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Nicole Kwon Concepts

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Nicole Kwon Concepts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nicole Kwon Concepts
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  1. Nicole Kwon Concepts Summer 2013 INTERNSHIP Taira Hernandez

  2. Nicole’s Big start Nicole moved from New York to start a new era of boutique’s in Dallas. Her cool vibe and unique fashion sense has created a buzz in West Village. The layout, the brands, exclusive lines, and her own fashion line says New York all over it. She went to school in London and moved to New York working as a assistant designer.

  3. Achievements • Only open 9 months she has been published in several editorials, launched an online website, and this month was nominated “best boutique” by D Magazine

  4. Internship projects • Project: Launching e-commerce website: Nicole assigned me as the supervisor of making sure the website launch is as quick and accurate as possible. I was trained on how to use that allows for small boutiques to create an e-commerce website. I helped with the photos, inventory, pricing, photo shoots categorization, and layout of the website. • VISIT THE SITE

  5. INTERNSHIP PROJECTS • Project: Creating new social media: My second project assigned by Nicole was to update and manage all social media. When I started working there she had only communicated with customers via e-mail and newsletters. She does have a Facebook page but it was very minimalistic and not constantly updated. This project allowed me to notice customer trends and what reached out to customers the fastest. • Updated: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter

  6. Visuals and e-commerce Learning Experience: E-commerce, Photoshop, styling, visual planning, new software, and social media, and mostly sales and knowledge of luxury products.

  7. Company assessment • Strengths: • Exclusive product variety • Prior knowledge and design makes her familiar with current trends and best styles for women and men • The layout of her store is another strength it’s very New York feel and a lot of people like the shopping experience. • Nicole is always in the boutique allowing customers to engage in a relationship with Nicole and this keeps them more loyal to her store. • Online website and will create a boost in sales.

  8. Company Assessment • Weakness: • Lack of responsibility she gives to other employees. She takes on too many responsibilities and it can overwhelm herself. • Lack of advertising leads to slow traffic during the day and not everyone wants to buy the most expensive things in the store. • Pays her employees more she will get more initiative to sale luxury items. D • Doesn’t want too many publications because she is scared that other boutiques will want to use her exclusive lines in their stores.

  9. What I Learned • The most rewarding experience was being able to be apart of her website launch and getting familiar with all the work that goes into it. I also got a lot of sales experience. I have worked in retail but not with luxury products and the consumers and way you approach those customers are extremely different. I have an extensive curiosity for exclusive lines and more product knowledge.

  10. Career Potential • As for my future with the company I have decided to take a different route. I’m moving to California but if I wasn’t I would consider working with Nicole. I can see the boutique having a very bright future if she can continue relating to her consumers wants and keeping exclusive lines in the store.

  11. Internship here • IF YOU WANT TO.. gain knowledge in luxury goods and just overall product knowledge this would be a good fit for you. If they have no sales experience this internship would help them gain all the experience and really focus on luxury goods which a lot of students haven’t had the pleasure of selling and learning to make high commission off their sales.