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Welcome OCSA Dreamscape Parents. Yearbook Contract. Responsibility

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Welcome ocsa dreamscape parents

WelcomeOCSA DreamscapeParents

Yearbook contract
Yearbook Contract


  • Although you will be working with other members of the Dreamscape staff as a team, the duties that are assigned to you are ultimately YOUR responsibility. You will meet all deadlines on time, and give 100% effort in everything you do. You will do this not only to ensure the success of the Dreamscape team, but because you have a responsibility to the entire student body to create a yearbook that accurately accounts for their experiences throughout the school year.

Yearbook contract1
Yearbook Contract


  • The information discussed among the Dreamscape staff is strictly confidential. This includes any information pertaining to our theme, coverage ideas, headings, photo content, etc.

Team rotations
Team Rotations


  • Determine what your team will cover and form a detailed plan outlining your spreads (dominant copy, mods, ACD’s, etc.)

  • Meet with Coverage Editors to review master calendar and ensure your coverage plans meet requirements

  • Delegate tasks for completion

  • Meet with Copy Editor to brainstorm and plan interviews and/or other coverage devices

Team rotations1
Team Rotations

Coverage Week:

  • Cover all events for the week (academic, conservatory, student life)

    • Photographers: keep photos organized and upload according to procedures

    • Writers: get interviews, quotes, etc. and develop an interesting story

    • Designers: make layout and mods, keep in contact with team members to ensure efficiency

Team rotations2
Team Rotations

Production Weeks (two weeks):

  • Writers: Work on your first draft, edit, revise, form final draft, spell-check all names on spread

  • Photographers: Choose photos, edit photos, upload to eDesign, place photos, write captions

  • Designers: Edit layout, work on mods, place headlines and graphics, finalize spread

  • ALL TEAM MEMBERS: read, re-read, and read again! Work together to ensure it’s PERFECT!

    Submission Week:

  • Submit printed spreads, checklists and rubrics to EIC’s and Adviser and receive grades.

Yearbook contract2
Yearbook Contract

Deadline Requirements

  • On the day of the deadline, at the BEGINNING of class, you must bring the following two items:

    • A printout of your completed spread. (Create a PDF document in eDesign and print in color.)

    • Rubrics (one is required from each person on your team)

  • What does “late” really mean anyway?

    • If you do not have the previously mentioned items by 45 minutes after the bell rings on the day of the deadline, your entire team’s spread is considered late. None of you will miss your deadlines. However, if such a tragedy occurs the following policy will be in place:

    • Your Responsibility grade will be lowered by 10% for each class meeting it is late.

Yearbook contract3
Yearbook Contract

Grading Policy

  • 60%Yearbook Spreads: ALL team members receive the same grade on assigned spreads.

    • Yearbook Spread grades are determined by specific rubrics (writer, photographer, or designer).

    • Rubrics are scored by the Adviser with help from the EIC’s.

  • 20%Self/Peer Evaluations

    • All staff members will grade themselves based on a given rubric that measures overall effort, timeliness, focus, and teamwork skills. Each team member will evaluate their teammates on these areas as well, and these scores will be averaged together. Self/Peer Evaluations will take place twice per semester.

  • 20%Responsibility (meeting deadlines, returning equipment, etc.)

    • All staffers begin with 100%, and this grade will be lowered by 10% for each day a spread is late (see late policy above). These points can be earned back by submitting work early (at least one class meeting before the deadline), covering extra events, and helping other teams with tasks.

Yearbook contract4
Yearbook Contract

Camera Policy

  • You are only allowed to check out cameras that you know how to use effectively. Cameras may be checked out for a maximum of one week, and you must keep it with you at all times. In order to check out a camera, you must complete the Camera Check-out Log. Before you return the camera, it is your responsibility to make sure your photos have been uploaded according to the photo organization procedures. Late camera returns will drop your Responsibility grade by 10% each day. The cameras may NOT be used for personal photos.

Yearbook contract5
Yearbook Contract

Computer Usage Policy

  • You may not bring materials and/or assignments from other classes into the computer lab. While in the lab during Yearbook class, you will use the computers to work on yearbook assignments ONLY. Although it is tempting to visit other sites, you will NOT do this, because you will use your time wisely and effectively. There is absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the lab.

Yearbook contract6
Yearbook Contract

Staff Coverage Policy

  • Yearbook staff members are only allowed to appear on one extra spread in the yearbook (in addition to the yearbook staff spread, publications spread, senior ads, and portrait). Yearbook staffers are not allowed to place themselves on any spread that is assigned to their own team. Exceptions will be made only with EIC and Adviser approval.