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Micro- Teaching

Micro- Teaching

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Micro- Teaching

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  1. Micro- Teaching ShahreenaAhamadsha B.EdTesl UKM A118080

  2. The guessing game.. • Scenario: you were reading a text and u suddenly bump into a word you don’t even know the meaning..what do u usually do.. Open the dictionary?? • Well it true..but there is another way..which is GUESSING!

  3. Guessing Vocabulary How to guess words in context Example sentence: The snake slithered through the grass. You must discover what slitheredmeans by using logic. Here are your choices, and the analysis: • Stopped moving (Incorrect: the sentence above says THROUGH the grass. “Through” means there is some movement.) • Moved or traveled (Correct: the sentence above says THROUGH the grass. “Through” means there is some movement.)

  4. The tiger’s roar could be heard in villages far away. What does roar probably mean? • Food a tiger eats • A tiger’s dream • A tiger’s ear • A sound a tiger makes The answer: (D) the word HEARD means that a tiger is making a sound and someone can hear it.

  5. 2. Reni has so many friends because he is a gregarious person. What does gregariousprobably mean? • Selfish • Quiet • Friendly • Rude The answer: (C) logically, he has many friends meaning the friends like him and nobody likes selfish, quiet nor rude person.

  6. 3. When Siti was sick, her voice was almost inaudible. We could not hear what she was trying to say. What does inaudible probably mean? • Very loud, easy to hear • Very soft, hard to hear • Very strange, uncommon • Very shy The answer: (B) It is obvious in the statement that they are having difficulty hearing her.

  7. After the harvest, we had an abundant amount of apples. We made apple pie, apple sauce, and apple juice because we had so many apples! What does abundant probably mean? • A shortage • Not enough • Very red • Plentiful The answer: (D) they mention in the sentence they make the foods due to the many apples

  8. You can trust the salesmen at the store because they always conduct business in an aboveboardmanner. What does aboveboard probably mean? • Honestly • Dishonest • Horrible • Strange The answer: (A) the word “trust” shows that the salesman conduct the business honestly.