navalkleen for the bilge and engine room n.
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NavalKleen for the Bilge and Engine Room PowerPoint Presentation
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NavalKleen for the Bilge and Engine Room

NavalKleen for the Bilge and Engine Room

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NavalKleen for the Bilge and Engine Room

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  1. NavalKleenfor the Bilge and Engine Room

  2. The Problem: • Increased off-loading costs at many ports • Incineration onboard costs using fuel oil • Personnel concerns • Increased labor hours for bilge and tank cleaning • Exposure to hazardous cleaning materials • Difficulties with Oil-Water Separators Hydrocarbon Contamination

  3. The Solution: • Harmful contaminants degraded by naturally-occurring micro-organisms • Petroleum-based chemicals reduced to carbon dioxide and water • Beneficial bio-nutrients created for plant and aquatic life • Non-hazardous, non-caustic, non-corrosive to workers Bio-Remediation

  4. Stolt-Nielsen Limited “We aim to provide the highest quality service and products in the industries we operate in. We strive for continuous improvement throughout the organisation, driven by a desire to learn. Our business models are long term, environmentally responsible with a focus on operational excellence and safety.”

  5. Fulfilling the Commitment HOW TO FULFILL? YOUR COMMITMENT Find new technological edge Identify sustainable efficiencies Use natural processes Continuously develop culture Identify non-hazardous solutions Continuous improvement Long-term business model Environmentally-responsible Operational excellence Safety

  6. 1. Continuous Improvement The United States is the world leader in field implementation of bioremediation, an attractive alternative to conventional methods of cleaning up persistent hazardous wastes in the environment….The potential use of bioremediation technologies is significant, as federal & state governments, private industry and others responsible for environmental cleanup efforts add it to their arsenals of methods for environmental reclamation. EPA Publication 640/k-93/002

  7. Maersk Line,Limited On 22 July 06, M/V SL Atlantic suffered a crack in the steel deck between a No. 6 heavy fuel oil tank and a 600 metric ton capacity double bottom ballast water tank, resulting in large-scale contamination of the ballast water. In our experience, Naval Kleen II has proven to be a highly effective product, and if sufficient time is available for the organisms to metabolize the oil, the preferred product for mitigating oil contamination of ballast tanks.

  8. 2. Long-Term Sustainability • Generally 60-70% less costly than other technologies. • Can be accomplished in-place (In Situ), eliminating transport of contaminants. • Virtually no investment in capital equipment. • Can be used with salt water or fresh water. • Poses no health or safety risks to your employees.

  9. MilitarySealiftCommand

  10. 3. Environmentally Responsible • Ecologically safe and natural process - "nature’s way" of solving contamination problems. • Little disruption to surrounding, non-contaminated areas. • Eliminates air quality and air pollution concerns from volatile chemical evaporation. • Virtually restores environment to its pristine condition.

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  12. Nordic TankerMarine

  13. 4. Operational Excellence “We believe operational excellence comes through the focus on safety and by continuously working on improving the way we operate through team work and education.”

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  15. StoltAchievement BEFORE AFTER

  16. 5. Safety Improving our environmental performance is considered an element of our number-one priority: safety for people and the environment. Yet a will, however strong, must be accompanied by a way. -- Mark F. Martecchini Stolt Tankers Environmental Report for 2010-2011

  17. Current Program • Combustible • Keep away from heat • Keep away from sources of ignition • Keep container tightly closed • Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing • Avoid breathing vapor

  18. RecommendedProgram NavalKleen ™ is an active mixture of hydrocarbon-oxidizing, naturally occurring, single-celled micro-organisms with a “bio-surface cleaning agent” and water. It is specially formulated to be safe, environmentally enhancing and effective. • HMIS RATING: • Health ZERO • Fire ZERO • Reactivity ZERO • Hazard ZERO

  19. Safe 100% Non-Hazardous 100% Non-Corrosive 100% Non-Caustic 100% Non-Flammable 100% Non-Toxic

  20. Fulfilling the Commitment YOUR COMMITMENT OUR BENEFITS Emerging technology Lower costs, greater efficiency Ecologically safe, natural process “Culture of Clean” 100% Non-Hazardous Continuous improvement Long-term business model Environmentally-responsible Operational excellence Safety

  21. Reasons for Past Non-Implementation Distribution challenges Lack of understanding within organization

  22. Reasons to Start Now Proven products Reduced costs of operation when used properly Reduced risk exposure with non-toxic but effective chemicals Stated company goals to reduce pollution

  23. Responsibility “Stolt-Nielsen Limited and its operating units strive to operate in a manner that is safe for both people and the environment.” “All Stolthaven terminals operate to the same standards of safety and environmental protection, regardless of their location in the world.” “STC’s global network of depots maintains exacting controls over all aspects of its waste treatment and handling processes, thus ensuring that here ,too, we meet and in most cases exceed all applicable regulations designed to protect both people and the environment.”

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