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Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments. Balling Gun. Used to give pills to animals. Canine Stomach Tube. Feeding and inserting medication directly to the gut. Cast Cutter. Removing casts. Currette. Used to scrape tissue. Ear Notch Punch. Used to notch ears for identification. Elastrator.

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Surgical Instruments

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  1. Surgical Instruments

  2. Balling Gun • Used to give pills to animals

  3. Canine Stomach Tube • Feeding and inserting medication directly to the gut

  4. Cast Cutter • Removing casts

  5. Currette • Used to scrape tissue

  6. Ear Notch Punch • Used to notch ears for identification

  7. Elastrator • Castration device

  8. Emasuclator • Castration device

  9. Endotracheal Tube • Deliver gases or liquids to the airway

  10. Foot Rot Shears • Cleaning Hoof

  11. Hoof Nippers • Nippers are used to trim the outgrowth of hoof wall from the hoof.

  12. Hoof Knife • A hoof knife is for trimming away loose dried-out sole. Do not cut into live flesh or the sole will be sore and may bleed—not a good thing. The hoof knife is also used to trim off loose and ragged frog.

  13. IV Catheter • Inserting chemicals or fluids into the veins

  14. Knife Steel • Sharpening knives

  15. Mastitis Infusion Set • Treat mastitis (disease of milk producing animal’s mammary glands (breasts))

  16. Obstetrical (OB) Snare • Used to pull or reposition babies for easier birth

  17. OB Chains • Used to pull babies for easier booth

  18. OB Handles • Hooks onto OB chain in order to grip it and have an easier birth

  19. Opthalmoscope • Used to examine eyes

  20. Ostotome • Bone chisels

  21. Otoscope • Examine ear and eardrum

  22. Rectal Thermometer • Take temperature

  23. Resco Nail Trimmer • Trim nails

  24. Scapel Blades • Used to make incisions

  25. Scapel Handle • Used to hold the scapel blades

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