w o o d y s d i a r y n.
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W o o d y ’s D i a r y PowerPoint Presentation
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W o o d y ’s D i a r y

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W o o d y ’s D i a r y

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  1. Woody’sDiary By Tayla Smith BFFLS!!!!!!!

  2. Friday 28th of October 11:45am Dear Diary, Today, its Andy’s birthday and i am very nervous because I don't want to be replaced and never get played with. Soon i might go and have a meeting with the other toys about Andy moving.

  3. Friday 28th October 12:30 We had our meeting and the soldiers have gone to see what Andy got for his birthday. He got a lunchbox and a few other silly things, But then Andy’s mum pulled out a secret present and the phone broke up. A few hours later there was something on my bed, in my spot, it was another toy named Buzz.

  4. Saturday 29th of October 9:30am Dear Diary, Today, I feel very jealous because all the other toys love Buzz and so does Andy. I’ve got a secret plan on Buzz because he doesn't deserve to be here in my spot playing with my ANDY!

  5. Saturday 29th of October 2:30pm Oh no! I accidently kicked Buzz out of the bedroom now all the toys are disappointed in me! So i tried to follow Buzz. Now we are at the petrol station. Buzz is very angry at me now and we are pushing each other we jumped on a pizza planet truck and Sid found us! And took us back to his house.

  6. Sunday 30th of October 6:00pm Dear Diary, Today, I am very scared because we are at Sid’s house and he is evil! And there is this really scary toy that is evil too! A few hours later I saw Sid mutate dolls and pull them apart. What if this happens to us? I am very nervous now, because Sid just got a bomb rocket and is attaching it to Buzz.

  7. Sunday 30th of October 6:45pm Sid goes Away and I help Buzz. I say to him “We need to get out of here” we got all the evil toys and gang up on Sid. We scare him away and then we escape from Sid’s house!