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Objectives of Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Objectives of Project

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Objectives of Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benchmarking and Energy management Schemes in SMEs (BESS) EIE/04/246/S07.38678 January 2005 - April 2007 (28 months).

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Objectives of Project

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Benchmarking and Energy management Schemes in SMEs (BESS)EIE/04/246/S07.38678January 2005 - April 2007 (28 months)

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Objectives of Project

Development of an interactive tool promoting a systematic and persistent approach to energy management and for the wide spread application of benchmarking and energy management in order to improve energy efficiency in industrial Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) with particular focus on the food & drink industries.

BESS EIE/04/246/S07.38678


Work Packages (WP)

Development of interactive tools for SMEs:

  • Definition of main challenges and best practices (WP 1)
  • Energy management implementation & standards (WP 2)
  • Web based benchmarking & monitoring system (WP 3)
  • supported by an web based e-learning scheme (WP 4)

Pilot testing of the tools in 55-65 SMEs of the food & drink industries in 11 countries (WP 5)

EU wide promotion (WP 6 & 7)

BESS EIE/04/246/S07.38678


Expected Results

  • Reports on: best practices, on energy management, on compatibility of existing benchmarking, on e-learning systems and on tools for inclusion in e-learning scheme
  • Development of a pilot package: pilot version of web application for monitoring & benchmarking and for e-learning
  • Pilots: Memo on national pilot co-ordination groups, a report on 11 pilots and the adjustment of the web tools
  • Promotional materials: Handbook for SMEs, recommendations for policymakers, project website, contributions to national workshops, and progress reports

BESS EIE/04/246/S07.38678

co ordinator of bess
Co-ordinator of BESS

Co-ordinator SenterNovem (NL)Mr. Boudewijn Huenges Wajer, Tel.: +31 46 4202 304 e-mail:

Project website:

BESS EIE/04/246/S07.38678