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The Evolution

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The Evolution . Of English. It all started in Angleland (later evolved to Eng – land). Where did they come from?. Angles – Coast between Denmark & Holland (Frisians) Juts – Jutland (Denmark) Saxons – Germany. Then, there were the Vikings….

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The Evolution

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the evolution

The Evolution

Of English

where did they come from
Where did they come from?
  • Angles – Coast between Denmark & Holland (Frisians)
  • Juts – Jutland (Denmark)
  • Saxons – Germany
each time britain was invaded the language changed evolved
Each time Britain was invaded, the language changed (evolved)
  • Celts – brought Celtic to Britons
  • Romans – brought Latin and Greek
  • Angles & Saxons – brought Germanic dialects similar to what Britons used
  • Vikings – brought Norse
what does this look like
What does this look like?

Here are some examples from the webpage

English        Frisian        Dutch        German

as  asalsals

breadbrea           brood   Brot

Norwegian Danish Swedish German Dutch Frisian Scots English

En en en einseenienane one

To to tvazwei twee twatwa two

Tretretredreidrietrijethrie three

what does this look like1
What does this look like?

Prefixes, suffixes and roots from Greek and Latin make up many words in English.

Pre – means ‘before’

Dict – means ‘to speak’

-ion – means ‘an act or progress’

Bi- = ‘two’

cycle = ‘wheel’

Make sense?






Deja vu



then the english began building their empire
Then the English began building their empire…

New World (Americas) – jerky, toboggan, quinine, coyote, skunk, chocolate

Japan – teriyaki, tofu, futon, ramen

Asian – nirvana, bangle, shampoo, gunnysack

Arabic – mummy, arsenal, lemon, guitar, tuna, crimson, orange

Spanish – vanilla, oregano, buffalo, barrio

how have you changed english
How have you changed English?
  • What does “cool” mean?
  • What is “bad”?
  • What does it mean to be “hot”?
  • LOL? CWOT? How ru? Gr8? me2?