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iProject Interactive w/ Whiteboard

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iProject Interactive w/ Whiteboard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iProject Interactive w/ Whiteboard. iProject Interactive Session 1 Aqeel Williams, Instructor. Get Going with iProject Interactive. Focusing Questions. How can I set up my projector and interactive whiteboard?. Instruction. Framing Our Work.

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Presentation Transcript
iproject interactive w whiteboard

iProject Interactive w/ Whiteboard

iProject Interactive Session 1

Aqeel Williams, Instructor

Get Going with iProject Interactive

focusing questions
Focusing Questions
  • How can I set up my projector and interactive whiteboard?
framing our work
Framing Our Work
  • Today we will learn how to set up our projectors and interactive whiteboards by looking at their connections and the ports they are associated with
  • (For OOTB)
  • (We will label the different parts of the projector and interactive whiteboards and attach them to our mobile device. )
  • Power Cable
  • This provides power for our projector.
  • This is a cable that will be used every time you use your projector.
  • Can be plugged into the surge protector, our carts have internal surge protectors; however, generally in large spaces these surge protectors need to be attached to an extension cord.
  • RGB Cable
  • Sometimes referred to as a VGA cable.
  • It has two large blue ports on either end.
  • This is another cable that will be used all the time.
  • Connects from the mobile device to the projector.
  • Enables the projector to project the image on your computer.
  • If you have no image being projected this is the first cable to check.
  • USB Cable
  • This cable connects your mobile device to the Interactive whiteboard.
  • Your whiteboard is a USB device.
  • It gets its power from your computer.
  • Using this device will drain your battery. It is important to have your mobile device plugged in when running a whiteboard from it.
  • Whiteboard Power Cable
  • Provides power to the speakers, not the board.
guided practice
Guided Practice
  • Examine the projector
  • Examine the cart
  • Connect the ports for the four cables
    • Power to Projector
    • RGB (VGA)
    • USB to Mobile Device
    • Power to Speakers
getting started
Getting Started
  • Connect all four cables
    • Power to Projector
    • RGB (VGA)
    • USB to Mobile Device
    • Power to Speakers
  • Adjust the height
  • Adjust the distance and mark on floor
work time1
Work Time
  • Participants will take turns in small groups connecting the three devices
    • Projector
    • Interactive Whiteboard
    • Mobile Device
  • Power on
  • Power off
  • Today we have learned about the different cables and how they are used to set up our projectors with the Interactive Whiteboards and our mobile devices
  • What steps did we find to be most difficult and how can remember to complete them to have our projector working properly?