technisonic a711l series l.
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TECHNISONIC A711L Series. 3 rd Generation Advanced Analog audio. Full fail-passive capability. 7 Radios + PA, with 1-button transfer. Tactile, lighted controls. Cleaner layout. Tone alerting. Plug compatible. TECHNISONIC A711L series. Cosmetic Options. NVG + flexible light.

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Presentation Transcript
technisonic a711l series
  • 3rd Generation Advanced Analog audio.
  • Full fail-passive capability.
  • 7 Radios + PA, with 1-button transfer.
  • Tactile, lighted controls.
  • Cleaner layout.
  • Tone alerting.
  • Plug compatible.
technisonic a711l series2
  • Cosmetic Options.
  • NVG + flexible light.
  • Powersonix PA capability.
  • Nifty PA options.
  • Latent features.
  • Ideal mate to the TDFM-7300.
  • Address integrated NAV/COM packages.
  • Coming soon, the ARTS-100 system. A genuine “wahoo” test moment.
  • short and sweet.
  • any time for audio questions.
  • Available from Dallas Avionics.
  • GET TRAINED! Saturday at 1:30pm
  • Prizes for correct answers!
  • See us at BOOTH 103 / 801
  • Thank you!
noise is the enemy
Noise is the Enemy
  • Installation costs and time are momentary…
  • But a bad install is forever.
  • Take the time to get everything as right as possible.
  • Understanding noise origins is critical.
types of noise
Types of Noise
  • In-band audio frequency noise.
  • Cross-talk
  • Signal contamination
  • Inverter/Generator Contamination
types of noise7
Types of Noise
  • Out-of-Band RF Sources:
  • AM Comms
  • HF/SSB
  • FM Comms
rf problems
RF Problems
  • Ship Issues can be multi-modal:
  • Radio to Radio Interference
  • Harmonic
  • Direct
  • Radio to Audio line rectification
  • Antenna Induced Standing Waves
mechanical rf
  • The Main Rotor will modulate outgoing transmissions, and incoming reception, and change reflected power.
  • Antenna PLACEMENT is everything to fix this.
antenna issues
Antenna Issues
  • Bottom Mounts work best for AM Comms on helicopters.
spacing proximity
Spacing & Proximity
  • There’s rarely enough room in general aviation aircraft...
10 kg in a 5 kg box
10 kg in a 5 kg box
  • Sometimes it’s just not that easy…
audio wiring
Audio Wiring
  • Wiring topology and routing has a large bearing on audio system performance.
  • No amount of shielding can overcome design limits.
audio wiring14
Audio Wiring
  • Access/A (floating ground) technology can provide a 20-30dB improvement in noise and cross-talk over even high end grounded systems.
  • That is 100-1000 times better.
audio wiring15
Audio Wiring
  • Grounded audio returns are highly subject to GROUND LOOP noise.
  • This style interconnect was an early method of saving weight, complexity and wire, but offers the worst possible performance.
ground loops
Ground Loops
  • How we wish aircraft worked:
ground loops17
Ground Loops
  • What really happens:
ground loops18
Ground Loops
  • The “frame ground” is alive with voltages caused by different loads.
ground loops19
Ground Loops
  • Attaching audio returns to ground contaminates the audio signal with every load current flowing through the airframe.
  • These induced voltages can be VERY large, and are a real problem especially for low level audio lines like microphones.
ground loops20
Ground Loops
  • Ground currents also inject CROSS-TALK, as every audio line returned though ground becomes mixed with every other audio signal.
ground loops21
Ground Loops
  • The answer is to LIFT audio lines from the airframe ground, and process them as floating signals.
  • This improves both noise and cross-talk significantly.