Vintage Clothing Tips
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Buying Vintage Clothing Tips

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  1. Buying Vintage Clothing Tips

  2. With all the latest buzz of helping the environment, wearing vintage clothing is a great choice as not only is having some vintage items in your wardrobe a unique statement, but no energy resources have been wasted. Part of the beauty of vintage clothing is our ability to see a new use for an old item. For teenagers and twenty or thirty-somethings, vintage clothing is often used as a source for one-of-a-kind styles.

  3. As in all antiques, the value of vintage clothing is based upon market, quality, condition and availability. The best way to ascertain the value of vintage clothing is to do your homework - eBay is a good place for research. Take the time to educate yourself by reading articles or buying vintage clothing books. Vintage clothing can be both a fashion statement and an investment. Vintage clothing from the 1950s and later is generally fairly easy to locate, and can be quite affordable. Designer pieces, however, can be expensive as they have become desirable collectors items. Highly collectible items, such as high-end designer gowns, Hawaiian print shirts, and bowling shirts from the 1950s, can be quite valuable and will continue to grow in value. Value & Price of Vintage Clothing

  4. Caring for Vintage Clothing Because vintage clothing is not new, it's important that you properly understand the condition of a garment. Here are some tips for keeping your vintage clothing in top shape: • To avoid shrinkage and fading, air or drip-dry your vintage clothing instead of using a dryer. • Some older items may not be washable and will have to be dry cleaned. • Never hang knits or delicate fabrics and never use metal hangers for any type of vintage clothing. If the heavily beaded silk chiffon dresses of the 1920s were kept hanging in the closet, they pulled themselves apart from their own weight over years. • If a piece of vintage clothing is particularly old, it might not withstand stretching.

  5. Accessories Don't forget about vintage accessories such as handbags (beaded bags, for example) and scarves (such as Pucci scarves), as well as purses, shawls, fans, gloves, hats, sunglasses, belts, ties, and handkerchiefs. A well chosen vintage accessory can be incorporated into any wardrobe. Whatever your age, you can find a fashion style that's right for you with vintage clothing.

  6. So enjoy clothes shopping. Prepare by: Rita Sharma Trade Directory