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Debate – Daytime Curfew

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Debate – Daytime Curfew - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Debate – Daytime Curfew. Fishbowl Discussion.

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debate daytime curfew

Debate – Daytime Curfew

Fishbowl Discussion


Rules: 1. Everyone must participate. You MUST argue the side you have been assigned regardless of your true feelings about the topic. 2. Respect your classmates! Start counter arguments with statements like “You make a good point, but…”; “I respect your opinion but I feel”, etc. - use Ethos/Pathos/Logos3. Wait your turn to debate and do NOT cut others off. 4. Your arguments must be valid, reasonable and realistic. 5. HAVE FUN!!!!


Procedures:1. The class is divided into two groups, those for the daytime curfew and those against. In the middle there are six desks known as the “hot spot”. 2. Each side will send three to four people to the “hot spot” to debate at a time. 3. When you are not part of the “hot spot”, you need to take notes and make comments on a piece of paper detailing your thoughts (this will be turned in for a grade). This is to help you prepare for your turn in the “hot spot” or to help you reflect. 4. HOT SPOT: When you are in the “hot spot”, be respectful and allow everyone to express their opinions. Do not be rude or disrespectful to others in the “hot spot”. You may use your notes or take notes while in the “hot spot”. 5. Counter Argument - Take good notes because you will have a chance to “counter” any argument that you hear from another hot spot. 6. Closing Arguments – Last thoughts7. Once everyone has had a chance in the “hot spot” you will write a paragraph (on the back of your notes) about your TRUE opinion on the topic of today’s debate.



Each Student will record four pros and cons for the assigned topic.

Core 1: Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Core 2: Is the death penalty constitutional or ethical?

Core 3: Gay Marriage



5-6 Minutes

Hot Spot #1:

No: Ryanne, Yarea, Mark, Joe

Yes: Tara, Logan, Zach, Jaydn

Hot Spot #2:

No: Brandon, Simon, Tyler, Biak

Yes: Autumn, Bawi, Greta, Carson, Sang

Hot Spot #3:

No: Samantha, Nicole, Matthew

Yes: Maddie, Josh, Chris

Hot Spot #4:

No: Jeremy, Blake, Michael

Yes: Madison, Alex, Ryann




Hot Spot #1:

Against: Sam, Billy, Abby, Ashley

For: Paige, Sami, Kagen, Sally

Hot Spot #2:

Against: Brandon, Thomas, Ciara, Madison

For: Logan, Kyle, Kamaya, Sarina

Hot Spot #3:

Against: Travis, Bojan, Makayla, Lillie

For: Ben, Emily, Emma, Malahkai

Hot Spot #4:

Against: Keegan, Lucy, Mary, Austin

For: Bailey, Rowan, Amanda, Cassidy




Hot Spot #1:

Against: Lucas, Devin, Angel

For: Drew, Candace

Hot Spot #2:

Against: Faith, Seth, Jared

For: Kelby, Destiny, Jacob

Hot Spot #3:

Against: A.J., Spencer, Sam

For: Erin, Jordyn, Cole




Each person will be able to counter any arguments from the other side that they disagreed with and that person can respond.


Closing Statements

Any closing thoughts?


Write a paragraph (on the back of your notes) about your TRUE opinion on the topic of today’s debate. Next, write a paragraph indicating which persuasive technique you observed the most today: Ethos/Pathos/Logos.

EXIT SLIP: Underneath paragraph: write your thoughts about today’s Fishbowl – how did it compare to the last one?; was it better or worse? Other thoughts.