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Wind Instruments

Wind Instruments. DHC 161 February 29, 2012. families. buzzing lips. woodwinds. brass. tone holes. valves. recorder. cylindrical. trumpet. cylindrical. whistles. cylindrical. flutes. flugelhorn. conical. transverse flute. cylindrical. cornet. conical. piccolo. cylindrical.

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Wind Instruments

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Wind Instruments DHC 161 February 29, 2012

  2. families buzzing lips woodwinds brass tone holes valves recorder cylindrical trumpet cylindrical whistles cylindrical flutes flugelhorn conical transverse flute cylindrical cornet conical piccolo cylindrical French horn conical trombone cylindrical clarinet cylindrical euphonium conical saxophone conical tuba conical cor anglais conical reeds oboe conical bassoon conical

  3. energy input strategies oboe, bassoon double reed single reed clarinet, saxophone

  4. woodwinds saxophone bassoon recorder from Rossing, “Science of Sound”

  5. recorders & whistles cylindrical bore fipple flutes

  6. Transverse Flutes cylindrical bore

  7. single reed cylindrical bore Clarinet

  8. saxophone family single reed conical bore sopranino alto baritone bass contrabass subcontrabass soprano tenor

  9. oboe & bassoon double reed conical bore hecklephone bass oboe cor anglais oboe oboe d’amore piccolo oboe

  10. brass Energy input: buzzing lips Pitch changing: valves (or slide) mix of conical & cylindrical valve open

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