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Come Visit the Wonderful City of…. PowerPoint Presentation
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Come Visit the Wonderful City of….

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Come Visit the Wonderful City of…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Come Visit the Wonderful City of…. Madrid!. By: Trinity Aguilar Marissa Chavez Natalie Bertelsen Porshia Campbell. Introduction. If you could travel to one Spanish speaking country, Which country would you choose?. Welcome to Madrid!.

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Come Visit the Wonderful City of….



Trinity Aguilar

Marissa Chavez

Natalie Bertelsen

Porshia Campbell


If you could travel to one

Spanish speaking country,

Which country would you choose?

welcome to madrid
Welcome to Madrid!

You can learn a lot traveling to Madrid, Spain ranging from the palaces to the culture. This amazing city has been around since prehistoric times. The people and environment blend together to make a new atmosphere that is diverse. It’s a fantastic experience because we get to associate what we learn with real life experiences. Overall, Madrid, Spain is a wonderful place to visit.

weather patterns
Weather Patterns

-On average, July is the warmest month

-Coolest is January

-Rains most in November

people from madrid you may know
People from Madrid you may know…


- Hernan Cortes

Spanish Conquistador

- Fransisco Pizamo

Conqueror of Inca Empire


-Pablo Picasso

- Salvador Dali


- Inrique Iglesias

travel plans
Travel plans


  • You can buy an individual ticket for travel anywhere on the metro, priced at 2 euros.


  • You can purchase a 10 journey pass costs- 7.40 euros
  • Or a Tourist Travel Pass which is valid for either 1,2,3,5, or 7 days, with unlimited travel. Costs- 23.60 euros for 7 day pass.


  • Obligatory minimum fee of 2.05 euros and then after each kilometer its .98 euros for before 10 pm. And after 10 pm its 1.15 euros.
travel plans1
Travel plans

Alcala Gate!

  • A gate that once was very small, and unnoticed that was reconstructed in 1762 by King Carlos III. It is now a three archway and three passageway gate made of granite. The gate markes the eastern boudry of the city. It is located in the Plaza de la Independencia.
activities and sites
Activities and sites

Bull Fighting!

  • On every Sunday night starting at 7, there are big bull fights. Bull Fighting is a big piece in culture in spain and is a tradition that has been happening for cenutries. Watching a bull fight would not only be fun, but a great way to get a first hands experience of the culture. The prices for tickest are about 10 euros for rows 1-5.

Templo de Debod!

  • And ancient Egyptian temple that was built in the fourth century. It is packed with historical architecture even though it was restored in 1972. It once was in Egypt but was in danger of being flooded. So the Egyptions decided to donate the monument to Spain in 1968.

Shopping is a highlight of Madrid that is popular with tourism. Madrid shopping is also a contributor to the unique culture and style of the people and the community.

  • Greetings
  • Buenos Dias
  • Buenos Tardes
  • Hola, Alo
  • ¿Hablas ingles?
  • Manners
  • Por Favor
  • Gracias
  • Perdon (Disculpe)
  • ¿Como estas?
  • Shopping
  • ¿Cuanto cuesta?
  • la tienda de ultramarinos
  • el mercado
  • la panadería
  • la pastelería
  • la farmacía
  • la ropería
  • los grandes almacenes
  • Airline phrases
  • una línea aérea
  • un avión
  • el equipaje
  • la tarjeta de embarque
  • equipaje facturado
  • comprar un billete
  • un auxiliar de vuelo
  • Directions
  • a la izquierda
  • a la derecha
  • junto
  • enfrente
  • abajo
  • cerca
  • lejos
  • ¿Donde esta……?
  • Money Phrases
  • El dinero
  • La moneda
  • La tarjeta de credito
  • Emergency Phrases
  • ¿Hay una comisaría de policías cerca?
  • ¡Socorro!

Madrid, pain is a perfect place to visit for many reasons. There are a ton of attractions and places to see such as bull fighting or taking a walk through the famous palace. There is never a wrong time to come because the weather is wonderful all year round! Overall, Madrid, Spain would be a fantastic place to visit!