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Roller skating lessons for beginners

Digiskating is one of the finest and most awesome places for people of all ages that want to learn speed skating by a professional and experienced instructor.

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Roller skating lessons for beginners

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  1. Benefits of roller skating for your health

  2. Inline speed skating • Inline skates normally have 2 to 5 polyurethane wheels. • Inline skating allows for greater speed than roller skates and has better maneuverability. • The inline wheels are coupled with boots that are designed for skating over and around various obstacles. • Inline skates are designed for race tracks, urban areas, and off-road.

  3. Inline skating safety tips • Helmet: A helmet must be worn every time you skate. It's the most important piece of safety equipment. • Skates: Check your skates before you put them on. Make sure that wheels and brakes are in good shape and tightly secured. • Pads: Cuts, scrapes, and sprained or broken wrists are a constant risk to inline skaters. • If you are an advanced skater and looking for help in improving your form, you have several options. Joining a skate club or hire an Inline speed skating drills professional instructor.

  4. Benefits from roller skating / inline skating • Roller skating provides a complete aerobic workout. • Reduction of body fat and caloric consumption. • It improves leg strength development. • Mental clarity and connectivity will be improved. • Roller skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints compared to running.

  5. About Digi roller skating rink Digi roller skating rink offers a wide selection of club sports. • Inline Hockey • Artistic Skating • Roller Derby • Speed Skating

  6. Club competition at Digi roller skating Congratulations Rachel Mary Simon - Friday's Dance Dance spot winners Winner of a free 10 session pass

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