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FINAL REVIEW. Schwarz/New Applied English 3 June 2013. Vocabulary Review. Adjoining: touching at a point, adjacent Corpulent: having a large, bulky body, obese Covet: enviously desiring something belonging to someone else Jovial: full of good humor Malicious: feeling malice or ill will .

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final review



Applied English 3

June 2013

vocabulary review
Vocabulary Review
  • Adjoining: touching at a point, adjacent
  • Corpulent: having a large, bulky body, obese
  • Covet: enviously desiring something belonging to someone else
  • Jovial: full of good humor
  • Malicious: feeling malice or ill will
vocabulary review1
Vocabulary Review
  • Retain: keep possession of, hold
  • Admonish: warn of fault, reprove, caution
  • Censure: criticize harshly, find fault with
  • Resent: feel or show annoyance
  • Ingenious: clever, smart, sly
vocabulary review2
Vocabulary Review
  • Libel: to injure a person’s reputation by making false statements
  • Anticipation: looking forward to a future event
  • Panorama: full range of an area
  • Trite: overused, lacking freshness
  • Bliss: perfect happiness
vocabulary review3
Vocabulary Review
  • Obliterate: destroy all trace of
  • Tedious: tiresome, boring task
  • Countenance: look or expression on one’s face
  • Affliction: anything causing mental and or physical suffering
  • Tranquil: free from agitation
literary terms
Literary Terms
  • Alliteration: repetition of the initial consonant sound
  • Simile: expressed comparison of two unlike things using like or as
  • Metaphor: an implied comparison
  • Hyperbole: extreme exaggeration
literary terms1
Literary Terms
  • Imagery: presenting a vivid picture to evoke emotions
  • Onomatopoeia: words that sound like the word they represent
    • Ex. The “pop” of the breaking balloon
  • Personification: using human or animal qualities to describe inanimate objects
poetry terms
Poetry Terms
  • Epic Poem: a poem written about a hero and his/her deeds
  • Stanza: two or more lines in poetry that relate to each other
  • Rhyme: words that have a similar sound
  • Rhyme Scheme: a pattern of rhyme
  • Sonnet: a 14-line poem
  • Blank verse: no particular rhyme scheme
remember author alice walker
“Remember” author: Alice Walker
  • Poem written about an injured slave girl who transforms herself into a strong, healed woman
  • Uses the terms ‘justice and hope’ as a positive way to overcome her situation
your hand in mine author alaide foppe
“Your Hand in Mine”author: AlaideFoppe
  • Poem written from the mother’s perspective about her child
  • Discusses the strong bond between mother and child
  • Discusses how mother and child both need each other for strength and survival
dad author elaine feinstein
“Dad”author: Elaine Feinstein
  • Poem about young woman remembering her father when he was alive
  • She feels sadness , but has fond memories of her father
  • Father suddenly died of a heart attack
macbeth author william shakespeare
Macbethauthor: William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare was born in 1564
  • Macbeth is a tragedy
  • Macbeth receives three prophecies from the witches (three is repeated in the play)

Foreshadows future events

  • Macbeth desires to become King of Scotland
  • Lady Macbeth is greedy and strongly urges Macbeth to kill King Duncan
  • Drug servants so they sleep through Duncan’s murder
  • Macbeth becomes very guilty and has hallucinations
  • Lady Macbeth becomes guilty and ends up committing suicide
  • After much ambitious killing, Macbeth is beheaded by Macduff
  • Soliloquy: speech alone on stage letting the audience know the actor’s thoughts
mole people author jennifer toth
Mole PeopleAuthor: Jennifer Toth
  • Story written by journalist Jennifer Toth
  • Describes life of the homeless living in the abandoned transportation tunnels of NYC
  • Bernard “Lord of the Tunnels” tries to help the homeless by keeping them safe and proving food. Described as ‘animalistic’
  • Bernard stands up to Hector who was terrorizing people
mole people
Mole People
  • Many homeless are mentally ill and have drug addictions
  • Police have difficulty helping because they are afraid to go into the tunnels
  • Hub- central location Bernard kept a fire burning with coffee and food
  • Disdain- to look down upon
  • Dangers of tunnels-disease, violence