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Counselors. Steve Watsey Michelle Cañas 9 th and 10 th Grade Counselor 11 th and 12th Grade Counselor 985-624-5046 ext 207 985-624-5046 ext. 206. Topics. Graduation Requirements TOPS Earning Carnegie units or “credits”

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Steve Watsey Michelle Cañas

9th and 10th Grade Counselor 11th and 12th Grade Counselor

985-624-5046 ext 207 985-624-5046 ext. 206


Graduation Requirements


Earning Carnegie units or “credits”


Typical Schedule

Selecting Courses

Honors and Gifted

graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements
  • All incoming freshmen will be required to follow the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum for at least the first two years.
  • 21 Required Credits
    • 4 English
    • 4 Math
    • 4 Science
    • 4 Social Studies
    • 2 Foreign Language or Speech
    • 1 Art
    • 1 ½ Physical Education or JROTC*
    • ½ Health
  • 3 Electives
  • Total = 24 credits to graduate
  • * Students may substitute JROTC I and JROTC II for PE and Health requirements.
  • Students will be required to pass state end of course tests (EOC). This requirement is in addition to the required number of credits.

Students that take certain courses may be eligible for a TOPS scholarship. The courses and requirements are listed in the TOPS Program rules which can be viewed at:

  • or on page 10 of the course description guide
earning credits
Earning Credits
  • Students will earn .5 credit per passed course for a total of 3.5 credits for each semester. Freshman will have a high school transcript at the end of the 1st semester.
  • Semester 1 (average of 1st and 2nd nine weeks grades) and Semester 2 (average of 3rd and 4th nine weeks grades) do not average together; each is its own self-contained unit.
  • A transcript is the official record of courses taken and credits earned beginning in 9th grade.
  • Only semester grades appear on a transcript.
  • Failed courses can not be deleted off the transcript.
typical 9 th grade schedule
Typical 9th Grade Schedule
  • English I
  • Algebra I
  • World Geography
  • Physical Science
  • P.E. / ROTC
  • Intro. To Business Computer Applications (IBCA)
  • Art Elective Choice
  • This typical 9th grade schedule is aligned with TOPS and Louisiana Core 4 graduation requirements.
elective choices
Elective Choices
  • Fine Arts Survey
  • Art I
  • *Talented Arts (Music, Art,Theatre)
  • Band
  • Dance
  • Chorus
  • **Spanish II or **French II
  • * Must have a current IEP
  • **Must have proof of credit earned in Spanish I/ French I in 8th grade.
honors and gifted
Honors and Gifted
  • Students enrolled in designated honors or gifted courses will receive an extra quality point according to the following scale:

A=5 B=4 C=3 D=1 F=0

See page 6 for a list of designated courses.

  • Students must have an IEP to be enrolled in gifted courses.
  • Students enrolled in honors level courses must remain in the course for the semester.
course selection
Course Selection
  • The 1st semester of a course is the “A” semester and the 2nd semester is the “B” semester. Please be sure to choose a course for each semester, both “A” and “B.” The schedule card should have 14 selections, 7 for the “A” semester and 7 for the “B” semester.
  • (H) = Honors (G) = Gifted (R) = Resource
  • Please choose 3 alternate electives in case original choices are unavailable.
  • Example:
  • __1100 ENG I A
  • __1110 ENG I B
thank you
Thank You
  • Thank you for your time and attention.
  • Please visit Lakeshore’s website for additional information.