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End User

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  1. End User JT IICS Outgoing Incoming Paltel End User

  2. Interconnect • Outgoing traffic from Paltel to Jordan, Paltel has to pay transit to IICs and IICs will pay JT. • For incoming traffic from Jordan, Paltel has to pay JT and IICs to pay Paltel.

  3. Flag Aqaba New L. Station L. Station Existing JT Existing New Link (Proposed) IICS Existing Existing Paltel BJ Amman M.W M.W F.O F.O Zarqa Irbid

  4. BJ network • They have FR network • They are connected with JT as they are ISP. • They newly got a license to be national and international carrier. • They have MW network in the Kingdom. • They will have Soft Switch soon.

  5. BJ network • They will lay FO to the land station at Aqaba to connect with Flag with collocation at JT location. • They will have new FO network in the Kingdom • They will have their own land station.

  6. JT IICS PSTN BJ Paltel PSTN 256 Router Router GW GW End User End User

  7. Connection with BJ • It is possible to connect through dedicated IP link using IICs and JT infrastructure, where the capacity will not be so high.

  8. Internet Cloud Internet Cloud JT IICS BJ Paltel Router Router GW GW PSTN PSTN End User End User

  9. Connection with BJ • It is possible to connect with BJ using the Internet cloud, where some prepaid calls will be routed over this link.

  10. Internet Cloud Internet Cloud Internet Cloud JT IICS New Tel. BJ Paltel Miami

  11. Connection with BJ&NEWTEL • Once the POP in Miami is established then we can connect via Internet cloud with both Paltel and BJ and route traffic to Middle east and Paltel.

  12. IICS Rest of The Word Flag JT New Tel. BJ Paltel

  13. New Tel • Establishing the new company in Israel will have the connections to both Paltel and BJ and the hub in Miami where we will be the international hub.