At the nicola cabibbo laboratory tor vergata italy adrian bevan a j bevan@qmul ac uk
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At the Nicola Cabibbo Laboratory Tor Vergata , Italy Adrian Bevan: [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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At the Nicola Cabibbo Laboratory Tor Vergata , Italy Adrian Bevan: [email protected] Overview. Why? Physics is not requested in this talk – see back up slides & references for detailed physics motivation. Status Funding Site Machine Detector Organisation UK Involvement Summary.

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At the nicola cabibbo laboratory tor vergata italy adrian bevan a j bevan@qmul ac uk

At the Nicola Cabibbo Laboratory

Tor Vergata, Italy

Adrian Bevan: [email protected]


  • Why?

    • Physics is not requested in this talk – see back up slides & references for detailed physics motivation.

  • Status

    • Funding

    • Site

    • Machine

    • Detector

    • Organisation

    • UK Involvement

  • Summary

Adrian Bevan


Adrian Bevan


  • Just like the LHC we are searching for new physics

Adrian Bevan


  • Just like the LHC we are searching for new physics

  • Can also do precision SM tests (CKM + EW).

  • N.B. SuperB will be the only experiment to directly and indirectly probe the charm cu triangle, this is a unique test of CKM and is highly sensitive to NP.

    • A number of observables can only be measured at SuperB

    • Many observables will be more precise at SuperB than Belle II

Adrian Bevan

  • With the exceptions of yCP and K*μμ, there are no planned or existing experiments that will surpass SuperB precision in these modes for at least the next two decades.

  • The best place to measure the other 33 golden modes is SuperB!

Adrian Bevan




Site Choice




UK Involvement

Adrian Bevan


  • The project was funded by the Italian senateon 14/15th December 2010.

  • Identified funding for the project (need 500M€)

    • 250M€ new money from Italian government to set up the new facility.

    • 100M€ from the Italian institute of technology.

    • $200M in kind contribution from DOE.

    • Reciprocity agreement between Russia and Italy on Fusion/SuperB will bring additional funding.

  • The cost of the machine/facility is covered.

  • The detector cost is broken down as follows:

    • Re-use of parts from BaBar: 50% of the cost

    • INFN will contribute ~25M€

    • Overseas partners need to contribute ~25M€

Adrian Bevan

Site choice
Site Choice

  • The Nicola Cabibbo Laboratory, Tor Vergata (Rome).

    • Announced May 2011 at the SuperB Kick off meeting

Adrian Bevan

One tunnel footprint solution (Ground modeling)

Experimental Hall


Office Building

LNF Frascati

Adrian Bevan

c/o Sanelli/Tomassini, Elba Kick off meeting 2011

Archeological remains: no important remains are on the SuperB area according to a searching campaign done before the construction of the sport city.

Creek: In the middle of the site there is a small torrent. It is almost dried out for long period of the year. Due to the fact that it is not part of a strategic area, there is the possibility to deviate the path connecting the highway guard creek.

Adrian Bevan


  • Lattice parameters stable (this has been the case for some time)

  • Several routes to nominal luminosity.

  • ϒ(4S) lumi 1036 cm-2s-1

  • ψ(3770) lumi 1035 cm-2s-1

  • All parameters demonstrated individually at machines around the world .... SuperB will bring them together in one place.

  • KEK have now adopted the SuperB low-emittance machine design.

Adrian Bevan


Options Nominal

Forward PID

Backward calorimeter


Adrian Bevan


  • We're now in a transition phase:

    • Collaboration forming has started

    • Project management boards are in the process of being set up for: global oversight, machine, detector.

    • Proto-tech board, Speaker's Bureau, Governance committee etc. are operating now.

      • These will transform into the governance and oversight structure of the collaboration over the coming months.

Adrian Bevan


  • The SuperB community includes:

    • Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, Ukraine, USA

    • Other countries are following the progress closely.

  • Start international organisation using a Limited Liability Company framework (like Diamond).

    • Quick to set up.

    • Need to be involved now if we want to have a input into decision making.

  • In the longer term the Project will come together as an ERIC: European Research Infrastructure Consortium.

    • Simplifies the legal framework for participating countries (use EU law, rather than regional specialities).

    • Tax exempt status.

    • Similar to the way CERN operates.

  • UK has signed a non-disclosure agreement with INFN to collaborate on INMAPS CMOS sensor development.

    • The UK is already benefiting financially from our involvement in SuperB.

Adrian Bevan

Uk involvement
UK Involvement

  • Very successful workshop at Oxford:


  • ASTEC, Cockcroft, Diamond, JAI, QMUL, RAL want to work on SuperB

    • Strong accelerator and detector teams have significant interest, but long term involvement will need financial support.

    • RAL and QMUL have established interests in the project.

  • UK Machine Interest

    • Being refined and understood – a lot of very solid expertise started this year.

  • Detector interest

    • Silicon detector: Aim to use deep-p well MAPS (INMAPS).

  • Other points of interest

    • Physics coordination, Governance committee representation, Speaker's bureau representation

    • UK provides 50% of the computing resources for the experiment using spare capacity from existing infrastructure.

  • Great starting points to build upon.

  • Your group is welcome to join us!

Synergy via MDI

Adrian Bevan

1 st superb collaboration meeting
1st SuperB Collaboration Meeting


Adrian Bevan


  • Major new European initiative

    • Significant injection of new money into our field

    • A new lab for HEP:

      • The Cabibbo Laboratory at Tor Vergata

    • A new light-source (not HEP, but important science)

  • Core UK interest exists for machine and detector.

  • Machine concepts have benefited other European facilities & will benefit the KEK machine.

  • Detector technologies can benefit CERN/JParc experiments (e.g. INMAPS)

    • Also "real" impact potential for world leading pixel technology

  • Broadest physics base of any flavour experiment proposed, or existing (see the literature): Bu,d,s, D, τ ...

    • More NP sensitive observables than anything else!

    • Great complement to existing and planned activities!

Adrian Bevan


  • These slides present a summary of the physics programme for SuperB. Please also see the following reports:

  • SuperB Progress Reports – Physics: arXiv:1008.1541

  • Valencia Workshop Report:

  • Conceptual Design Report: arXiv:0709.0451

  • New document available:

    • The impact of SuperB on flavour physics (you can download it from this meeting page, will be on the archive soon)

  • We're now starting on the Physics TDR, you're welcome to join us!

Adrian Bevan

Data sample
Data sample

Adrian Bevan

  • ϒ(4S) region:

    • 75ab−1 at the 4S

    • Also run above / below the 4S

    • ~75 x109 B, D and τ pairs

  • ψ(3770) region:

    • 500fb−1 at threshold

    • Also run at nearby resonances

    • ~2 x 109 D pairs

Lepton flavor violation lfv
τLepton Flavor Violation (LFV)

Two orders of magnitude improvement at SuperB over current limits.

Hadron machines are not competitive with e+e− machines for these measurements.

Adrian Bevan

  • ν mixing leads to a low level of charged LFV (B~10−54).

    • Enhancements to observable levels are possible with new physics.

  • e− beam polarisation helps suppress background.

The golden lfv modes hb
The golden LFV modes: hb

  • SUSY breaking scale assumed: 500GeV.

SUSY breaking scale assumed: 500GeV.

Current experimental limits are at the edges of the model parameter space

SuperB will be able to significantly constrain these models, and either find both channels, or constrain a large part of parameter space.

c/o M. Blanke

Adrian Bevan

B u d physics rare decays
Bu,d physics: Rare Decays

Adrian Bevan

  • Example:

    • Rate modified by presence of H+

B u d physics rare decays1
Bu,d physics: Rare Decays

Sensitive to models with Z penguins and RH currents.

e.g. see Altmannshofer, Buras, & Straub

Constraint on (ε, η) with 75ab−1

(Theoretical uncertainties)

(Experimental uncertainties)

Adrian Bevan

  • Example:

    • Need 75ab−1 to observe this mode.

    • With more than 75ab−1 we could measure polarisation.

Polarisation a hint of np
Polarisation: a hint of NP?

  • Some anomalies in fL measured in B decays to VV final states. It has been proposed that this could be the result of NP.

    • SuperB will provide ample data for theorists to resolve this issue

Understanding this pattern also feeds into the CKM angles programme as we need to disentangle CP odd and even states.

Adrian Bevan

B s physics
Bs physics

Little Higgs (LTH) scenario

Can cleanly measure AsSL using 5S data

SuperB can also study rare decays with many neutral particles, such as , which can be enhanced by SUSY.

Adrian Bevan



Adrian Bevan

  • Collect data at threshold and at the 4S.

    • Benefit charm mixing and CPV measurements.

    • Also useful for measuring the Unitarity triangle angleγ (strong phase in DKππ Dalitz plot).


  • Set of new modes TDCPV @ ϒ(4S) and ψ(3770)

    • Null test for NP (paper discusses 36 CP eigenstates)

      • Tiny angle, any large CPV would be new physics.

      • Theoretical uncertainties will play a role probably ~1 degree.

      • Need to measure D to π0π0 to constrain penguin pollution (i.e. Need a Super Flavour Factory).

    • Can constrain CKM using weak constraint on βc,eff

    • Need a Super-Duper Flavour Factory to do a precision measurement of non-zero βc,eff, until then we look for NP in the up quark sector!

  • sin2beta is 3.2σ away from the SM (Lunghi and Soni).

  • Measure βc,eff to 2° at charm threshold.

  • Measure to 1.3° at ϒ(4S).

  • Evaluating penguin pollution for our next paper.

  • New way to measure charm mixing.

e.g. 500fb-1 at charm threshold

Adrian Bevan

See Bevan, Inguglia, Meadows: arXiv:1106.5075

Precision electroweak
Precision Electroweak

Measure LR asymmetry in

at the ϒ(4S) to same precision as LEP/SLC at the Z-pole.

Can also perform crosscheck at ψ(3770).


Need to evaluate run at threshold

Plot adapted from QWeak proposal (JLAB E02-020)

Adrian Bevan

  • sin2θW can be measured with polarised e− beam

    • √s=ϒ(4S) is theoretically clean, c.f. b-fragmentation at Z pole


✓= SuperB can measure this

More information on the golden matrix can be found in arXiv:1008.1541, arXiv:0909.1333, and arXiv:0810.1312.

Adrian Bevan

Combine measurements to elucidate structure of new physics.

Precision ckm constraints
Precision CKM constraints

The "dream" scenario with 75ab-1

Adrian Bevan

  • Unitarity Triangle Angles

    • σ(α) = 1−2°

    • σ(β) = 0.1°

    • σ(γ) = 1−2°

  • CKM Matrix Elements

    • |Vub|

      • Inclusive σ = 2%

      • Exclusive σ = 3%

    • |Vcb|

      • Inclusive σ = 1%

      • Exclusive σ = 1%

    • |Vus|

      • Can be measured precisely using τ decays

    • |Vcd| and |Vcs|

      • can be measured at/near charm threshold.

  • SuperB Measures the sides and angles of the Unitarity Triangle

Golden measurements ckm
Golden Measurements: CKM

LHCb can only use ρπ

βtheory error Bd

βtheory error Bs

Need an e+e− environment to do a precision measurement using semi-leptonic B decays.

Adrian Bevan

Comparison of relative benefits of SuperB (75ab-1) vs. existing measurements and LHCb (5fb-1) and the LHCb upgrade (50fb-1).

Golden measurements general
Golden Measurements: General

Benefit from polarised e− beam

very precise with improved detector

Statistically limited: Angular analysis with >75ab-1

Right handed currents

SuperB measures many more modes

systematic error is main challenge

control systematic error with data

SuperB measures e mode well, LHCb does μ

Clean NP search

Theoretically clean

b fragmentation limits interpretation

Adrian Bevan

Physics programme in a nutshell
Physics programme in a nutshell

Adrian Bevan

  • Versatile flavour physics experiment

    • Probe new physics observables in wide range of decays.

      • Pattern of deviation from Standard Model can be used to identify structure of new physics.

      • Clean experimental environment means clean signals in many modes.

      • Polarised e− beam benefit for τ LFV searches.

    • Best capability for precision CKM constraints of any existing/proposed experiment.

      • Measure angles and sides of the Unitarity triangle

      • Measure other CKM matrix elements at threshold and using τ data.

    • Almost all measurements will be the world best results well into the ~2030s.

Superb physics

Operate between Charm

threshold and ϒ(6S).

Is a Super-CLEO/B/t-charm (and more) rolled into one!

SuperB: Physics

  • See white paper for details (on archive soon)

  • The only experiment with access such a wide range of flavour observables.

  • (theoretically cleaner) inclusive measurements also accessible.

ALLangles of UT: a, b, g


B & D CPT Vioaltion


CP Violation

All areas are related to new physics

Precision CKM

Exotica (A0, DM, ...)

Precision EW:

e.g .sin2θW


Complementary impact on LHC physics in many areas.

|Vus|. |Vub|, |Vcb|, |Vts/Vtd|

Adrian Bevan

Superb physics1
SuperB: Physics

  • See white paper for details (on archive soon) draft available from:

  • Data from SuperB will be used to reconstruct the new physics Lagrangian


Quantum Gravity



Little Higgs

New Physics


4th generation


Dark Mater


Dark Forces

Extra Dimensions

Adrian Bevan

Some examples


Some examples...

Adrian Bevan

Quick comparison
Quick Comparison

Belle II:

Starts 2014

Integrated Lumi 50ab-1

by when? 2021

Approved by Japan Yes

Host Site Yes

Machine Funded Yes

Detector Funding need XM€

Polarised electrons No

Charm threshold No


Starts 2016

Integrated Lumi 75ab-1

by when? 2021

Approved by INFN Yes

Approved by Gov. Yes

Host Site Yes

Machine Funded Yes

Detector Funding need 25M€

Polarised electrons Yes

Charm threshold Yes

  • SuperB is funded and is going ahead.

  • Results from SuperB will be more precise than any other experiment at that time.

  • Only 2 of the 35 golden channels will be surpassed by LHCb upgrade.

    • That will happen ~10 years after SuperB publishes (assuming LHCb upgrade gets funding soon).

  • Some measurements will be unique to SuperB: Polarisation and charm threshold running are unique features that improve the physics programme depth and impact.

Adrian Bevan