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ideas incredible @ c2 workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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ideas incredible @ c2 workshop

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ideas incredible @ c2 workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We, at C2 Workshop, are driven by passion. And, are upbeat about avenues that add fillip to this drive. i2@c2 is one such initiative taken by the instructional designers for the instructional designers at C2 Workshop.

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ideas incredible @ c2 workshop

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Instructional Design

Is it a science or an art?

It is science alright!

Looking at the kind of detailing the ID profile needs, in terms of one’s understanding the entire content landscape, we could aver that Instructional Designing is akin to a

full-fledged scientific research.

Go by the ADDIE platform or even one of those contemporary approaches that offset the flip side of ADDIE…

The groundwork is quite a meticulous sieving of facts and figures, before one could start fixing the storyboard. 

What about the art part?

Now, in the whole gamut of being scientific, where does one find the room for creativity?

More so, when the content (that's going to get converted into a course) is, by and large, fixed by the subject matter experts.

How do we go about it? 

the key lies right in front of us
The key lies right in front of us!

We need to keep the learner atop everything else.

And, need to remember she (he) is going to be all alone, perusing our course.

And, it's only our presentation style that's going to keep her hooked to the content.

So, we better be creative.  

Bring in questions on and off, in unexpected junctures, that would make the learners think.

Let them participate, by making them choose.

Bring in pleasant layouts and colors that would keep their attention intact.

Bring in surprises, by going off the track, just to get in that element of twist, so the whole thing breaks the monotony.

The permutations are infinite. 

and finally the big thought
And, finally…THE BIG THOUGHT!

To be creative, we need to keep the mind open, above all else.

'Cos, creativity is like happiness. We cannot chase it. It needs to come and land on us, all by itself.

For that, we need to be open instruments.

i2@c2 is an initiative taken by the instructional designers for the instructional designers at C2 Workshop. These informal, yet insightful, interactive sessions see the inquisitive minds coming together, to discuss ideas that have the potential to turn incredible, just by the virtue of being shared and brainstormed.For more information, log onto