graduated from nursing where to from here n.
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Graduated from Nursing! Where to from here?! PowerPoint Presentation
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Graduated from Nursing! Where to from here?!

Graduated from Nursing! Where to from here?!

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Graduated from Nursing! Where to from here?!

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  1. Graduated from Nursing!Where to from here?!

    Graduates - Option generators Please take a seat at the front! Undergrads - Active Observers Please take a seat at the back
  2. Introductions! Andrea Cameron Nursing Graduate and Student Advocate Dr Leonie COX Senior Lecturer Dr Fiona Coyer Associate Professor and Director of Academic Programs , Beth Keane Facilitator Careers Counselor Careers & Employment QUT
  3. Ground Rules This group is for discussion, not debate. No one is right; no one is wrong. We are here to generate many possible options – ask your self “is this helpful?” Be respectful of others air time Listen and think before you react Park it board! For issues we are unable to address in this session
  4. Today's Session Quick Heads UP! Expand your options beyond Graduate Recruitment! A word on applications – resumes, SC, letters interviews Generating your networks Staying positive! Check the park it board Breakout session!
  5. Heads Up Graduate Recruitment QLD Health - GNOR website, apply around August for 2014 start WA Health - Graduate Nurses Connect in March for August Private sector – Ramsay, website dates differ. (Greenslopes was March for August intake) CHECK THE WEB SITES!
  6. Your Story – Graduate Nurses
  7. Expand your options beyond Graduate Recruitment!
  8. Areas of Specialisation within a hospital Cardiac & coronary care Intensive care/Critical care Cancer care (oncology) Emergency nursing Haematology Infectious disease nursing Midwifery Paediatric Preoperative Neurology Respiratory Neonatal Orthopaedic Palliative care Rehabilitation Sexual health Transplant nursing Burns nursing Gastroenterology Triage Theatre Nursing Other opportunities Academia/Research Aged care Aboriginal health Agency Work Adolescent health Community nursing Disaster relief Cosmetic & reconstructive surgery Flight nursing HIV and AIDs Neurosurgical Occupational health & safety Legal consulting Remote area nursing Sleep disorders Disability care Women's health Child health Nurse Administration Child & family health Corrections health Some possible career pathways Diabetes nursing Drug & alcohol School nursing Home care International aid work Mental health Pain management GP practice nursing Nurse education
  9. Rural & Remote
  10. Aged Care Community Care
  11. Useful websites Beyond Seek and Careerone
  12. Branch out with further study!
  13. More ideas!
  14. A word on applications Resources Careers & Employment Workshops (Careerhub) Online CDL modules (Careers Website) Resume and applications feedback service Mock interviews – 3138 2649 Resumes are a marketing brochure and you are the product
  15. Working your networks Professional Associations Australasian Neuroscience Nurses' Association Australian College of Critical Care Nurses Ltd Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Inc Australian College of Neonatal Nurses Inc Australian College of Operating Room Nurses Australian Dermatology Nurses' Association Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association Inc Qld Australian Practice Nurses Association Australian Rural Nurses & Midwives Gastroenterological Nurses College Inc Medical Imaging Nurses Association of Australia Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia Paediatric, Child and Youth Health Nurses Queensland Perioperative Nurses Association of Queensland Queensland Nurses Union Colleagues Friends Mentors Prac Supervisors Lecturers Volunteering
  16. Andrea’s Tip Contact the hospitals you are interested in Keep a spreadsheet of contacts Know the application dates well in advance Keep emails professional and follow up with a thankyou email!
  17. Staying positive! Stay busy! Treat your job search like a full time role 9-5 Exercise regularly – keeps the blues away! Stay connected Get PT work in an allied area (keep the clinical skills alive!) Attend PD and networking opportunities Keep in-touch with your colleagues Positive self talk and affirmations WORK Create a vision board
  18. Park It Board! Breakout Sessions! Graduate Nurses Head to C block level 4 Careers & Employment Resource Centre Undergrad’s Q&A session Brainstorm a strategy for 2013 Anything we can address now? Any resources that could help you address these?