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Susser Holdings Corporation Business Review October 2013

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Susser Holdings Corporation Business Review October 2013. Safe Harbor.

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safe harbor
Safe Harbor

Some of the statements in this presentation constitute “forward-looking statements” about Susser Holdings Corporation and/or Susser Petroleum Partners that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including without limitation, our discussion and analysis of our financial condition and results of operations. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by use of phrases such as “believe,” “plan,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “forecast” or other similar words or phrases in conjunction with a discussion of future operating or financial performance. Descriptions of our objectives, goals, targets, plans, strategies, costs, anticipated capital expenditures, expected cost savings, expansion of our foodservice offerings, potential acquisitions, and potential new store openings and dealer locations, are also forward-looking statements. These statements represent our present expectations or beliefs concerning future events and are not guarantees. Such statements speak only as of the date they are made, and we do not undertake any obligation to update any forward-looking statement.  

We caution that forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and are qualified by important factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in any such forward-looking statements. For a discussion of these factors and other risks and uncertainties, please refer to our respective filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“the SEC”), including those contained in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for our most recent fiscal year and any subsequent Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, available at the SEC’s website at We intend for the forward-looking statements to be covered by the Safe Harbor provisions for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and are including this statement for purpose of complying with these Safe Harbor provisions.

This presentation is not a prospectus and is not an offer to sell securities. Before you invest, you should read our filings with the SEC for more complete information about us.

evolution of our business past and present
Evolution of Our Business – Past and Present

Retail Stripes® Site

Wholesale Dealer Site

current company overview
Current Company Overview
  • Retail stores in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico
    • 576 retail sites
    • 11th largest company operated C-store chain in the U.S.
    • $1.0 billion of LTM merchandise sales
  • 1.5 billion gallons distributed (LTM Q2 ‘13)
    • 571 retail sites with fuel
    • >580 contracted wholesale branded sites
    • >1,800 unbranded commercial customers
  • 24 consecutive years of same store sales growth
  • ~ 70% of retail gross profit inside store
  • $169 million EBITDA (LTM Q2 ‘13)
    • $183 million EBITDA (FY2012)
      • (retail fuel margin 1.3¢ higher than LTM)

Highly Attractive, Growing Markets

Texas Market

Long-Term Job Growth (1)

  • Texas economy outperforming U.S.
    • Ranked #1 for job growth
    • Relatively strong housing market
    • Lower unemployment than the U.S.
    • Strongest Texas markets benefiting from increased oil and gas drilling
  • State’s population growth projected to be one of the highest in the U.S.
    • Grew 25% from 2000 - 2012
    • 26.1 million today
    • 45.3 million projected in 2040 (2) (69% increase over 2010)
  • Texas named “Best State for Business” for the 9th consecutive year- CEO Magazine, May 2013

Michigan(121, 000)




+ 539,000

Job Gains

Job Losses

Population Change ‘00–‘10 (Top 5 States)

(in millions)

  • ____________________
  • Source: Unemployment Data: US Department of Labor and; Population Data: US Census Bureau and other demographic information.
  • Change in Non-Farm Employment by state from June 2008 - June 2013.
  • Hobby Center for the Study of Texas, Rice University; assumes net migration equal to 2000-2010.
favorable market demographics
Favorable Market Demographics





























Hispanic Population by Market

  • High density of rapidly growing Hispanic population
  • Hispanics more frequent c-store shoppers than non-Hispanics
    • More likely to buy grocery foods, dairy and bread from c-stores
  • Fresh food important
  • Favorable core demographic, young population
    • 54% of TX male pop. < 35
    • 60% of South TX male pop. <35
    • ~ 50% of Texas population <18 is Hispanic



Use of C-Stores for Grocery Purchases(3)

  • ____________________
  • Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2009 estimates.
  • Store base includes Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Falfurrias and Riviera markets. Demographic data for Brownsville-Harlingen and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission MSA’s.
  • Demographic data for Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown MSA.
  • “The C-Store Hispanic Shopper study, by The NPD Group.
recent milestones
Recent Milestones
  • Successful completion of SUSP IPO
    • Raised net $206 million
    • Sets market value for stable cash flow fuel distribution business
    • Lowers cost of capital to help accelerate growth
  • Private Equity Sponsor exit
    • Received ~2.5X investment after 6.5 years - $36/share
    • Increased float/liquidity in SUSS stock
  • Redeemed $425mm debt with cash and revolver
    • $500mm new revolver, LIBOR+200
    • Est. annual pre-tax interest savings $30 - $32mm (based on current rates)
recent milestones cont d
Recent Milestones (cont’d)
  • Accelerated Growth
  • Acquired Gainesville Fuel, Inc. in September 2013
    • 60 million diesel gallons annual volume
    • Customers are oil & gas producers in North Texas and Oklahoma
    • 2014 expected accretion:
      • SUSP: $0.05 to $0.10 distributable cash flow per unit
      • SUSS: $0.03 to $0.07 earnings per share
retail segment overview
Retail Segment Overview

Retail Segment Gross Profit Contribution (1)

  • 576 retail sites (~49% fee properties)
    • Superior real estate and facilities
  • Strategy to drive customer count and transaction size
  • C-stores operate under powerful proprietary Stripes®brand
    • 62% have proprietary Laredo Taco Company® restaurants
  • Focus on higher margin food and beverage with less reliance on cigarettes and fuel


Reflects LTM results as of Q2 2013

growing the top line
Growing the Top Line

Average Merchandise Sales per Store


Key Drivers

  • Favorable demographics
  • New store development
  • Aggressive category management
  • Leveraging restaurant sales
  • Investing capex to maintain quality of existing stores
  • Building suggestive selling capabilities

8.9% CAGR










Proprietary Restaurant Service Differentiates Susser

  • 371 locations with a restaurant concept
  • 357 Laredo Taco Company® locations
    • Authentic Mexican food catering to both Hispanic and non-Hispanic customers
    • Wide variety of delicious, spicy food at a great value
  • Foodservice drives higher-than-average gross margins
    • Additional merchandise purchases in ~73% of transactions
  • Laredo Taco Company® customers visit stores 40% more often
leveraging hot fresh delicious
Leveraging Hot, Fresh & Delicious

It’s All About the Food

*Foodservice sales include restaurant (QSR), fast food, roller grill, coffee, fountain, and Slush Monkey ™ (frozen carbonated beverage).

growing merchandise gross profit dollars
Growing Merchandise Gross Profit Dollars

Merchandise Margin %

Key Drivers

  • Store-specific pricing
  • Leveraging scale
  • Aggressive category management
  • Capital invested in revenue-generating equipment
  • Driving the business through foodservice
built capability to execute our fuel strategy
Built Capability to Execute Our Fuel Strategy

Average Fuel Gallons Sold per Retail Store


  • Utilizing technology to optimize volume and margin over the long term
  • New stores built for volume
  • Investment - new fuel dispensers
  • Expansion of diesel
  • Leverage scale/procurement


4.9% CAGR









# Locations w/

Auto Diesel


















2013 retail growth
2013 Retail Growth

Spring – 6,844 sq. ft.

League City– 6,844 sq. ft.

Del Rio – 6,844 sq. ft.

Plus Lube Center

Rosenburg– 6,844 sq. ft.

Karnes City – 6,844 sq. ft.

Plus Truck Diesel Island

New Retail Store Growth

new retail stores delivering 20 unlevered roi
New Retail Stores Delivering ~ 20% Unlevered ROI

New Store Returns

Months Open (# Stores)

Months Open (# Stores)

Unlevered ROI = Consolidated Store incremental cash flow before rent / Total initial store investment (not reduced for 3¢ SUSP fuel margin implemented 9/25/12).

Levered ROI = Consolidated Store incremental cash flow after rent / Net store investment (after 3rd party sale/leasebacks, excludes debt financing and impact of drop-downs to SUSP). Data reflects LTM Q2 2013; Includes 13 acquired stores

wholesale segment overview
Wholesale Segment Overview
  • Leading non-refining motor fuel distributor in Texas
    • ~571 Stripes® stores with fuel
    • ~95 contracted consignment locations
    • ~490 contracted branded dealers
    • ~ 1,800 unbranded commercial customers
  • Scalable wholesale and retail platforms
  • Highly complementary with retail division
    • Increases purchasing power/diversification
    • Increases strategic flexibility to rationalize sites between retail and wholesale
    • Enhances acquisition opportunities
  • 4 acquisitions since Aug ‘09

1.5 Billion Gallons Sold LTM

fmv for wholesale segment susp ipo
FMV for Wholesale Segment: SUSP IPO
  • Successfully executed public offering of wholesale distribution business in September 2012
  • Establishes FMV of wholesale distribution business tied to our stable cash flow (~$671 million as of 9/27/13 @ $30.59/unit)
  • Creates strategic vehicle for growth
  • Improves cost of capital
  • SUSS retains 50% of SUSP, 100% of general partner; will continue to consolidate financial results





LTM Q2’13


& Consignment













Average Fuel Margin:






SUSP: Stable & Growing Operating and Financial Performance

Gallons Sold (1)

Fuel Gross Profit (1)

2009 – LTM Q2’13 CAGR: 12.4%

2009 – LTM Q2’13 CAGR: 6.2%

Cents Per Gallon – Motor Fuel Margin (1)

  • ____________________
  • Pro forma for the Parent distribution contract and application of this contract to Stripes & consignment volumes for all historic periods shown prior to IPO. Actual results following IPO.
  • Represents supply dealers and other commercial customers.
susp multiple drivers of growth
SUSP - Multiple Drivers of Growth
  • Rapid Stripesmotor fuel volume growth
    • Existing locations
    • New locations
  • Significant sale/leaseback opportunities with 75 store option
    • Rental income
    • Built-in distributable cash flow growth at the MLP’s option

Dropdown and Organic Growth Through Relationship with SUSS

  • Organically adding new third-party dealers
  • Adding new unbranded convenience stores and other commercial customers

Expand Third-Party Wholesale Motor Fuel Distribution Business

  • Pursue acquisitions of other wholesalers and supply contracts
  • Leverage relationships with suppliers to improve deal flow
  • Joint strategic acquisition opportunities with SUSS


SUSP has ~$152 million of capacity under its revolver to capture growth opportunities as of 6/30/13

2013 wholesale growth
2013 Wholesale Growth

Zippy’s Food Mart

Killeen, TX

Amigo Mart #2

Houston, TX

Zippy’s Food Mart

Killeen, TX

Fresh Start #1

Porter, TX

Edge Mart

Katy, TX

One Stop Bucker

Dallas, TX

New Wholesale Growth

consolidated financial strength and flexibility provides opportunity for growth
Consolidated Financial Strength and Flexibility Provides Opportunity for Growth

Reducing Leverage

  • $206mm net proceeds from SUSP IPO Sept. 2012
    • Reduced net debt to EBITDA to 1.1X (1.6X at 06/30/13)
  • $29mm consolidated cash and $430mm available on SUSS/ SUSP revolvers at June ’13
  • $425mm 8.5% debt redeemed 5/15/13
    • Financed with ~$233mm of new SUSS $500mm revolver and cash
    • Expect $30-$32mm annual pre-tax interest savings, or $0.90-$0.95 diluted EPS improvement

Increasing Liquidity

Unused availability on revolving credit facilities

key investment highlights
Key Investment Highlights
  • Strong and resilient industry fundamentals
  • Leading market position in highly attractive markets
  • Synergistic, scalable business model delivering strong growth on retail and wholesale platforms
  • Differentiated retail strategy
  • Innovative information systems and technology
  • Strong liquidity and operating performance
  • Attractive growth opportunities in core markets
  • Experienced team passionately committed to delivering strong growth and performance
  • Proven ability to access capital
proven track record of growth
Proven Track Record of Growth
  • 3rd generation family led fuel business dating back to 1930s
  • Sam L. Susser joined the Company in 1988 when the Company operated five stores
  • Completed 13 significant acquisitions in last 24 years
  • Transitioned to a large-format store model in 1999 / Created Laredo Taco Company® restaurant concept in 2001
  • Completed SUSS initial public offering on October 24, 2006
  • Completed SUSP initial public offering on September 25, 2012
  • SUSS EBITDA up > 3x since IPO and increased retail stores by 65%


Adjusted EBITDAR

($ in millions)

‘00 – ’13Q2 CAGR: 18%

ebitdar has tripled since 2006 ipo
EBITDAR Has Tripled Since 2006 IPO

(1)Normalizes retail CPG after credit cards at a 5-year rolling average of 14.7¢ and wholesale CPG at a 5-year rolling average of 5.5¢. Excludes G&A bonus and 401-K match. Adjusted to reflect impact of MLP on retail fuel margin

key financial results
Key Financial Results
                  • $0.03 per gallon profit markup charged to Retail by SUSP implemented 9/25/12. This change shifts approximately 3 cents per gallon of gross profit from the retail segment to the wholesale segment. The Pro Forma amounts reflect the retail margins as if the markup had been implemented for the entire period presented.
  • (2) Beginning September 25, 2013 the Wholesale segment charges the Retail segment approximately 3 cent mark-up. Prior to this date no markup was charged. Amount shown for FY 2012 is full year blended margin.
recent operating trends
Recent Operating Trends

Merchandise Same Store Sales Growth

Average Retail Gallons per Store Growth

widening the gap in 000 s based on ltm data
Widening the Gap(in 000’s, based on LTM data)

Average Per-Store Merchandise Sales

Note: Annual data based on each company’s fiscal year. LTM data based on latest fiscal quarter reported.

delivering best in class volume growth in 000 s based on ltm data
Delivering Best in Class Volume Growth(in 000’s, based on LTM data)

Average Per-Store Gallons

Note: Annual data based on each company’s fiscal year. LTM data based on latest fiscal quarter reported.

growing merchandise sales per square foot

Store Sq. Ft. Distribution

Sq. Ft. Range

Store Count









Total @ 6/30/13


Growing Merchandise Sales per Square Foot
  • New stores deliver strong returns
    • Typical cost is currently $3.0 - $4.0 million
    • Target ROI of approximately 20% by year 3
    • New stores are 2x the size and 3x the cash flow of legacy stores

Merchandise Sales per Sq. Ft.

Average Building and Land Sq. Ft. per Retail Store

existing stores continue to grow 144 stores opened prior to 2000
Existing Stores Continue to Grow144 Stores Opened Prior to 2000

(in millions)

Merchandise Sales

Merchandise Gross Profit

Fuel Gallons

4-Wall Cash Flow

new retail stores driving cash flow growth
New Retail Stores Driving Cash Flow Growth

(1) All store counts are as of 12/30/12

(2) Reflects stores built from 2000 to December 30, 2012 (FY2012 results). Results annualized for stores open < 12 months.

post mlp organization structure
Post-MLP Organization Structure

Susser Holdings Corporation and subsidiaries (“Parent”)

Common Units

Subordinated Units

Incentive Distribution Rights


What Remains at the Parent?

  • Retail operations
    • Stripes® c-stores
  • Sale of motor fuel at consignment locations
  • Owned properties for ~250 Stripes® locations (2)

100% Ownership


Susser Petroleum Partners GP LLC

(the “general partner”)


Limited Partner


What is in SUSP?

0% Non-economic

General Partner


Susser Petroleum Partners LP

(the “Partnership”)


Public Unitholders

Common Units

  • Wholesale operations
    • Motor fuel distribution to Stripes® c-stores
    • Motor fuel distribution to the Parent for supplying consignment locations
    • Motor fuel distribution to supply dealers
    • Motor fuel distribution to unbranded c-stores and other commercial customers
  • 41 owned stores and 12 leased sites leased / sublet to independent operators (2)


Limited Partner


100% Ownership


Operating Subsidiaries (1)


One of Susser Petroleum Partners LP’s operating subsidiaries, Susser Petroleum Property Company LLC (‘‘Susser Propco’’), will be treated as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Susser Petroleum Partners LP expects that this subsidiary will own all Stripes® convenience stores purchased from SHC in connection with Susser Petroleum Partners LP’s option to execute sale and leaseback transactions under the omnibus agreement or otherwise.

(2) At time of SUSP IPO. Excludes any subsequent sites added or closed.

key investment highlights susp
Key Investment Highlights – SUSP


Visible Growth

  • Embedded growth with Parent
    • 75 Stripes®store dropdown option (30 completed since IPO, incl. 22 in 2013)
    • 25-30 currently expected in 2013
    • History of strong growth in Stripes gallons (13.3% CAGR in last 5 years)
  • More than 190 net new third-party locations after 2007
  • Numerous acquisition opportunities in highly fragmented and attractive markets
    • Ability to pursue opportunities jointly
  • Significant financial capacity for growth at both MLP and Parent
  • Long-term, fee-based contracts
    • 10-year fixed fee contract with the Parent
    • 5-year average remaining term contracts with diversified 3rd parties
  • De minimis direct commodity risk
  • Very limited working capital needs
  • Strong and resilient industry fundamentals
  • Traditional MLP structure with conservative coverage

Our Strong, Long-Term Fuel Supplier Relationships

Key Brands


  • Valuable supply contracts with major oil companies and refiners
    • More than 20 branded and unbranded suppliers
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers provides attractive terms and ability to grow
  • Among the largest U.S. branded distributors of Valero and Chevron motor fuel

2012 Volumes by Supplier

retail fuel margin
Retail Fuel Margin

(cents per gallon)

Key Drivers

  • Leverage scale/procurement
  • Building facilities designed for volume
  • Shift in product mix – higher margin in diesel
  • Consistent execution
  • Availability of information

21.8 Rpt


18.9 Rpt

Note: Effective 9/25/12, retail fuel margin reduced by ~3 CPG for profit mark-up charged by SUSP. The Pro Forma

margins shown above reflect the add back of the 3 cent margin that is now reported in wholesale gross profit.

retail quarterly volatility consistent on ltm basis wholesale margins even more stable
Retail Quarterly Volatility Consistent on LTM Basis, Wholesale Margins Even More Stable

Quarterly Fuel Margin – Cents per Gallon (1)

5 year:



Low = 11.1¢ 11.1¢

High = 32.4¢ 32.4¢

Avg = 19.3¢ 19.8¢

LTM = 18.9¢ 21.3¢

5 year:

Low = 3.5¢

High = 7.3¢

Avg = 5.6¢

LTM = 6.3¢

  • Reflects historic fuel margins by segment, as reported, prior to SUSP IPO. Effective 9/25/12, retail fuel margin reduced by ~3 CPG for profit mark-up charged by SUSP. Retail pro forma includes the add back of the 3 cent profit margin now reported in wholesale gross profit.

Fuel Margin History

* Includes full years only

Note: We report Retail fuel margins before credit card expenses, which are included in other operating expense. Our Wholesale segment absorbs certain credit card expenses, which are included in the reported fuel margin.

Effective September 25, 2012, the retail fuel margin reflects a reduction of approximately three cents per gallon as SUSP began charging a gross profit mark-up on gallons sold to our retail segment. Prior to this date, no gross profit mark-up was charged by the wholesale segment to the retail segment.


Fuel Margin History

* Includes full years only

Note: We report Retail fuel margins before credit card expenses, which are included in other operating expense. Our Wholesale segment absorbs certain credit card expenses, which are included in the reported fuel margin.

The wholesale margin from third parties excludes gross profit from the retail segment.

Wholesale margin to Stripes reflects mark-up of approx 3 CPG from Sept 25, 2012. Prior to this date, no profit margin was recognized in the Wholesale segment on sales to Stripes stores.

real estate summary as of june 30 2013
Real Estate SummaryAs of June 30, 2013


Reflects: dropdown of Stripes stores to SUSP since IPO through 6/30/13; 2 additional to date in Q3 2013


Includes the following at SUSP:

Contributed to SUSP at IPO:

41 fee and 12 leased sites

Additional Acquisitions since IPO- 3rd Party:



Total eliminates leased sites included in Retail segment that are owned by Wholesale segment


Tracking the Texas Economy

Key Economic Indicators

Yearly Totals

Note: The cigarette packages taxed number was previously based on cigarette tax collections. The cigarette packages taxed number is now based on the number of cigarette tax stamps sold. All historical cigarette package taxed numbers have been revised to reflect this new method.Crude oil and natural gas figures are net taxable values. Gasoline gallons include gasohol. Auto sale values are calculated from motor vehicle taxes collected on new and used vehicle sales. All figures are not seasonally adjusted, except for industrial production, leading indicators and employment/unemployment. Figures are based on the most recent available data. Annual figures are for calendar years. Annual numbers for active oil and gas drilling rigs are the median for that calendar year.


Sources: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Motor Fuel, Auto Sales, Cigarettes) Baker-Hughes Incorporated (Active Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs) The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University (Median Sale Price, Existing Single-family Home Sales)


Tracking the Texas Economy

Key Economic Indicators

Monthly Totals


Sources: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Motor Fuel, Auto Sales, Cigarettes) Baker-Hughes Incorporated (Active Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs) The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University (Median Sale Price, Existing Single-family Home Sales)

population growth forecast 2010 2030
Population Growth Forecast: 2010–2030

From 2010 to 2030, the Texas population is expected grow by ~32% vs. ~21% for the total U.S. population


Source: U.S. Census Bureau and Texas A&M Real Estate Center.

texas employment by industry june 2012 june 2013
Texas Employment by Industry (June 2012– June 2013)

Oil & Gas Included

Oil & Gas Included

Source: Texas A&M Real Estate Center


Recent Texas Headlines

Quintana Corpus Christ Infrastructure, LLC developing mid-stream 50,000 barrel-per-day processing plant operating in 2016. – Caller Times 8/16/13

Occidental Petroleum Corp. plans to build propane export facility in Ingleside…..Project expected to approach $1 billion and bring dozens of jobs to San Patricio County – Corpus Christi Caller Times 7/25/13

Houston area employers created 118,200 new jobs between Jan 2012 and Jan 2013…..a 4.5% year-over-year increase

– Houston Chronicle 3/11/13

Tenaris announced on February 15, 2013 that it will build its first US seamless pipe mill in Bay City, Matagorda County, Texas… estimates investment of $1.5 million (USD).– Tenaris

Area to see $28bn bonanza…investing est $28bn in Eagle Ford in 2013, 27% of industry’s 2013 capital investment in lower 48 states will go to the Eagle Ford – San Antonio Express News 12/9/12

Houston is expected to add the most households of any U.S. metropolitan area over the next five years.

– Houston Business Journal 11/27/12

Cheniere has applied for permits to build an LNG plant on 660 acres in San Patricio County…worth in excess of $10 billion – Corpus Christi Caller Times

Pangea LNG (Daewoo and Statoil) is seeking federal approval for an LNG export facility….estimate a $5bn investment

– Corpus Christi Caller Times 11/30/12

Flint Hills announces $250 million plant expansion – KIII, Corpus Christi

Texas coast wins largest single manufacturing investment by a Chinese company in the U.S….a skilled work force and strategic location helped a Texas coastal city win a $1 billion pipe manufacturing facility – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Best mid-sized cities for jobs….No. 2: Corpus Christi, TX – Forbes

China takes big role in Texas plant …$2.5bn power plant and chemical plant in Odessa – WSJ 9/13/12

Home sales are strong in the Woodlands, where Exxon Mobil is constructing a new corporate campus where 10,000 people will work – Culture Map: Houston

Exxon Mobil moves to expand chemical plant….the company joins other petrochemical producers, including Dow Chemical Co. and Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., that have announced natural gas-fueled expansion plans in the Houston area in recent months – Houston Chronicle

partial list of sources for economic data
Partial List of Sources for Economic Data
Susser Holdings Corporation Reconciliation of Net Income to EBITDA, Adjusted EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDAR
susser holdings corporation reconciliation of adjusted ebitdar to fuel neutral adjusted ebitdar
Susser Holdings Corporation Reconciliation of Adjusted EBITDAR toFuel Neutral Adjusted EBITDAR
Susser Petroleum Partners Reconciliation of Net Income to EBITDA, Adjusted EBITDA and Distributable Cash Flow