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Capilano university

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Capilano university. Online BBA Program. S trategic F ocus and Plan . Promote quality online education to meet challenges of our time through professionalism. To get the opportunity of business issues in the key areas. Nonfinancial G oals. Provide flexibility of learning .

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capilano university

Capilano university

Online BBA Program

s trategic f ocus and plan
Strategic Focus and Plan
  • Promote quality online education to meet challenges of our time through professionalism.
  • To get the opportunity of business issues in the key areas.
nonfinancial g oals
Nonfinancial Goals
  • Provide flexibility of learning .
  • Teach students who are living in remote areas.
  • Provide quality online education to our students while maintaining their demanding job or lifestyle.
f inancial g oals
Financial Goals
  • Price will be lower than in-class course format.
  • Continuing to create profit.
  • Implement strategic investments to further develop the program.
swot analysis strengths
SWOT AnalysisStrengths
  • Awarded with British Columbia’s Education Quality Assurance Designation.
  • Strong online support staff.
  • Becoming an Accredited University in the AUCC this year.
  • Financially in an upswing due to investments and innovative ideas.
swot a nalysis w eaknesses
Swot AnalysisWeaknesses
  • Has only been a university for a few years.
  • Unknown Training problems with teachers.
  • Implementation costs are relatively unknown.
  • Has only a few online courses.
swot analysis opportunities
Swot AnalysisOpportunities
  • There is no BC University that offers an Online BBA program.
  • Have the ability to get first mover advantage.
  • Online education appeals to people in many locations.
  • During economic downturn online programs appeal to people who need to work.
swot analysis threats
Swot AnalysisThreats
  • Online education is known as a lower class degree.
  • Many online BBA’s offered through other websites.
  • Is know as a secondary University to SFU and UBC.
  • Transferability of degree to other universities/master programs.
t arget m arket
Target Market
  • Immigrants whose first language is not English.
  • Shy people who are not used to speak in public and prefer to spend their time alone.
  • Full-time employees who have to be present in their work all the time and are busy.
  • People who care more about economical efficiency in their expenditures.
t arget m arket1
Target Market
  • People who are more interested and familiar in using computers and internet in their spare time.
  • Generation X and Y are the most common age group in Canada.
  • People with low average income.
  • People who came from Asian or Middle Eastern countries to Canada because of different methods of studying in their cultures.
marketing objectives first year
Marketing ObjectivesFirst Year
  • Comprised mainly of lower mainland residents with full or part-time jobs.
  • High concentration of students within the ages of 30 to 50 with restricted funds for a traditional university.
marketing objectives second year and further
Marketing ObjectivesSecond year and Further
  • With success of program use new funds to expand to other target markets.
  • Expansion to high school graduates and to other regions of BC.
  • High word of mouth advertising from satisfied students for lower mainland.
p roduct s trategy
Product Strategy
  • To experience an activity-based learning environment that is led and supported by an instructor.
  • Course outline for online courses is identical to the face-to-face delivery.
  • Strictness of the traditional classroom.
pricing strategy
Pricing Strategy
  • Canadian students – $250 per course.
  • International students - $550 per course.
  • Affordable but without sacrificing the thought about quality of the degree.
t arget revenue for the first 12 months
Target Revenue for the First 12 Months
  • 1st Term: 100 local students and 10 international students all taking 5 courses = $152,500
  • 2nd Term 150 local students and 15 international students all taking 5 courses = $228,750
d istribution s trategy
Distribution Strategy.
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Television
  • Brochure/Posters
  • Internet
p romotional s trategy
Promotional Strategy.
  • Advertising: Mass Media for targeted age groups.
  • Personal Selling: Promotion through Capilano Students directly towards customers.
  • Public Relations.: Popularity of Capilano in Lower Mainland and good reputation within current students.
  • Sales Promotion: Sales through current students rewarding them for each person getting enrolled.
  • Television: $25,000; ads between the hours of 6 pm to 9 pm.
  • Internet: $10,000; ads displayed towards our target markets.
  • Newspaper: $5,000; ads in local newspapers.
  • Brochure/Poster: $10,000; ads posted in local businesses, community centers, and transportation sites.
e valuation and control pre test evaluation
Evaluation and ControlPre-test Evaluation
  • Does it capture your attention quickly.
  • Is the information displayed in an effective manner.
  • Would you feel compelled to look for further information.
  • If not, what would you change to make it more compelling.
  • What similar products do you feel have a more intriguing advertisement.
evaluation and control post test evaluation
Evaluation and ControlPost-test Evaluation
  • Where did you hear about our program.
  • What interested you the most about this advertisement
  • How long did it take for you to seek further information on the program.
  • Is there anything you would change in the advertisement to appeal more to others.

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