welcome to the o zone back to school night 2013 class web page http pbvusd schoolwires net theozone n.
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Please sign in Find your child’s desk Look around the room

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Welcome to The O’Zone Back-to-School Night 2013 class web page: http://pbvusd.schoolwires.net/theozone. Please sign in Find your child’s desk Look around the room. Lawrence S. O’Connor, Teacher Room D-4. 1. revised 9/5/2013. What are tonight’s FAQ topics?. Introduction

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Please sign in Find your child’s desk Look around the room

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welcome to the o zone back to school night 2013 class web page http pbvusd schoolwires net theozone
Welcome to The O’ZoneBack-to-School Night 2013class web page: http://pbvusd.schoolwires.net/theozone
  • Please sign in
  • Find your child’s desk
  • Look around the room

Lawrence S. O’Connor, Teacher

Room D-4


revised 9/5/2013

what are tonight s faq topics
What are tonight’s FAQ topics?
  • Introduction
  • Class Schedules
  • New Report Cards
  • New Web Site
  • New Online Grades
  • Addendum


on what will the curriculum focus
On what will the curriculum focus?
  • 5th Grade
  • Prepare for STAR English/Language Arts, Math, & Science tests
  • U.S. History
  • Earth, Life, & Physical Science
  • 6th Grade
  • Prepare for STAR English/Language Arts, & Math tests
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Earth Science



What does the Language Arts schedule look like?

  • Thursday - start reading selection w/ groups in Reading, Vocabulary/Phonics, Spelling, & Independent activities
  • Friday - practice skills in large and small groups
  • Weekend - re-read selection and practice vocabulary & spelling if desired
  • Monday - practice skills in large and small groups
  • Tuesday - review concepts (also GATE day)
  • Wednesday - review & take summative assessments in Reading and Language, and write new vocabulary & spelling lists



What do the Math, History, and Science schedules look like?

  • Math
    • every day
    • daily assignments are checked the next day
    • quick-check assessments on many days
    • summative assessments about once each week
    • overall grade based 90% on summative assessments
  • History & Science
    • about 4 days each week
    • overall grade based 90% on summative assessments



Where can I find the new district website, and how can it help our family?

  • The District’s address is pbvusd.schoolwires.net
  • Laurelglen’s address is pbvusd.schoolwires.net/laurelglen
  • Our class page is pbvusd.schoolwires.net/theozone
  • Website Overview
  • Registration under For Parents menu
  • Calendar Alerts & Subscriptions
  • Online Grades via ParentVue & StudentVUE


what are parentvue and studentvue and how do i access it
What are ParentVUE and StudentVUE, and how do I access it?
  • It’s District provided real-time information on assignments, grades, immunization compliance, transcripts, and more. This year it is for grades 4-8 only.
  • Follow the account activation instructions in the letter the district sent to you.
  • Additional Resources are available on the New District Website under the For Parents menu.
  • On the Laurelglen web site, navigate to the ParentVUE or StudentVUE portal.
  • Log in.
  • Overall Grades are weighted 90% Summative Assessments and 10% Daily Work per District directive.


how can our family keep track of assignments
How can our family keep track of assignments?
  • Each assignment is written on the back board on its due date.
  • Students must write the assignment details and due dates on their assignment paper.
  • Assignments are posted on the class web page.
  • Students record assignments in their planner for a parent to review.


what s the assignment policy
What’s the assignment policy?
  • Most are due the following day.
  • Assignments and projects that require more effort are given more time.
  • Homework becomes anything that is not finished in class.
  • If absent, turn in assignments within two days.
  • Assignments missed due to lengthy excused absences could become excused (negotiable).
  • Late work is subject to a random service charge.
  • Music students are responsible for concepts & assignments they miss.
  • GATE students are responsible for understanding the concepts taught that day & should do partial assignments unless told otherwise.


how does my child know what s been done when out of class
How does my child know what’s been done when out of class?
  • Ask a reliable friend.
  • Check the projection screens.
  • Check the Assignment Board.
  • Check with Mr. O.
  • Check the class web page.
  • Be sure to turn in anything that was collected while out.


how can i keep my child organized
How can I keep my child organized?
  • To help students stay organized, they have colored folders in Language Arts (red), Math (blue), Science (green), and Social Studies (yellow).
  • Help your child organize papers in the correct folder or binder section.
  • Keep returned papers as study aids for quizzes and tests and to check that online grades are correct.
  • Do not stuff papers into a backpack or into books or into trashcans!


how can i help my child be successful
How can I help my child be successful?
  • Help them take responsibility for their actions and make the right choices.
  • Provide a distraction-free study area at home.
  • Require him or her to bring all assignments home every day to review with a parent.
  • Increase fluency by reading orally with your child.
  • Practice math facts.
  • Prepare flash cards for quizzes and tests.
  • Encourage them to always do their best.


how do i find out how my child is doing in class
How do I find out how my child is doing in class?
  • Review papers and tests after they are returned.
  • Require your child to bring home all assignments, even if they are finished, so you can review them.
  • Check the Online Grades that are updated several times a week, sometimes daily.
  • Review the quarterly Report Card.
  • Visit the classroom and observe.
  • Schedule a conference.


why are my child s grades lower than expected
Why are my child’s grades lower than expected?
  • Common at the start of year as students learn the routine & teacher’s expectations.
  • Doesn’t pay attention to instruction or directions.
  • Doesn’t follow directions.
  • Doesn’t complete assignments.
  • Doesn’t turn in work when requested.
  • May need more thought & effort, especially on writing assignments.
  • Doesn’t understand the concept(s) yet.


how is conduct determined
How is conduct determined?
  • A+ Expected Behavior
  • A- Warning
  • B Lose classroom privileges for the day
  • C 15 min. time out during recess
  • D 25 min. time out during lunch recess & call parent/guardian
  • F Teacher calls parent, student possibly has to speak w/ Mrs. Irvin w/ suspension for a serious offense


how can i help the class
How can I help the class?
  • Assist in the classroom as a language arts group leader, by sorting and grading assignments, by prepping activities, or by working with individual students on assignments and projects.
  • Organize special activities and participate in them.
  • Buy needed supplies, especially consumables, that the school doesn’t replace.


what kind of special events do we have
What kind of special events do we have?
  • Equinox and Solstice feasts (the first is Friday, Sept. 20)
  • Report Card Celebration Luncheons
  • Color Day Lunch
  • Oral Language: Wednesday, Oct. 30
  • Geography Bee: Friday, Dec. 13
  • Science Fair: Wednesday, Jan. 15
  • Reagan Library Trip: Tuesday, May 27
  • ?? After-School Homework Help Sessions