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Working towards Customer Service Excellence Paul Hindley PowerPoint Presentation
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Working towards Customer Service Excellence Paul Hindley

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Working towards Customer Service Excellence Paul Hindley - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working towards Customer Service Excellence Paul Hindley. or terrible assessor. Assessorsaurus Rex. Or fluffy assessor. Assessorpinkus Fluff. Practical aspects of the assessment Segmentation Customer journey maps Corporate approach Pre-assessments Questions.

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Working towards Customer Service


Paul Hindley

customer service excellence
Practical aspects of the assessment


Customer journey maps

Corporate approach



Customer Service Excellence
the five drivers of customer satisfaction
Delivery - the service delivers the outcome it promised and manages to deal with any problems that may arise

2. Timeliness – the service responds immediately to the initial customer contact and deals with the issue at the heart of it quickly and without passing it on between staff

3. Professionalism – staff are competent and treat customers fairly

4. Information - the information given out to customers is accurate and comprehensive and they are kept informed about progress

5. Staff attitude - staff are friendly, polite and sympathetic to customers’ needs

(Source - Cabinet Office OPSR 2004)

The Five Drivers of Customer Satisfaction
customer service excellence standard
Structure of standard - 5 Criteria, 57 elements (see booklet)

Compliance terms:

Compliance plus (good/best practice)

Full compliance

Partial compliance

Major non compliance

Customer Service Excellence Standard
Scoring system – maximum 11 partials overall; in Criteria 1,2,3 & 5, max. 2 per Criterion; in Criterion 4, max 3 partials

Threshold raised to 80% compliance

Assessment outcomes


Remedial action

Segmentation is:

‘Subdividing a target audience into homogeneous and reachable groups based on shared needs and characteristics such as:

who they are (socio-demographics)

what they do (their behaviour)

how they think and feel (their attitudes and needs)’

examples of segmentation
Hard to reach groups - homeless, travelers

Based on needs - single parent families, unemployed, young/elderly

Based on attitudes – disaffected, ethnic minorities, those who don’t engage with any official bodies.

Examples of Segmentation
customer journey maps
a customer journey map is:

a way to describe the experiences of a customer during their interaction with a service or set of services;

and the emotional responses these provoke, from their first consideration of a related need, to receiving the service outcome.

Customer Journey Maps

Corporate Application Structure

???? Council

Sports &


Museums &




Community &



corporate programme step 1
All frontline and internal support services have to reach 80% compliance for an organisation to achieve corporate accreditation

Starting point is the ‘corporate evidence evaluation’

Corporate Programme – Step 1
corporate programme step 2
Individual Service Level assessments;

- Service level applicants review evaluated corporate evidence on pre-filled template

- Service level applications complete tool with service specific evidence

- Some areas of standard easier to demonstrate compliance locally

- Compliance reporting for whole organisation – identified trends in strengths/ weaknesses.

Corporate Programme – Step 2
benefits of pre assessment
Meeting between assessor and writing team :

Evidence gap analysis of entire application – documentary evidence only

Highlights strengths and weaknesses in evidence and practice – report provided

Applicant first time success rate is a very high proportion over 95% following pre-assessment (if applying for full assessment within 6 months)

Benefits of Pre-assessment