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UW Oshkosh Police Department

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UW Oshkosh Police Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UW Oshkosh Police Department. UW Oshkosh Police. Full time Armed 24 hour Service/365 days per year Patrol by Car – Foot – Bike Staffed by Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Officers (8) and Police Communications Officers (2). University Police Activities. Campus Safety Investigate Crimes

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uw oshkosh police
UW Oshkosh Police
  • Full time
  • Armed
  • 24 hour Service/365 days per year
  • Patrol by Car – Foot – Bike
  • Staffed by Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Officers (8) and Police Communications Officers (2)
university police activities
University Police Activities
  • Campus Safety
  • Investigate Crimes
  • Campus Emergencies
    • Crimes, Medical Emergencies, Fire Alarms
  • Information Services for Students, Staff and Guests
  • Security for Events
  • Traffic Safety
community service officers csos
Community Service Officers(CSOs)
  • 30+ CSOs work with the University Police
  • Residence Life and University Police are partnered to provide the CSO Program
  • CSOs Provide:
    • Safe Walks (127 provided in 2008 and 240 in 2009)
    • Hall Security (All Halls beginning in Fall 2009)
    • Patrol Functions
    • Select group are trained to dispatch
  • Hiring Possibilities
is campus safe
Is Campus Safe?
  • YES!
    • Well Lit
    • Low Crime
    • Emergency Phones
          • 77 Emergency and Elevator Phones
          • 40 Blue Light Phones
    • Patrolling Officers and CSOs
    • Titan Alert (www.uwosh.edu/titanalert)
    • Mass Communication System
safety is also a personal responsibility
Safety is Also a Personal Responsibility
  • Parties (Drinking, Drugs, Relations)
  • Lock your cars
  • Lock your Rooms
  • Be aware of where you are going and who you are going with.
  • Utilize the Safe Walk Program
  • Walk on campus as much as possible
  • Walk in groups
  • Wear bright clothing
  • Carry cell phone (charged)
off campus safety
  • Go to Oshkosh Police website and sign up for the Team Policing letter
    • www.oshkoshpd.com
    • UW Oshkosh campus is in Team 1 area.
sexual assault
Sexual Assault
  • Victim is Never to Blame!!
  • Efforts Can Be Made to Minimize Potential
  • Understanding the meaning of Consent
    • Yes means Yes
    • No means No
campus services
Campus Services
  • Counseling Center
  • Health Center
  • Victim Services
  • Victim Advocate
crimes on and around campus
Crimes On and Around Campus
  • Underage Alcohol – 420
  • All Drug Offenses – 78
  • OWI – 111
  • Theft – 75
  • Harassment – 14
  • Sexual Assault – 1 (just through Univ. Police)
  • Burglary – 2
  • Robbery - 1
social networking
Social Networking
  • Internet
  • Facebook
    • Safety
    • Career Issues
  • MySpace
  • Texting
  • Twitter
  • Etc.
bias incident reporting form
  • Go to the Student Affairs Website
    • http://www.uwosh.edu/stuaff
      • Located in the list to the left
      • Examples may include but are not limited to the use of degrading language or slurs, spoken or written directed at woman, men, gays, lesbian, racist, anti-semitic, etc.
if officers approach you on the street
  • Reasons
    • May be in the vicinity of where a crime was committed
    • Clothing may match that of the suspect
    • Someone may have called and complained
    • Your actions may look suspicious to the police
if confronted by the police

Avoid sudden movements (explain to officer if reaching for wallet or identification

Do not carry or joke about carrying a weapon

Do not touch the officer or violate “safety zone”

Remain calm and do not argue

Comply and then ask for explanation

if pulled over by police

Stay in the car and do not exit unless directed to by the officer

Relax and do not make sudden movements

Keep hands on the steering wheel

Officer will ID him or herself and explain reason for the stop

Officer will ask for Driver’s License

Reasons (traffic violations, equipment, registration, investigations)

If asked to step from the vehicle - comply

it appears the officer is sneaking up to the car and shining a light why
It appears the officer is sneaking up to the car and shining a light – Why?
  • Officers are trained to minimize their exposure to traffic and potential danger from within the vehicle. The bright light helps keep you and the officer safe.
why do other officers show up
Why do other officers show up?
  • It may be that one officer is training another officer.
  • Officer “back up” each other in order to maintain safety for each other in case the person stopped is a “criminal person”
why does the officer sit in the car for so long
Why does the officer sit in the car for so long?
  • Technology allows for the officer to “run” information of a license or registration plate. The length of time is often due to waiting for the computer to return the information.
if issued a citation
If issued a citation?
  • Do not argue with the officer
  • You have the right to contest a citation in front of a judge at a later time
  • This part does not require an attorney
difference between uw police oshkosh police winnebago county sheriff
Difference between UW Police, Oshkosh Police, Winnebago County Sheriff?
  • Only jurisdiction (Area of responsibility)
  • UW Oshkosh Police – responsible for all property owned by UW Oshkosh and that portion of any public roadway or highway passing through or immediately adjoining UW Oshkosh Property
driver s license info
  • Driving in Wisconsin with a foreign driver's license
  • Foreign students attending school in the U.S. who are at least 16 years old and their privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Wisconsin is not suspended, revoked, cancelled or disqualified, can drive with their home country's valid license for up to one year. After one year, they must meet the same licensing requirements as a Wisconsin resident.
  • In addition to having a valid foreign driver's license, visitors are advised to carry an International Driving Permit obtained in their home country, as authorized by the 1943/1949 or 1968 conventions, or attach an English translation to their national driving license. The International Driving Permit is translated into the nine official languages of the United Nations, including English, and serves as a translation to be used in conjunction with the visitor's valid driver's license. It can be useful in emergencies, such as traffic violations or auto accidents, particularly when a foreign language is involved.
  • Visitors from foreign countries must obtain their International Driving Permit in their native country prior to arrival in the U.S.
    • http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/foreign.htm
acceptable documents
  • Acceptable documents for proof of name and date of birth
  • When applying for an original (first) Wisconsin driver license or identification card, you must provide proof of your name, date of birth, legal presence, identity and residency in Wisconsin.
  • Documents presented as proof must be original. Photocopies are not acceptable. The following are the acceptable documents for proof of name and date of birth:
  • Documents with a photograph of a person will be accepted only when the person is readily recognizable from the photograph. The department will decline to accept any document presented if it has reason to suspect the authenticity of the document. Questionable documents may require additional review.
  • If you have questions:
  • E-mail: driverrecords.dmv@dot.wi.gov
  • Call: (608) 266-2353
  • http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/doc/proof-dob.htm
acceptable documents continued
  • Documents presented as proof must be original. Photocopies are not acceptable. The following are the acceptable documents for proof of name and date of birth:
    • Certified birth certificate from Wisconsin.
    • Certified birth certificate from another State or Territory of the United States, or a certificate of birth abroad issued by the U.S. Dept. of State (federal forms FS-545 or DS-1350). Canadian birth certificates are not accepted. In line with Puerto Rico's law, as of October 31, 2010, Wisconsin will not accept any Puerto Rican birth certificate certified before July 1, 2010. More information at www.pr.gov.
    • Current (non-expired) U.S. passport.
    • Valid foreign passport with federal I-551 or I-94, arrival and departure record.
    • Valid Wisconsin driver license/DOT issued ID card, with your photograph and signature.
    • Federal I-551 Alien Registration Receipt Card.
    • Federal I-94 Arrival-Departure Record (Parole or Refugees Version), a reception and placement program assurance form plus a letter from sponsoring agency and MV3002.
    • S. Certificate of Naturalization (N-550).
    • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (N-560).
    • Federal temporary resident card or employment authorization card (I-688, I-688B or I-766).
    • Native American Identification Card issued in Wisconsin by a federally recognized tribe.
    • Court order with court seal related to the adoption or divorce of the individual or to a name or gender change that includes the person's current full legal name, date of birth and the person's prior name. This does not include an abstract of criminal or civil conviction.
    • Armed Forces of the U.S. ID Card; Common Access Card or DD Form 2.
    • TSA Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card).
web links of interest
Web Links of Interest
  • University Police
      • http://www.uwosh.edu/departments/up/
    • Oshkosh Police Department
    • http://www.oshkoshpd.com
    • Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office
    • http://www.co.winnebago.wi.us/sheriff/
  • UW System Chapter 18
    • http://www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/code/uws/uws018.pdf
  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • http://www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/statutes.html
  • Our Goal at the police department is to provide a Safe and Secure environment so ALL students can succeed.
  • Do not hesitate to call on us throughout the year!

University Police

738 High Avenue



Chief Joe LeMire – lemirej@uwosh.edu

Lt. Chris Tarmann – tarmannc@uwosh.edu