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How DMIT Software Really Affective? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DMIT Software allows a user or a learner to identify their strengths and weaknesses in particular areas of aptitude, cognitive, creative, communications, emotional and memory based abilities. It possible to bring out dmit software in various competitive models.People can join our program and Get benefit from our service.\n

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Dmit software

DMIT Software

What is DMIT Software

How to It work

Advantage of DMIT

Contact US

Thank You

Dmit software1
DMIT Software

  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is purely based on scientific preparing of fingerprint pattern.

  • It help to understanding potential of personality type.

  • These test has been formulated by our medical expert. These Test Has been accepted by entire world and lot of universities.

  • various medical expert approved clinical experience confirmed that finger print help to analysis of human being and potential.

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DMIT software

What is Dermatoglyphics:

  • Dermatoglyphics is a scientific analysis of fingerprint patterns .

  • The term Dermatoglyphics originates from two Greek words.



  • Fingerprints and dermal ridge pattern are unique with each individual.

  • Even Fingerprints are differences between similar twins also.

  • Discover your intrinsic potential by identifying the form and various types of styles on the finger

  • What is DMIT Software:

  • Multiple Intelligence is a scientific Method of understanding Brain Lobes and its usages.

  • Dr. Howard Gardner introduced 9 Multiple Intelligence in his BOOK called Frames of Mind

  • Every person has a minimum of 9 Multiple Intelligence

  • Everybody has different ratios of Multiple Intelligence.

  • Anyone can discover their Inborn Multiple Intelligence from DMIT Test

Dmit software3
DMIT Software


There are various advantage of DMIT test which are given following:

  • Know your child inborn talent and natural character.

  • Find your child hidden ability by DMIT test.

  • Understand best learning style

  • Customize learn program that was designed for child learning style.

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DMIT Software




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Presented by dmit studio
Presented by DMIT STUDIO