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PRODUCTION &OPERATION MANAGEMENT PRESENTATION. B Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Ali el-sha3er 5408110 Mohamed Ahmed Ragab 5408103. Customer service. "Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised" often known as:

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production operation management presentation



Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Ali el-sha3er 5408110

Mohamed Ahmed Ragab 5408103

customer service
Customer service

"Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised"

often known as:

Customer service is a process for providing competitive advantage and adding benefits in order to maximize the total value to the customer"

customer service job description
Customer Service Job Description

include the following tasks:

- Dealing with clients- Answering emails- Writing to customers- Speaking on the phone- Processing orders - Managing Administration

Before you develop a Customer Service Plan and put it in writing, take these steps:8 Steps to Creating a Superior Customer Service Plan

1. Understand What Your Business Is

Regardless of what you are selling—whether it's life insurance, automobiles, or printing—you are in the customer service business. You must build everything you do around the customer experience.

2. Identify the Elements of Superior Customer Service

Eliminate the obstacles that prevent you from providing superior service. How can you make it easy for people to do business with you? Are your hours convenient? Are your employees well trained? Is someone in the organization available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer customers' questions and to help solve their problems?


3. Identify Your Customers' Needs and WantsIf you don't know who it is you are trying to satisfy and what their needs are, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to meet them. Gather information you need to set goals that will include average revenue per customer and the market share you want to achieve.4. Compare Your OrganizationHow you operate to role models outside your industry? Look at the best of the best and model your behavior after those businesses. What do they do that you aren't doing?5. Put your Money Where Your Mouth IsCreate a service guarantee that gives customers peace of mind. Northeast Delta Dental did just that by guaranteeing that it will provide its customers with certain services within certain time frames. For example, if it does not send a member identity card within 15 calendar days after the enrollment form is completed, it will pay that member $50.


6. Track Your ProgressUse mystery shoppers and surveys to evaluate how you are doing and to assess the impact of your focus on customer service. Look at your sales and market share before you implemented the plan and compare it with where you are every six months afterwards.7. Drive the ProgramProvide continuous training that will instill in all employees an enthusiasm for—and commitment to—customer service. Reinforce the focus on service by rewarding high-performing employees and enforcing and reinforcing service standards.8. Make a CommitmentCreating a customer service culture takes time. If you aren't committed, you will fail. When organizations know what is important to their customers, and when they realize the shortcomings of their current service, they are ready to write a Service Plan. Planning, drafting, and implementing that plan requires management commitment, a long-term strategy, and continual effort to improve service. It will take some work, but the rewards will be well worth the effort.

8 tips for successful customer service management
8 Tips for Successful Customer Service Management

1. Pay your customer service people well

You expect a lot from your customer service staff, so pay them as if they matter. Too often, in many companies (not yours naturally) the pay scale for customer service staff is frankly an embarrassment. Benchmark peers in your industry and pay at the high end.

2. Give your customer service people a great working environment

You should make sure that the environment your customer service people work in is as pleasant as the manager's office. A fully functional, reliable computer system to help them serve your customers is a must. Space to move around, a comfortable seat - assuming they are going to do a lot of sitting down - good ventilation, if possible, windows onto the outside world, attractive colors, good lighting, pictures and plants, nice bathrooms, decent refreshment facilities. Just think what you would like for yourself, and give them that!


3. Train your customer service people like they were surgeons A quick course or two in what your company does, and in customer service techniques, a few scripts to work from, and you've done your training right . Customer service is tough, and training courses are also a chance to decompress and get away from the old routine. Invest in training as if your people were surgeons - after all, your company's life is in their hands. 4. Give everyone a stint in customer serviceEverybody, from the top to the bottom of your company, should spend at least a couple of days a year shadowing a customer service person. You will be amazed at how much benefit this will bring you. Not only will the rest of the company realize what a tough job it is to be on the customer front line, they'll see how the way they do their job impacts on customers' experiences. 5. Give customer service staff a stint in other departmentsIf customer service people truly understand your business, they'll simply do a better job. So it's particularly helpful for them to spend time shadowing in areas such as quality control, delivery, document preparation and similar customer impact areas. The knowledge they gain will help them cut through to the heart of the issues they hear about each day, and they will be able to make customer oriented suggestions for improvements.


6. Allow customers to supply feedbackWe are used to hearing that "Your call may be monitored for quality control purposes." In addition, it's a great idea to allow customers to make immediate feedback on customer service - both good and bad. Use the information to highlight good and bad performance, to train and educate, but not to punish.7. Make customer service funIdeally, arrange your customer service staff into teams. Mix up new and old, stronger and weaker employees, so that they can help, advise and teach each other. If you can devise a competition between teams, so much the better. This is great in situations where people are taking a lot of very routine inquiries all day long.8. Use customer service as a stepping stone to promotionEmploy qualified people in customer service. Have them spend a year there, and then review them for promotion to customer service management. Anywhere they go in your company, they will be ingrained with the understanding of what the customer wants and needs from your company.Customer service people do particularly well in sales, but they can be invaluable in all departments. The fact that customer service is a route to promotion enhances the prestige of the job and aids your recruitment of good quality people.

examples of poor customer service
Examples of Poor Customer Service

1. Reaching a checkout in the supermarket and the cashier refusing to serve you as he is "just closing the aisle".2. Phoning a call center and getting lost in an endless loop of voicemail recordings.3. Having to invest your own money to use a supermarket trolley (to go and BUY things from them!)4. Being treated like a criminal at airport security.5. Not getting batteries with your recent gadget purchase.6. Slow replies to support request emails when you've just purchased a product online.7. Waiting more than 30 minutes for something to eat in a restaurant.8. Calling up a call center and being unable to speak with a human being.

five steps to customer service improvement
Five Steps to Customer Service Improvement

1. Make the Right Hiring Decision

2. The Culture of Your Company Must Be Customer Focused

3. Set Minimum Service Skills Expectations

4. Ongoing Customer Service Training

5. Put Your Money Where Their Service Is

four common customer service mistakes and how to avoid them
Four Common Customer Service Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lack of Empathy When Dealing with Customers

Treating customers with empathy, patience and respect may come easily for you, but it doesn't necessarily for your new hires. Without clear guidelines on how to treatcustomers.

  • Provide clear guidelines and processes for your employees. Train each staff member to deal with any real situation that could arise. Beyond procedures, give

them tools and principles for making their own decisions. 

Putting Unsuitable People in Customer-facing Roles

There are some people who just aren’t built to provide customer service. But anyone you hire who has any contact whatsoever with the public needs to be able to interact with respect and concern for the customer’s needs. This ability should be just as important in your hiring decisions as any hard skills or experience you want them to have.Paint a picture of the type of person you want working with your customers. Write interview questions that will test those qualities. Don't hire people just because they seem nice and they're probably okay with customers.

Wasting Customers' Time with Automated Telephone Systems

Nothing makes customers angrier than calling a business and having to deal with navigating a robotic automated menu. While they're waiting for the canned, yet pleasant, voice to read their options, they might just hang up and call somebody else. When they eventually reach a human being they're steaming mad.There should always be a human being at the other end of the line as quickly as possible. Make sure your service reps are there to answer questions and deal with problems, and set a time limit for answering calls. So many companies rely on automated menus that your company will stand out. People will be surprised to hear a live human voice in record time.

Finger Pointing when Things Go WrongEven if there's been a disaster and it's not your fault, you need to take charge of fixing it. Blaming others shows a lack of responsibility.  don't blame another department within your company .even though it may be tempting because it takes the heat off you. Don't be afraid to apologize for any inconveniences. When an angry customer calls, it's your duty to send them away happy and satisfied, with their needs met.

the four c s of customer service
The Four C's of Customer Service

Commitment :Leaders should show commitment by leading the charge to determine what great customer service should look like within the organization. Leaders should develop and adhere to core values for the organization. Leaders should commit to finding ways to determine what's important to the organization's customers. 

:- Completeness:Completeness means that everyone within every department understands their role in providing great customer service. A complete and thorough assessment of the organization's operations is key to identifying areas of opportunity. All customer touch points should be evaluated for efficiency.

 the four C's of customer service:

- Commitment - Completeness- Consistency- Communication

Each one plays an important role in creating a memorable customer experience.

Consistency:Loyal customers are revenue generators as they are both comfortable and excited to share their positive customer service experiences with others. Consistency means the customer receives the same level of service during each encounter with your organization. Consistency means that no matter which of your organization's locations the customer visits, a positive experience awaits.:

Communication :This fourth C requires the organization's leaders to communicate customer needs and preferences to the rest of the organization to ensure that all products and services are designed with user mind.. In this era of multichannel customer service provision, it's important to make sure that your customers understand how important they are to your organization. Make sure they are able to see, hear and feel what they mean to your organization by establishing Commitment, followed by Completeness of purpose, exhibiting Consistency during all customer interactions and applying the glue called Communication!

customer satisfaction is your business
Customer Satisfaction Is Your Business

-Never Promise More Than You Deliver

Never make any promises you can't keep. They won't do business with you again. And they will tell everybody they know about their unhappy experience - causing you to lose future customers..

-Always Give Customers More Than They Expect

 Always exceed your customers' expectations. You will win their long term loyalty. It also makes it difficult for competitors to steal customers from you - even if they have lower prices. Customers will not risk an uncertain experience with a competitor when they know they will get more than they expect from you.

-Let customers know how much you value themLet your customers know you are always thinking about them. Communicate with them regularly. For example, create some special deals just for your existing customers. And announce new products or services to them before you announce them to the general market.

the power of highly satisfied customers
The Power of Highly Satisfied Customers

There aredifferences between satisfied customers and highly satisfied customers and there is an impact on your business

- The satisfied customer visits 4 times per month, spends $4.06 •

-The highly satisfied customer visits 7.2 times per month, spends $4.42

- the satisfied customer spends $209.50 per year and is worth $921.78 over the span of their 4.4 year customer life.

- The highly satisfied customer spends $381.89 per year—an increase of $172.39 or 82 percent more per year—and is worth $3,169.67 over the span of their 8.3 year customer life

Since many of your customers are already in the highly satisfied category, you won’t see an 82 percent increase. However, reallocate your efforts (and dollars)—stop trying to attract new customers or get the unsatisfied ones to satisfied. The big lever is moving the customers up to highly satisfied and your sales will follow.