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Nortel Communication Server 1000 R6.0

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Nortel Communication Server 1000 R6.0 . Asko Hotakainen Senior Sales Engineer. Nortel Communication Servers A Vision and Path To The Future. Consolidate and Simplify Deliver Nortel Business Grade Telephony Extend Communication Applications and Business Process Integration

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Presentation Transcript
nortel communication server 1000 r6 0

Nortel Communication Server 1000 R6.0

Asko Hotakainen

Senior Sales Engineer

nortel communication servers a vision and path to the future
Nortel Communication ServersA Vision and Path To The Future
  • Consolidate and Simplify
  • Deliver Nortel Business Grade Telephony
  • Extend Communication Applications and Business Process Integration
    • Mobility services
    • Collaboration (Audio, Video, Data)
    • Engaged Applications & SOA
    • Partnerships & Integration – e.g. Microsoft, IBM, HP
  • Open SIP Eco System
  • Hardware flexibility & portability, COTS where applicable
  • Scalability up & down
  • Customer Focus

IP Telephony with a View to the Future

cs1000 meridian 1 software
CS1000/Meridian 1 Software
  • Over 750 features/applications available
    • 25 plus years of telephony software research and development
    • Over 1.2 billion invested in R &D on software alone
  • Software designed to meet all business needs addressing:
    • Personal, workgroup and business productivity
    • Security and administration
    • Customer responsiveness
  • Solutions for every vertical market

Proven… Reliable… Feature-Rich!

software service levels licensing
Software Service Levels/Licensing
  • All features are made available through two Service levels
      • Enhanced Service Level typically applies for stand-alone systems
      • Premium Service Level includes all the features of Enhanced and adds Networking software for multi-system connectivity
  • Client Licenses – purchased individually
    • Required for each TDM port (analogue, digital, CLASS), etc
    • Required for each IP, MoBX, SIPN/SIP3 etc. port
    • Map to desired Service Level, and priced accordingly
  • System Licenses – purchased individually
    • Required for Music, Recorded Announcements, ACD agent, etc
  • Optional Features
    • Includes features such as Internal LIS, Global Plug-Ins, etc
  • All licenses controlled by Incremental Software Management module of core software.
    • Often referred to as “ISM”
  • License charges are a “Right To Use” (RTU) one time fee.
cs1000 6 0 content value map summary


  • SIP line evolution: BGT including Hospitality features with Nortel and 3rd party SIP clients
  • CPPM Co-resident Call Server & Signaling Server
  • Signaling Server Apps Migration to “Open” Linux
  • New COTS – IBM x3350 and Dell R300: higher performance,/capacity and redundancy
  • Unicode Name Directory
  • Web services API leveraging UCM framework
  • IP call recording for OCS
  • Multi-DN recording and Record on Demand*
  • OCSWave13 support*
  • Secure
  • UCM primary security domain
  • Integrated signaling security for Unistim IP Clients (D/TLS ready)
  • Port access restrictions
  • Secure File Transfer (sFTP)
  • OA&M security audit logging
  • Base Linux OS hardening
  • TLS and sRTP
  • Simple
  • UCM Common Services
  • Linux-based centralized software deployment (SS applications and Linux-based patching)
  • Element manager phone provisioning
  • Centralized Dial Plan (E.164 support)
  • Serviceability - new Diagnostics Tools
  • Patch management enhancements
  • Telephony Manager 4.0
  • Subscriber Manager 2.0*
  • Proactive Network Manager 2.0 ready
  • Business Continuity
  • MG1010*
  • Vacant Number Routing and MCDN Alternate Routing for IP: improved call treatment
  • CLID privacy indication handling with network wide support
  • NRS capacity improvements
  • UNIStim IP Client improvements for Unicode name display
CS1000 6.0 Content Value Map Summary

* Indicates parallel program to 6.0

cs1000 r6 content


CS1000 R6 Content
  • SIP line integration
  • CP PM co-resident Call Server & Signaling Server
  • Signaling Server Migration to Linux
  • New COTS hardware
  • Unicode Name Directory
  • Web services API
  • IP call recording enhancements

Adapting to Customer Environments

sip history


SIP History
  • Release 4.x delivered:
    • Support for a SIP client on CS1000
    • SIP trunks for private networking
    • Integration with Microsoft LCS.
  • Release 5.x delivered:
    • SIP Proxy Server as part of the Network Routing Service (NRS)
    • Universal Extension (Uext) support for SIP endpoints
    • Support for SIP Mobility (MCC 3100)
    • SIP Trunking to Carriers
    • SIP Standards and message management enhancements
    • Converged Office integration with Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS).
    • SIP Line (R5.5) using UEXT types SIPN, SIP3. Up to 9000 SIP clients per system

Continued Evolution of SIP Services

Meeting Customer Requirement for Evolution to SIP

r6 sip line services


R6 - SIP Line Services
  • New Enhanced Service and System Components
    • SIP Management
    • SIP Line Gateway
    • SIPL Uext License
  • Support of Nortel & 3rd party SIP Clients
  • Customer Value
  • Extends business grade telephony features for Nortel and 3rd party SIP sets
  • Extends CS1000 high availability feature to Nortel and 3rd party SIP end points
  • Enables larger SIP deployments and reduces cost of hardware
  • Provides more choice in types of sets deployed
  • Future proof solution with more open SIP based sets
  • SIP Set Access to:
  • Business grade telephony features
  • Hospitality features
  • Ideal for analog replacement

Meeting Customer Requirement for Evolution to SIP

sip line business grade telephony
Telephony on SIP Endpoints

Focused list of telephony features – suite grows overtime

Hospitality features via Flexible Feature Codes (FFCs)

Access to Conferencing, tones, announcements, etc

Managed within CS1000 EM Phone provisioning

Dial Plan and COS integration

Full dial plan interworking within CS1K – just another line type

Zone-based dialing, CDP/UDP/E.164/etc


CS1000 Bandwidth management


SIP Endpoints ‘Fit’ within CS1000 implementation

Can track movement of SIP endpoints

Network ‘fit’

Redundancy – Basic 1+1

Redundancy – Branch Office/Geo-Redundancy (BO/GR)(S1/S2 dependent)

Supported CODECs align with CS1000


SIP Line – Business Grade Telephony

Building the Base for Evolution of Robust Solution

sip line user features


Call Forwarding - All Calls

Message Waiting Indication (MWI)

Extension Mobility – ability to use ‘un-assigned’ phones

Call Forwarding – Busy

Missed Call Indication

Call Forwarding - Don’t Answer

Multiple Line Appearances

Call Forwarding - Follow-Me (Internal & External) (Call Forward by Call Type)

Attendant to SIP User

Speed Dialing

Music on Hold

Account Code Capabilities and Forced Authentication Code

Calling Name Delivery


Calling Number Delivery

Do not Disturb/Make Set Busy

Call Hold

Call Back on Busy (Ring Again on Busy)

Barge-in and Privacy

Call Park/Retrieve

Call Pickup (Group)/Retrieve

Call back on Free (Ring Again No answer)

Immediate Divert -- Blind Transfer

Call Transfer

Standard Boss-Secretary Features

Call Waiting

Call Priority and Pre-emption - TBV

Shared Extensions on Multiple Phones -- MADN


Last Internal/External Number Redials

Conference 3/6

Distinctive Ringing

NOTE:Call Server-based Features;Orange is Client-based Features; andRed Requires a Flex Feature Code (FFC)

SIP Line - ‘User’ Features

Combination of System and FFCs

sip line supported clients


SIP Line - Supported Clients
  • Nortel SIP Clients
    • SIP Hard Clients
      • 1120E, 1140E with SIP Firmware R2.x
      • New LG/Nortel Model 3820 coming
      • Nortel 1535 SIP Video Phone
      • Note: LG/Nortel 68xx Series are not supported
    • Nortel IP Softphone 3456
      • PC Version
  • 3rd party SIP Clients
    • SIP Hard Clients
      • Teledex SIP hotel phones (ND2200, LD4200, NDC2200 (DECT Cordless))
      • ipDialog SIP phones (SIPTone V)
    • SIP Soft Clients
      • 3rd Party—TBD
    • Other Certified Clients Coming!

Breadth of Clients

signaling server migration to linux


Signaling Server Migration to Linux
  • Migration of all signaling server applications to Linux
  • Customer Value
    • Reduces time, cost, and complexity to deploy, manage and maintain
    • COTS provides scalable solution for small, medium, and large enterprises
    • Linux commonality simplifies IT skill sets



Complete Solution to Fit All Customer Needs

what is co res

System Management

Applications (Linux)

Signaling Server



Call Server



Platform: CPPM with 40GB Hard Drive, 2GB memory.

Keycode & Dongle: new system type 4121.

CPPM Card with 40GB Hard Disk & 2GB Memory

Linux RHEL5.1 Base OS

What is Co-Res?

CS, SS & SMS Co-Residing Together on a Single CPPM

supported co res configurations
Supported Co-Res Configurations
  • Small Peer Node (CS1000E)
  • Option 11C Evolution (CS1000E TDM)
  • Main Office / Branch office (MG1000B)
  • GR N-Way - & SMG (MG1000E)

Co-Res can support up to 1000IP +500 TDM users

(720 users for TDM only configuration.

VxWorks CS still supported for large customers or those required HA (redundant CS)

CS1000 solutions can be a mixture of Co-Res and non-Co-Res building blocks. (With Co-Res can still separate Applications as required)

Co-Res is only supported on CPPM in 6.0.

web services api


Web Services API
  • Remote management and configuration of Call Server, NRS, and key Signaling Server data
    • Java based
    • Supports SOAP and HTTP interfaces
    • Secured via ECM
    • SSL encryption
  • Customer Value
  • Enables 3rd parties to interface into CS1000 management to augment application delivery
  • Reduce time and complexity of writing and maintaining applications
  • Open access to data previously not accessible
  • Provides single point of secure data access
cs1000 web service in release 6 0

Input Command:

String command =

"<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>" +

"<LDOVL>“ +

"<LD>21</LD>“ +

“<REQ>ltm</REQ>" +




command, "admin1" ) );


From traditional overlays, ease of integration into XML interpretation tools.

CS1000 Web Service in Release 6.0
ip call recording enhancements


IP Call Recording Enhancements
  • Record on demand and from any line including expansion module
  • Record with OCS Converged Office
  • Record and perform other functions on same DN simultaneously
  • Multi-DN recording
  • Customer Value
    • Record from anywhere
    • Archiving of voice conversations
    • Addresses regulatory requirements
cs1000 r6 content1


CS1000 R6 Content
  • UCM Security Framework Enhancements
  • UNIStim Signaling Security
  • Access Restrictions
  • Secure Transport Enhancements
  • OA&M Security Audit Logging
  • Linux OS Hardening
  • SRTP and TLS Enhancements

Ensuring business integrity

ucm security framework enhancements


UCM Security Framework Enhancements
  • Centralized authentication for all access
  • Automatic population of UCM Element Table
  • Improved permissions granularity
  • Combining roles/permissions uses “most privileged” policy
  • Customer Value
    • Strengthens and simplifies management security
oa m security audit logging


OA&M Security Audit Logging
  • Centralized logging infrastructure  UCM
  • Recording and archiving of all system administrator operational tasks and all security events
  • Secure log forwarding mechanism and access control infrastructure
  • Common logging format and structure
  • Log content parsing utilities
  • Customer Value
    • Simplifies management through consolidation of OAM Admin and Security Logs
    • Improves 3rd party interworking
    • Enables compliance with regulatory requirements
access restrictions


Access Restrictions
  • Port-based access restrictions for VxWorks built into CS1000 to deny various attacks
    • Only recognized IP addresses gain access - prevents attacks from unaccepted source addresses
  • Linux Port Filtering (MFC) provides same function for Linux based appliances
  • Customer Value
    • Prevents access to unwanted, insecure protocols including from restricted entities
    • Provides integrated protection from Denial of Service attacks
    • Eliminates the need to install and maintain a separate entity to provide server protection
cs1000 r6 content2
CS1000 R6 Content

Flexible Zone-based Dialing

Serviceability enhancements

Linux-based centralized software deployment and patching

More Comprehensive and Intuitive Management Control with Unified Common Manager

Patch management enhancements (VxWorks)

Telephony Manager 4.0

Element manager phone provisioning

Subscriber Manager 2.0


Facilitating Deployment, Maintenance, Service, and Management

zone based dialing

















Zone-Based Dialing
  • Dial plan, numbering plan, and routing enhancements for migration to a centralized deployment model
  • CS1000 for larger configurations increasing demand for this model
  • Customer Value
    • Facilitates migrating multiple small systems to a centralized model by enabling users to continue to use their existing dial plans
    • Lowers total cost of ownership through system consolidation
    • Centralized deployment model simplifies maintenance, upgrades, and feature additions
cs1000e enables customers to migrate to resilient architecture and maximize current investment



Current Architecture

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail

CC/Voice Mail



















Contact Center

Contact Center




UC (OCS/Email)





CS1000E Enables Customers to Migrate to Resilient Architecture and Maximize Current Investment
telephony manager 4 0


Navigate Systems

Print Graphs and Reports

Traffic, Directories



Monitor Faults &

Perform Maintenance

Moves, Adds,

& Changes

Telecom Billing

Telephony Manager 4.0
  • Function concurrency to support new capabilities of CS1000 R6
  • Web report scheduling
  • Unicode User ID support

Customer Value

  • Simplified reporting
  • Reduced synchronization errors
element manager phone provisioning


Element Manager—Phone Provisioning
  • Enables phone provisioning from Element Manager and interface to Subscriber Manager
  • Provides ability to span TNs beyond a single card
  • New graphical interface
  • Supports employee references in import/export of phones and templates
  • Customer Value
    • Simplifies phone provisioning lowering TCO
element manager enhancements graphical interface for phone programming
Element Manager EnhancementsGraphical Interface for Phone Programming
  • Provides the ability for the user to program phone keys using a graphical image of the phone.
  • Clicking the key on the graphical image will take the user to the corresponding key in the keys section of the Phone Details page.
cs1000 release 6 0 content



CS1000 Release 6.0 Content
  • Call Routing Enhancements
  • CLID Enhancements
  • NRS Enhancements

Assuring High Availability across the Enterprise

call routing enhancements



Call Routing Enhancements
  • Enhancements to Vacant Number Routing (VNR) and MCDN Alternate Routing (MALT)
  • Improves alternate routing for system to take action on more types of failed call attempts
  • Customer Value
  • Augments successful call routing for failed route scenarios
  • Improves end user satisfaction
  • Simplifies dial plans
call routing enhancements1
Call Routing Enhancements
  • Provide proper call clearing treatment for ‘vacant number’ calls over IP domain.
  • Combine both the VNR and MALT function for calls routed over IP:
    • To allow the customer to route the call better to proper destination.
    • To give better intercept treatment (RAN, MUSIC etc).
  • Provide flexibility for the user to configure predefined MCDN cause values to perform MALT, for calls to IP.


call routing enhancements malt mcdn alternate routing
Call Routing Enhancements MALT – MCDN ALTernate Routing
  • Meridian Customer Defined Networking ALTernate routing provides ability to use an alternate route (second, third...)
  • AKA by the feature name “Step Back On Congestion” (SBOC), the prompt used in overlay 86
  • Base MALT feature uses “one of six” fixed cause codes (non-provisionable)
    • 3 - No route to destination
    • 27 - Destination is out of service
    • 34 - No circuit or channel available
    • 38 - Network out of service
    • 41 - Temporary failure
    • 42 - Switching equipment congestion


call routing enhancements new malt causes
Call Routing Enhancements New MALT Causes
  • Additional causes to configure in Element Manager for MALT:
    • 01 – unassigned number(28 – invalid number format – is treated the same as cause code 1)
    • 20 – subscriber absent
    • 47 – Resources unavailable
    • 51 - Call rejected; blocked by MBG
    • 52 - Outgoing call barred
    • 53 - Outgoing call barred in closed user group
    • 54 - Incoming call barred
    • 55 - Incoming call barred in closed user group
    • 63 – service or option not available
  • Groups: “all Nortel” and “third party”


nrs enhancements






NRS Enhancements
  • Proxy Server co-resident with NRS redirect function
    • Endpoints configured to use one or the other
    • Linux OS (VxWorks support discontinued)
  • Improved performance and capacity
  • Same cost routing with load balancing
  • Customer Value
    • Single platform for SPS and NRS
    • Improved reliability for call routing
nrs enhancements 1 of 2
NRS Enhancements (1 of 2)
  • MySQL database migration
    • Performance and capacity improvement over SOLID DB
    • Open source
    • Applications impacted/interaction
      • NRS/NRSM
      • PD
      • EM-BCC/Subscriber Manager
  • Redirect server support on Linux
    • The redirect server functionality used to be supported on the VxWorks platform
    • Linux SPS supports redirection through the use of its network feature processor on a per call basis in previous releases
nrs enhancements 2 of 2
NRS Enhancements (2 of 2)
  • Same cost routing with SPS and GK
    • Ability to configure the same route on multiple GWs
    • Maximum 8 endpoints with the same cost are allowed (subject to the validation scope)
    • Allows load sharing across gateways
    • Increase the SIP/H.323 call capacity using multiple GWs
    • The DB query returns multiple GW targets and then is randomly selected so that calls are load balanced
    • Not supported for NCS functionality
communication server 1000 beyond r6 0
Communication Server 1000Beyond R6.0
  • Continued migration to Linux and COTS hardware
    • Lower cost, scalable solution based on open standards
  • Continued SIP Line evolution
    • Increased Business Grade Telephony support
    • Support for SIP DECT, MC3100 and OC Client
    • SIP clients as ACD agents
    • SRTP support on IP Phone 11xx
  • Improved scalability
    • Increasing capacities for a single system
communication server 1000 beyond r6 01
Communication Server 1000Beyond R6.0
  • IPv6 Support
    • Evolution to meet customer demand
  • SNMP v3
    • Enables encryption of SNMP traffic to meet customer security requirements
  • Support for integrated regional dialing plans
    • Enables use of different dialing plans within one enterprise
enterprise telephony roadmap
Enterprise Telephony Roadmap
  • Media Gateway 1010
    • Solution for high density and redundancy
    • Optional Dual Power Supply
    • Singular building block that will scale from small to large systems
  • MGXPEC card (POI)
    • Enables migration of large TDM systems to CS1000E
mg1010 media gateway chassis
MG1010 Media Gateway Chassis
  • Provides Cost Reduction over existing form factors
    • Replaces MG1000 + Expander chassis combination
    • Replaces CS1000M/Option 61c/Option 81c IPE modules when migrating to CS1000E
  • An Effective gateway chassis for IP, hybrid and TDM solutions.
    • High density, compact form factor (10 IPE slots; plus 2 CP slots)
    • 19” Rack Mountable 9U Chassis
    • Uses standard MGC and one each 96 and 32 port DSP daughter boards
    • Supports TDMI cards in all slots (subject to DSP limitations)
  • Flexible to meet all customer requirements from small to large
    • Single building block chassis for all systemsizes
    • Available redundant / load sharing, hot-swappable power supplies
    • Redundant, field replaceable Blowers /Fans
  • Functionally equivalent to current system offerings
    • No dependencies on planned software programs
    • System capacities are determined by CPPM/MGC & software
cs1000 release 6 0 portfolio summary
CS1000 Release 6.0 Portfolio Summary
  • Consolidation of the product portfolio at Rls 6.0
    • CS1000E SA
      • New Option - CS1000E Co-Res
      • New Option - CS1000E TDM
    • CS1000E HA
    • SMG 1000E
    • MG 1000B
    • CS1000M SG/MG
    • Option 61C/81C
    • Option 11C not supported on Release 6.0