why you need to use video marketing n.
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Why you Need to Use Video Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Why you Need to Use Video Marketing

Why you Need to Use Video Marketing

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Why you Need to Use Video Marketing

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  1. Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

  2. INDEX • What is Video Marketing? • 5 Reason To Use Video Marketing 1. Improve SEO 2. Good Return On Investment (ROI)  3. Users Engagement 4. Emotional Connection 5. Sharing of Video

  3. What is Video Marketing? • Video marketing is flooding on social media outlets and websites. • These days any business can get benefit from the production of a short or long video to introduce their services and products

  4. Videos marketing have been an important part of marketing strategies.

  5. As social media and mobile technology continues to advance, video marketing has played a necessary role in campaigns and practices. • Here are a few reasons why video marketing should be a part of B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing strategy.

  6. 5 Reason To Use Video Marketing

  7. 1. Improve SEO • A search engine will automatically increase the rank factor for videos because of the compelling content. • Creative content brings the opportunity for more keyword labels which include titles, tags and descriptions. • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

  8. Using the YouTube platform for SEO and analytical data can able to put the video content at a higher rank for both Google and Youtube.

  9. 2. Good Return On Investment (ROI) • Correctly measuring the return on investment is a key strategy in reaching business goals. • 73% of B2B organizations reported that positive results on their ROI after using video in the marketing campaigns.

  10. Before calculating video campaign ROI, you should have a strong plan including your business goals and objectives. • You can then measure the ROI with subscribers, video views or backlinks.

  11. 3. Users Engagement • In this type of video marketing, you can educate the audience in different ways. • 65 Percent of the audience are visual learners. People may prefer to absorb content via video rather than writing content. • B2B companies create a video of their service or product to engage for users and viewers

  12. 4. Emotional Connection • Video content can create a personal bond between the brand and the viewer. • Videos generate an opportunity to share creativity and form a good relationship with the audience.

  13. Research has shown that campaigns with emotional content performed about twice as well as campaigns with only rational content. • Even a product video review, a webinar or a testimonial having the video content surely grab the audience attention.

  14. 5. Sharing of Video • Video content is easy to share in any social platforms. • Not every content goes viral and gets more review, but those are more likely to connect with video content on an emotional level, increasing the chances that they might share the video on their social media channels or with a friend.

  15. Video Marketing is widely spread and more affordable to use. • Creating marketing videos for your business requires creativity. • These components make it possible to create real miracles of advertising at minimal cost.