gate w a y t o te ch tran s fe r in montgo m er y c ount y m d n.
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Gate w a y t o Te ch Tran s fe r in Montgo m er y C ount y, M D PowerPoint Presentation
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Gate w a y t o Te ch Tran s fe r in Montgo m er y C ount y, M D

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Gate w a y t o Te ch Tran s fe r in Montgo m er y C ount y, M D - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gate w a y t o Te ch Tran s fe r in Montgo m er y C ount y, M D. G a t e w a y t o I nno v a ti o n – I ndu s t r y ’s P a r t ne r s h i p L i n k w it h F ede r a l Lab s an d A c ade mi a. S trateg i c P l a n.

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Presentation Transcript
gate w a y t o te ch tran s fe r in montgo m er y c ount y m d

GatewaytoTechTransferin MontgomeryCounty,MD

GatewaytoInnovation– Industry’sPartnershipLinkwith FederalLabs andAcademia

s trateg i c p l a n

Fourobjectives: Education,Connectivity, CommunityBuilding,andFosteringNew Opportunities

Buildeasyaccesstofederalandacademic TTOs(techtransferoffices)andprovide businessrelationshipsforTTOstolocal smallbusinesses

f lc p a r t ne rs h ip

FederalLaboratoryConsortiumfor TechnologyTransfer-Partnershipcultivated since2004

ParticipatingAffiliateMemberof Mid-Atlantic Regionsince2008

Presentedat 3M/Ameetingsand1national meeting

f ed t e c hnet

Networkof federallabTTOs Createdin 2008

Groupservedas reviewcommitteeforT² StrategicPlan and otherDED generated documents

Formedbasisfor TechTransfer SpeakersSeries,launchedinOctober 2010

g ate w a y t o inno v at i o n
Gatewayto Innovation

Createdasportal for techtransferrequests for information

Platform forLinkedInGroupmembers

Informationcenter locatedat WilliamE. Hanna,Jr. InnovationCenterinRockville


Calendarpostingsof TechTransfereventswitharchivedpresentations, local resources, federal laboratoriesinMontgomeryCounty, technologylocators, fundingresources, more.

te c h tran s fe r s pea k er s s er i e s
Tech TransferSpeakersSeries


Average25-35attendees Features federaland academictech transfer


HostedatWHIC on secondWednesdayof eachmonth

Morethan 800registrants


ChiefScience Officer DevelopmentBootcamp

Awardwinningprogram– 2012 FLC State/LocalRegionAward

DED partnershipwithFoundation for AdvancedEducationinthe SciencesatNIH,Montgomery College,FLC, andHuman Workflows

Businessapplicabilityreviewby MedImmuneCEODr. BahijaJallal

Certificateofcompletionco-signed by FAESandMC

53 graduates– 21career placementsfrom 5 graduating classes

c li en t a ssis tan c e an d r eferra l
ClientAssistanceand Referral

Directassistancetoclientswith new start up business,financing,space,IP,orother needs

Introductionofcompaniesforpartneringor businessdevelopmentopportunities

EntrepreneurialmentoringforCSO Bootcamp,INNoVATE,T2Speakers Series andI2CConferenceattendees

i p d ataba s e
IP Database

Morethan 200companiesinCounty identifiedasfundedandwithIP

Companiescanbesortedby industry Manycompaniesareinincubators


Innovation2 CommercializationConference– 10/24/13

AnnualConferenceheldat Universitiesat ShadyGrove, Universityof MDSystems


3plenarysessions: Innovation, Financing, Commercialization

140attendees–35% researchers/entrepreneursHostedConnecTech,TableHosts, Exhibits www.i2cconference.comfor photos, bios, etc.