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New Microsoft Azure tools focus on enterprise mobility and security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft announced new features and technologies to help developers as it focuses on a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Announcements were made for Microsoft Azure, Intune mobile device management, cross-platform developer tools support, and new cloud partners. Visit:\n

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New Microsoft Azure tools focus on enterprise

mobility and security

Targeted hacking attacks in 2015 ranked the highest it ever has. Here’s a

visualization from hackmageddon:

But if you want a visualization what these attacks look like and information about

them, here’s a snapshot from

So, it should come as no surprise that the cyber security industry is flourishing,

and Microsoft is going all in. To spearhead this, they’?e lau??hed their ?ery o??

Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, specialized in modern security practices build

mainly for cloud storage.

They, of course, will provide the classic threat detection and monitoring services,

but the real advantage for users will be found in these four benefits:

Access to hundreds of security professionals, data analysts, engineers,

developers, program managers, and operations specialists within Microsoft.

Azure Security works hand in hand with many third-party security providers

to build an analytics profile.

Microsoft has the single largest network of signals from which to learn from

to create the most over encompassing security profile.

Annual investments of over a billion dollars into R&D for cyber security.

The most innovative of these points is Mi?rosoft’s ?o??i?atio? of Azure security

tools and other security providers. Microsoft recently partnered with Buttonwood

Cloud Exchange, Data#3, Dimension Data, F5 Networks and the list goes on.

Microsoft is calling these third-party ?e?dor ?o??i?atio?s ?ith Azure ?Ad?a??ed

Threat A?alyti?s?. Advanced threat analytics is useful in situations like when a

user is logging in from an unusual location, a user gains access after many

password attempts, or when a user is using a virtual machine on an unsafe IP


A?d this is?’t just li?ited to ?loud storage. This ?e? Azure “e?urity Ce?ter will

function on-pre?ises a?d i? ?o?petitors ?loud spa?e, like A?azo?’s ?loud.

Will this ?e? approa?h to ?y?er se?urity ?ork? O?e ?a? hope. U?fortu?ately, it’s

too little too late for these companies. benefits:

Needless to say, with the increase in modern cloud storage, cloud security is more

important than it ever has been before; especially for tech giants like Microsoft.

Although still in the preview stage, Microsoft will be making this dream a reality


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