chapter 25 first morning in rome n.
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Chapter 25: First Morning In Rome

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Chapter 25: First Morning In Rome - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 25: First Morning In Rome . By: Melanyn Rivas Pages 93-94 28words . tumulus, tumulī M = mound, tomb . Noun.

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chapter 25 first morning in rome

Chapter 25: First Morning In Rome

By: Melanyn Rivas

Pages 93-94


tumulus tumul m mound tomb
tumulus, tumulīM = mound, tomb


[bioturbation, cryoturbation, disturb, disturbance, disturbedly, disturber, faunalturbation, imperturbable, pedoturbation, perturb, trouble, troublesome, troublous, turbid, turbidity, turbinal, turbinate, turbine, turbojet, turbosphere, turbot, turbulence, turbulent]

excit excit re excit v excit tus a um to rouse wake someone up
excitō, excitāre, excitāvī, excitātus/a/um = to rouse, wake[someone] up
  • [citation, cite, excitable, excitation, excite, excitement, exciting, incite, incitement, recital, recite, recitation, recite, resuscitate, solicit, solicitor, solicitous, solicitude, suscitate]


eho hey
Eho – Hey!


abhinc duas horas two hours ago
Abhincduashoras – two hours ago
  • aberration, abdicate, ablative, abstract, abduct, absent, abstruse, etc.]

Prepositional Phrase

ad tabernam quandam to a certain shop
Ad tabernamquandam – to a certain shop

Prepositional Phrase

postis door post
Postis – door – post


doorpost, guidepost, post (pillar), poster, sign-post

poeta poet
Poeta – poet


[antipoetic, autopoiesis, cosmopoietic, ecopoiesis, ecopoietist, ecopoetist, epopoeia, ethopoeia, ethopoetic, henopoeia, mythopoeia, mythopoeic, mythopoetic, mythopoesis, oenopoetic, onomatopoeia, onomatopoeic, onomatiopeoically, onomatopoetic, onomatopoieia, onomatopoiesis, pathopoeia, poem, poet, poetic, poetolatry, poetomachia, poetry, -poiesis (A combining form meaning “making, formation,” used in the formation of compound words), prosopoeia, prosopopoeia, prosopopeia, rhythmopoeia, rhymopoeia

aliquid something
Aliquid – something
  • [alias, alibi, alien, alienable, alienate, aliicide, inalienability, inalienable]


lapis lapidis m stoe
Lapis, lapidis (m) – stoe


[dilapidate, dilapidated, dilapidation, elapidation, inlapidate, lapidarian, lapidarist, lapidary, lapidate, lapidation, lapideon, lapideous, lapidicole, lapidicolous, lapidify, lapilliform, lapis, lapis lazuli]

oppresus crushed j
Oppresus –crushed j
  • oppress


quadratus squared
Quadratus – squared


  • foursquare, headquarters, quadrangle, quadrangular, quadrant, quadrate, quadratic, quadrilateral, quadrille, quadruped, quadruple, quarantine, quarry, quart, quarter, quarterback, quarterdeck, quarterly, quartermaster, quarterstaff, quartet(ette), quire, squad, squadron, square, squarely

domus aurea golden dome
DomusAurea – golden dome


[domain, domestic, dominance, dominant, dominate, dominatrix, domineering, dominion, dungeon, predominance, predominant, predominate

pervenio pervenire to arrive
Pervenio, pervenire- to arrive


advent, adventure, invent, event, eventual, convene, convention, intervene, intervention, prevent]

traho trahere traxi tractus to drag pull
Traho, trahere, traxi,tractus – to drag pull


contractual, detract, detraction, detrain, distract, distraction, distraught, entrain, entreat, extract, intractable, maltreat, mistreat, portrait, portray, protract, protractile, protraction, protractor, retract, retraction, retreat, subtract, subtraction,

subtrahend, trace, tract, tractability, tractable, tractableness, tractile, traction, tractor, trail, trailer, train, trainee, trainer, trait, trawler, treat, treatise, treatment, treaty]

conficio conficere to finish
Conficio, conficere – to finish


  • [affair, affect, affected, affection, artifact, artifice, artificial, benefaction, benefactor, beneficent, beneficiary, benefit, calefacient, calorifacient, certificate, certify, chafe, chauffeur, clarify, coefficient, confection, confetti, confit,

sterto stertere stertui to snore
Sterto, stertere,stertui – to snore


domus house
Domus – house


dominant, dominate, dominatrix, domineering, dominion, dungeon, predominance, predominant, predominate]

manus man s f
manus, manūsF


amanuensis, bimanous, emancipate, emancipation, manacle, manage, maneuver, manicure, manifest, manifesto, maniloquism, manipulate, manual, manufacture, manumission, manumotor, manure, manuscript, pedimanous, quadrumanous]

arcus arc s m arch bow rainbow
arcus, arcūsM = arch; bow; rainbow


[arc, arcade, arcaded, arch, arched, archer, archery, architrave, archivolt, archway, archwise, arciform, arcing, arced, arc lamp, arcminute, arco, arcograph, arcosolium, arcuate, arcual, arcuation]

aquaeductus aquaeduct s m
aquaeductus, aquaeductūsM


educable, education, educe, eduction, induce, inducement, inductee, introduce, irreducible, misconduct, oviduct, photoconductivity, producer, product, productivity, reduce, reduction, reproduce, reproduction, seduce, seduction, subduction, subdue, traduce, transduction, ventiduct, viaduct]

r sus r s s m
rīsus, rīsūsM


ridiculous, ridicule, deride, derision, risible, risibility]

senatus m senate
Senatus (m) – Senate


senectitude, senesce, senescence, senescent, senex, senile, senilism, senile dementia, senility, senilize, senior, seniority, senium, senopia, señor, signor, signore (s); signori (pl), sir, sire, surly]

strepitus m noise clattering
Strepitus (m) – noise, clattering


[obstreperous, obstreperously, obstreperousness, streperous, strepitant, strepitous, strepitus]

dies diei day
Dies, diei – day


  • Diurnal

tumultus m uproar commotion
Tumultus (m) – uproar, commotion


  • Multitude

vinum wine
Vinum – wine
  • Vineyard


sequentes following
Sequentes – following


  • Subsequent