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Vocabulary List # 1

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Vocabulary List # 1
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Vocabulary List # 1

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  1. Vocabulary List # 1

  2. Accustom Every fall the students accustom themselves to the new schedule. Definition: to make familiar

  3. Accustomed We sat in our accustomed places. Definition: Usual

  4. Accustomed My eyes became accustomed to the dark. Definition: Used to.

  5. Accustom : To make Familiar • Accustomed : Usual • Accustomed : Used to.

  6. Alert A sign alerted the drivers to the flooded road ahead. Definition: To warn to be ready.

  7. Assign For this year’s basketball team, the coach assigned me to play as a forward. Definition: To select for a position or for what has to be done.

  8. Assignment What was the assignment for tomorrow’s history class? Definition: Whatever is given out as work to be done.

  9. Budge The old, metal trunk was so heavy we could not budge it. Definition: To move or shift.

  10. Burly Most football players are quite burly. Definition: Big and strongly built.

  11. Companion My grandmother was always an interesting companion when we went to the city for the day. Definition: One who spends time with or does things with another.

  12. Compatible The kids didn’t mind working together as a group because they were so compatible. Definition: Getting along well together.

  13. Companion: Someone who spends time with or does things with another. • Compatible: Getting along well with others.

  14. Concept I’m designing the stage set for the school play, I started with the concept of a Japanese tea house. Definition: A general idea or thought about something.

  15. Distract The police siren’s distracted me, so I didn’t hear what you said. Definition: To draw one’s thought or attention away from the subject at hand.

  16. Jostle I dropped my packages when someone in the crowd jostled me. Definition: To push or shove.

  17. Obedient When giving orders, a ship’s captain expects the crew to be obedient. Definition: Doing what is asked or told.

  18. Obedience We are trying to teach our Labrador retriever obedience. Definition: Doing what is being told.

  19. Obedient : Doing what is asked or told. Obedience: The state or condition of being told.

  20. Obstacle The obstacle holding up traffic was a tree blown over by last night’s storm. Definition: Something that prevents one from moving forward.

  21. Patient The audience was very patient even though the show started thirty minutes late. Definition: Willing to wait without complaining.

  22. Patient The patients in this part of the hospital are recovering from operations. Definition: A person in a doctor’s care.

  23. Patient: Willing to do without complaining. Patient: A person in a doctor’s care.

  24. Pedestrian Pedestrians should use the crosswalk to avoid accidents. Definition: A person who is walking or traveling on foot.

  25. Retire I was not feeling well, so I retired early. Definition: to go to bed.

  26. Retirement My Uncle Eli regularly saved money for his retirement. Definition: To stop working because one has reached a certain age.

  27. Retire: To go to bed Retirement: To stop working because one has reached a certain age.