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MTAC Update

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MTAC Update. Great Lakes Area Mailing Industry Focus Group Meeting August 14, 2014. An association of associations Representatives of the industry – not companies Currently 53 Association members One Association Executive and up to Three Association Representatives per Association

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MTAC Update

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    1. MTAC Update Great Lakes Area Mailing Industry Focus Group Meeting August 14, 2014

    2. An association of associations Representatives of the industry – not companies Currently 53 Association members One Association Executive and up to Three Association Representatives per Association Focused on sharing information between the USPS and Mailing The Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) is a venue for the United States Postal Service (“Postal Service”) to share technical information with mailers, and to receive their advice and recommendations on matters concerning mail-related products and services, in order to enhance customer value and expand the use of these products and services for the mutual benefit of Mailing Industry stakeholders and the Postal Service. 2014 Focus Areas – defined by PMG Postmaster General’sMailers Technical Advisory Committee • First Class • Periodical • Standard • Package Services • Preparation and Entry • Visibility/Service Performance and Address Quality • Mail Piece Design and Product Development • Payment and Acceptance

    3. MTAC Executive Committee Members

    4. MTAC Industry Leadership

    5. MTAC US Postal Service Leadership

    6. MTAC Meetings: Format • Tuesday Morning – MTAC Committee Meetings • Face-to-face meetings at USPS Headquarters for some committees • Tuesday Afternoon MTAC General Session – Open • General overview of USPS finances, operations, and other areas • A 5 to 10 minute update on open workgroups • An evening reception typically follows the Tuesday meeting • Wednesday All Day Focus Group Meetings – Closed • Opening announcements and recognition of new MTAC members • 75 minute discussions per Focus Group, led by USPS and industry Focus Area Leaders • MTAC Business Meeting for current MTAC members only • Thursday Morning Meetings • MTAC Leadership and Executive Committee meetings • Face-to-face meetings at USPS Headquarters for some committees

    7. MTAC Meetings: Attendance • Meetings are quarterly and held at USPS Headquarters • MTAC members are required to attend. Substitutes are not allowed. • Approved Industry experts can attend as guests • Each association is permitted a maximum of three guests per year • The Association Executive must formerly sponsor the guest • The MTAC Executive Committee must approve all guests • MTAC Leadership (Focus Area leaders, Executive Committee, and Ex Officios) may sponsor a guest. However: • The guest should be an industry expert representing a part of the industry that is not currently being represented by an existing MTAC Association • Becoming an MTAC Member: • Check the MTAC Roster posted on RIBBS • Contact the Association Executive of an association to which your employer belongs and find out how the association selects their representative for MTAC

    8. Types of Committees

    9. Current User Groups • User Group 1 - PostalOne!, SASP, Intelligent Mail • Weekly meetings • User Group 2 - eVS/Product Tracking System • Monthly meetings • User Group 3 - FAST User Group • As needed • User Group 4 – Visibility (CONFIRM) • Biweekly meetings • User Group 5 – Addressing • Biweekly meetings • User Group 6 – Product Sampling • No activity. Will likely consider closing this User Group in 2014. • User Group 7 – MTEOR • As needed • User Group 8 – USPS Promotions • Monthly meetings • User Group 9 (NEW!) – Labeling Lists and Data Distribution • Weekly meetings

    10. Current Open Workgroups • 138 – eDrop Ship • Scheduled to conclude in January 2015 • Still working through some active items • 143 – Seamless Acceptance • Will likely conclude in January 2015 • Open items to resolve that are dependent on other workgroups • 159 – Evaluation/Recommendation entering product at Hubs • Scheduled to conclude in April 2015 • Pilot begins in November 2014 with Phase 1 implementation targeted for Feb 2015 • 162 – Multiple Periodicals in a Wrapper (AKA “Poly wrap”) • Will be finalizing recommendations in the next few weeks to conclude in Sept 2014 • 163 – Third Party Reporting and Invoicing • Supply chain responsibility for errors in the event of invoicing due to non-compliance with Seamless Acceptance, eInduction, and Full Service IMb • 164 – Informed Visibility Data Provisioning Improvements • Informed visibility data delegation to get more mail into measurement

    11. MTAC Related Webinars for August 2014 • IMpb impacts for Market Dominant products • August 12 at 10:00 AM EDT • Mail Entry Roadmap Webinar • August 13 at 2:00 PM EDT • Mail Preparation and Entry Focus Session • August 14 at 2:00 PM EDT • Note – this is for MTAC members only as a pre-meeting overview • Network Rationalization Phase II • August 15 at 2:30 PM EDT • Fall Mailing Season Update • August 18 at 4:00 PM EDT

    12. Topics for August 2014 Meeting Mail Preparation and Entry • 250 pound FSS pallet • USPS wanted a full quarters worth of data. Quarter ended June 30. • The industry is waiting for the USPS to share the data and associated decisions regarding either adjusting the minimum pallet weight and/or providing additional incentives to reflect the additional cost being incurred by mailers. • Industry request is to raise the minimum back to 500 pounds • Network Rationalization • Concerned regarding potential CET changes • Monthly label lists • User Group 9 is overseeing this. Still seeing some data quality issues • Flats Strategy • USPS needs volume forecasts, but industry needs pricing signals to determine volume predictions

    13. Topics for August 2014 Meeting Payment and Acceptance • Exigency / 2015 CPI price increase • Somewhat outside of MTAC, but concerns related to one price change or two price changes due to software release issues • Full Service IMb Adoption • Full Service invoicing and requirements roadmap • Duplicate MIDs and CRIDs especially for non-profits • eInduction for non-surface visibility sites • Seamless acceptance roll out and what/when/whom is required • Undocumented pieces and who to charge for this • Move Update tolerance of 0.8% for census verfication • MDA accessibility and support • DMM Simplification of section 700

    14. Topics for August 2014 Meeting Addressing and Service Performance & Measurement • Status on UAA Secure Destruction program • Priority Mail Open and Distribute service levels • Address quality and the OIG report on UAA mail • Continue Start the Clock/Continuous Mailer • Discuss errors Removed from measurement. • Excluded volumes from service – what is occurring here? • What improvements are needed? • Isolating Remittance Mail performance statistics • Service Performance status for FCM

    15. Topics for August 2014 Meeting Mail Piece Design and Product Development • Results from 2014 promotions thus far • Branded Color Mobile Technology • Earned Value Credit • Mail and Digital Personalization • Premium Advertising • Review of industry survey results • Concerns expressed over Business Customer Gateway registration • Anxious to hear what is planned for 2015 • First Class Mail Color/TransPromo Promotion • Mail Drive Mobile Engagement Promotion • Earned Value Credit • Advanced or Emerging Technologies Promotion

    16. Questions? Great Lakes Area Mailing Industry Focus Group Meeting August 14, 2014 MTAC Minutes and Presentations available at: