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Introduced Surgical Instruments by angiplast

The Company has established a reputation as a quality supplier of products in the Medical Device field. The products of the Company enjoy a good market response in India as well as overseas. Nebulizer Mask - http://www.angiplast.com/product/anaesthesia/nebulizer-mask-adult-paediatric<br>

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Introduced Surgical Instruments by angiplast

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  1. IntroducedSurgical Instruments Infusion set for Infusion Pump Urine Leg Bag IV Cannula Venturi mask Enteral feeding set Infant Nasogastric feeding Tube Syringe Nebulizer Mask Ryles tube Umbilical Cord Clamp Stomach tube Disposable Medical Supplies Sterile Surgical Gloves Guedel airways

  2. Infusion Set For Infusion Pump • This infusion set are very much useful for pumping any liquid to our body.  • This tubing comes in different lengths to accommodate various needs for Infusion Set For Infusion Pump.

  3. IV Cannula / IV Catheter • IV Catheter also known as IV Cannula is a Bevel type needle which is used for very easier and less traumatic insert. • This tube of Catheter are very flexible and kink resistant and is double tapered with rounded tip for smooth introduction and minimum discomfort to the patient.

  4. Urine Leg Bag • Urinary Leg Bags that are manufactured by Angiplast are of quality materials which results in soft, comfortable and durable bags. • Urine Leg Bag protects your skin from pressure points by placing leg strap connectors .The general size and shape allow these bags to be used with straps and holders of your choice.

  5. Enteral Feeding Set And Feeding Bag • Enteral feeding set and Feeding Bag should be considered for malnourished patients, or in those at risk of malnutrition who have a functional gastrointestinal tract but are unable to maintain an adequate or safe oral intake. Although it is often a life-saving manoeuvre, the patient's quality of life may be adversely affected.

  6. Infant Nasogastric Feeding Tube • Made from implantation-tested PVC, non irritant to delicate mucous membranes. • Super smooth coned tip having two lateral eyes at distal end.Color coded female luer mount provided for safe feeding with syringe or funnel.

  7. Syringe • Very sharp and clear graduation marks for precise dosage accuracy. Perfect dimensional accuracy to ensure leak proof fit.Constriction to protect plunger from coming out of barrel. • Smooth gliding action to reduce pain while injecting medicaments. Every syringe is individually tested for tightness and leakage.Top grade needles used for bi-packed syringes i.e. syringes packed with needle.Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogenic free.

  8. Nebulizer Mask (Adult & Paediatric) • Nebulizer Mask ensures patients to receive the right amount of medicine. Our Nebulizer mask is designed to comfortably fit over the patient’s mouth. • Our mask kit contains Jet Nebulizer, oxygen mask with nose clip, elastic band and 200 cm long tubing .

  9. Ryles Tube • Thermo sensitive material softening with body temperatureConforming to the shape of nasal - gastric tract.Corrosion resistant --- Stainless steel balls are sealed at the distal end of tube for X-ray identification and for assisting the movement of tube during insertion. • Provided with full length radio - opaque line for checking the Ryles Tube placement.Provision of four lateral eyes for efficient aspiration.

  10. Umbilical Cord Clamp • The umbilical cord clamp is a medical devices used to hold the cord in place when the cut (surgery) is made, and the clamp may stay on for several days while the remaining cord attached to the baby dries.

  11. Stomach Tube • These tubes are used when it is important both to suck outstomach tube fluid for testing, to prevent over filling, and for feeding. This tube makes very easy for nurses to make sure that the stomach does not get over filled, and also to feed the patient

  12. Sterile Surgical Gloves • We have a very high quality, technically advanced surgical gloves for healthcare professionals. Our gloves set the standards in protection and comfort, and have a superior puncture indication system for enhanced safety. • Our Latex surgical gloves will help protect your hands against body fluids, help you clean up after patients and keep your work area sanitary.

  13. Iris Suture Scissors • This airway is suitable for maintaining unobstructed or pharyngeal airways during general anesthesia and for unconscious patients. • Our Guedel airways has smooth airway path for easy cleaning. It has bite block to prevent biting of tongue and airway occlusion.

  14. : Contact Us : Plot No 4803, Phase IVG.I.D.C., VatvaAhmedabad - 382 445(INDIA) 9662004148 sales@angiplast.com www.angiplast.com

  15. Presented By ANGIPLAST PVT. LTD. www.angiplast.com

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