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Nortel in Education

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Nortel in Education Sandra Thomson June 7, 2009 Business Challenges Agenda Nortel Education Solutions Why Nortel? K-12 Challenges “What do I need to do to build a 21 st century school district with limited budget and resources?” “What grants can I use to fund to my spending?”

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Nortel in Education

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nortel in education

Nortel in Education

Sandra Thomson

June 7, 2009


Business Challenges


Nortel Education Solutions

Why Nortel?


K-12 Challenges

  • “What do I need to do to build a 21st century school district with limited budget and resources?”
  • “What grants can I use to fund to my spending?”
  • “How can I lower my costs?”
  • “How can I keep my schools safe?”

Building 21st Century School Systems Within The Budget


Higher Education Challenges

  • “How do I attract new students and continue to innovate with new learning capabilities ?”
  • “What grants can I use to fund my spending?”
  • “How can I lower my costs and still continue to innovate?”
  • “How can I keep my campus and resources safe?

Top-Ten IT Issues, 2008

1. Security

2. Administrative/ERP Information Systems

3. Funding IT

4. Infrastructure

5. Identity/Access Management

6. Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

7. Governance, Organization, and Leadership

8. Change Management

9. E-Learning / Distributed Teaching and Learning

10. Staffing / HR Management / Training

*Educause 2008 Current Issues

IT Projects Must Support the Institution’s Mission

what change would you make to the education system
What Change Would You Make To The Education System?

"To give our children the chance to live out their dreams in a world that's never been more competitive, we will equip tens of thousands of schools, community colleges, and public universities with 21st century classrooms, labs, and libraries,"-- President Obama, January 15, 2009

Mark A. Evans

Superintendent, Andover

Public Schools

Paul Caputo

ninth-grade student, North Schuylkill Junior Senior H. S.

I would make schools more focused on

21st-century learning skills with engaging,

technology-rich and high-quality learning

environments. Education would be less focused on lower-level learning, but would use more project- and performance-based learning to measure student growth.

I would use tools such as distance

learning to teach students more relevant

material. Kids will be drawn into a course

by knowing they will use what they learn.

Then you can keep their attention by using

technology to talk to professionals around

the world.

* Converge Magazine Winter February 2009

how do college students learn stanford u experiments with open office hours on facebook
How Do College Students Learn?Stanford U. Experiments With Open Office Hours on Facebook
  • With technology
  • With each other
  • Online
  • In their time
  • In their place
  • Doing things that matter

Source: Achievement and the 21st Century Learner

Generation Y believes they can learn outside of the classroom,

when interacting with their peers.

transform the learning experience
Transform The Learning Experience







At Home

At School





Segmented Group

Modernizing Your Network Infrastructure Is Your First Step

new funds available u s makes historic investment arra
New Funds AvailableU.S. Makes Historic Investment - ARRA
  • One-time investment of $100B
    • $44B made available in April, $49B available later in 2009
  • Technology funding coming from:
    • State Fiscal Stabilization funds for modernization - $53.6B
    • Title 1 ESEA - $13B
    • Enhancing Education Through Technology -$650M
    • DLT & Broadband Initiatives
      • USDA Rural Utilities Service: $2.5B, Commerce/NTIA: $4.7B
  • Save or create thousands of teacher jobs that are at risk

Make short-term investments with the potential

for long-term benefits and create and save jobs!


Nortel’s Vision for Education

  • Help you deliver workforce education and training for the 21st century through the use of technology, services & community initiatives to:
  • Lower total cost of ownership to save teacher jobs and fund IT
  • Enable Students to Learn From Any Place At Any Time
  • Attract and Retain Top Quality Students and Faculty
  • Empower Faculty and Staff to be more effective
  • Increase School/Campus safety
nortel energy tco solution frees cash to fund it
Nortel Energy / TCO Solution Frees Cash To Fund IT

Step 1

Average annual salary US $41,861*

Add benefits x 2 = US $83,732

In-Year - Nortel lowers electric bill, frees cash, save a job

or fund IT project or E-learning

*Source: March 2009

*Source: Economic Policy Institute CEO Earnings Report June 21st 2006

nortel s community initiative to help teachers
Nortel’s Community Initiative To Help Teachers

Nortel LearniT is a corporate strategy designed to support all learners to develop and use 21st century communication skills through innovative, peer-oriented, project based activities.

Check out

game plan for success
Game Plan for Success

Managed Services

  • Modernize your network infrastructure to save jobs, fund projects, secure your school and enable new applications.

District/Admin Office

  • Mobilize your school district and campus to enable students to learn from any place at any time and recruit students.

Home based/Off Campus

  • Add unified communications to improve faculty/staff productivity and open up collaboration between parents, teachers and students.


  • Use Nortel’s Managed Services to deploy new technologies quickly.

Communications Infrastructure

(network, communication servers, WLAN, security)


North Kansas City SchoolsCoSN 2009 TEAM Award Winner

  • Serves more than 17,500 students, recently recognized for its use of technology to transform K-12 teaching and learning by CoSN
  • Need to build a network infrastructure to connect students, teachers, parents, and administrators to digital resources and tools to optimize learning effectiveness and productivity
  • Deployed a modernized infrastructure with ERS and WLAN
  • Mobile data access across the school district, enabling students and teachers to access classroom assignments, electronic resources and discussion boards from anywhere in the district.
  • Teachers and administrators have the information they need to make the best possible instructional decisions at their fingertips.
  • Parents can access student grades, attendance and disciplinary information from home and staff can share best practices and solve problems collaboratively.

"North Kansas City Schools has partnered with Nortel for our network needs since 1995. Nortel has provided high quality dependable products and has coupled that with outstanding sales and engineering support." - Janet Herdman Exec Director, IT Services

madison county schools kentucky 21 st century network
Madison County Schools, Kentucky21st Century Network


  • Lack of IT Resources - Technicians needed to focus on “classroom success” applications rather than keeping the network up

Nortel Strategy & Offer:

  • Phased approach starting with core then moving out to edge using E-Rate, state and new building funds
  • Reliable & High Performance Converged Network including LAN, WAN, WLAN, Security, Management, VoIP and WoIP

Customer Impact:

  • Converged network freed up technicians to focus on classroom apps
  • Bandwidth capacity for distance learning, KET encyclomedia, email, online testing applications
  • 18 month payback for VoIP network
  • Classroom and policy management tools developed by Nortel to ensure student success and simplify management of network

Tarrant County College UC Enhances Real-Time Collaboration

  • Sixth largest college or university in Texas with nearly 40,000 students and five campuses
  • The goal is to provide new technologies that aid communications and expand the classroom learning environment
  • Selected Nortel and Microsoft Unified Communications to enhance communications to operate faster and lower operational expenses
  • Unified communications solution provides converged office capabilities using Nortel's Communication Server 1000 and Microsoft's Office Communications Server 2007 ** products.

"We already had both Microsoft and Nortel's technology, so it was a simple software upgrade and integration from Nortel Services which made the evolution seamless and efficient. We expect a return on investment through the improved efficiencies this solution provides in the areas of desktop conferencing, for example, which reduces travel time to meetings for district employees," - Ann Fuller, project manager for the TCCD initiative

University of the East, PhilippinesUpgraded Infrastructure Boosts Productivity, Enables New Applications
  • Students, faculty and personnel from all three campuses - Recto, Caloocan and UERM in Quezon City - are now connected via a single network using Nortel's 10Gbps bandwidth and ERS 8600 Ethernet routing solutions.
  • Students, faculty and personnel can access UE's centralized database enabling quicker, easier, and more efficient academic, financial and administrative transactions.
  • UE's 22 libraries are now connected to UE's central database and can now provide an updated pool of journals, books, and other learning materials.

“Nortel's new system will allow us to cater to the growing academic and technological needs of UE students and faculty by providing them with a medium they can use to instantly access the most up-to-date and content-rich multimedia resources. These upgrades enable UE and its students to keep up with technological innovation that provides UE students a competitive edge as they enter the real world." Casimiro Obillo, Jr., Senior Assistant Director, Management Information Systems Department, UE-MISD

workshops that you should checkout
Workshops That You Should Checkout
  • Delivering a Robust Infrastructure for VoIP & UC: Ethernet Switching Roadmap NDA01
  • Evolving Meridian 1 to CS 1000 Rls.6.0 - How and Why? VPC31
  • Unified Communications - What is Your Strategy? UNC11
  • Migrating from Norstar to BCM...What's in it For You? VPC02
  • Using Virtualization to Improve Network Efficiency across the Campus and Data Center DMO02
  • Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE) 101 - Delivering Communications-Enabled Applications and Business Processes UNC02
  • We Know Who You Are! Deploying Identity-Aware Networking TSO12
  • BEAM ME UP SCOTTY To Telepresence and Beyond! Immersive Video is Here! ICC38
  • GREEN IT Networks: How to Make an Immediate Impact on your Bottom Line and the Environment DMO04
  • Nortel Fixed Mobile Convergence Solutions TSO04
  • Evolving Meridian 1 to CS 1000 Rls.6.0 - How and Why? VPC05
  • CS 2100/SL-100 Fixed Mobile Convergence Strategy INS07
nortel is positioned to succeed
Nortel is Positioned To Succeed
  • Nortel continues to win in the education market
  • Global and local presence – More than 10,000 education customers worldwide have installed communications solutions from Nortel
  • Come to our booth and check out our demos for education and government

Nortel is committed to our education customers