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EcoJustice Classroom Without Borders! PowerPoint Presentation
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EcoJustice Classroom Without Borders!

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EcoJustice Classroom Without Borders! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EcoJustice Classroom Without Borders!. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Saint Edward School ECSE: Environmental, Cultural, and Spiritual Education Peace be with God the Creator, Peace be with all of Creation. EcoJustice: Who We Are.

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EcoJustice Classroom Without Borders!

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ecojustice classroom without borders

EcoJusticeClassroom Without Borders!

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Saint Edward School

ECSE: Environmental, Cultural, and Spiritual Education

Peace be with God the Creator, Peace be with all of Creation.

ecojustice who we are
EcoJustice: Who We Are

In 1990, Pope John Paul IIissued his World Day of Peace Message, Peace with God - Peace with all of Creation, in which the Holy Father announced, "There is a growing awareness that world peace is threatened not only by the arms race, regional conflicts, and continuedinjustice among peoples and nations, but also by a lack of due respect for nature... Moreover, a new ecological awareness is beginning to emerge which, rather than being downplayed, ought to be encouraged to develop into concrete programs and initiatives."

EcoJustice’s foundations are based on St. Francis of Assisi’s beliefs of simplicity, poverty and his reliance on God's providence rather than worldly goods. Amidst a sense of time, urgency and global awareness our program, through real life connections with the community and environment will develop students intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually while also enhancing their self-esteem and citizenship skills as Canadians and Catholics.

ecojustice what we do
EcoJustice: What We Do

EcoJustice is a grade 8 experiential and inquiry-based outdoor education program that presents integrated, thematic units through an ecological and social justice lens.

We strive to increase environmental awareness and social justice, improve school environment, increase involvement in the local community, promote pupil empowerment, and develop a spiritual connection with the diverse landscape of Saskatchewan’s land and culture, and moreover the world.


Selection Process

  • We selected a cross-section of students (gender, socio-economic, special needs)
    • Accurate reflection of society
    • True educational justice

Faith Dimension

  • Attend weekly masses at St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • First Nations & Métis Education
    • Larry McCallum presented a student-based version of the Belonging Series
  • Promote Gospel values in our daily teachings
  • Servant leaders within the community
    • Mennonite Central Committee, CHEP, Affinity Credit Union (20th Street West Campaign)


  • Completed over 85% of curriculum’s student outcomes
    • Completed through combination of excursions, field study and classroom analysis and synthesis.
  • Presented unit at board office: Optics & Vision (Physical Science)
    • All science outcomes completed by end of April
  • Presented environmental projects to Ward 6 Councillor, Charlie Clarke
  • All but three students are at reading level Z
  • Maintained a successful Math Makes Sense program
  • Contributing leaders to learning communities (late May)
    • Blackstrap Environmental Centre


  • Maintained a higher standard for physical fitness: 90 minutes/day
  • Trekked over 100km, Cycled over 220 km, Public Transit: over 90km
  • First Aid & CPR training to all students
  • Advanced canoe training for students

Environment & Community

  • Participated in launch of Peggy McKercher Conservation Area
  • Environmental Standards: Virtually paperless classroom through use of netbooks
  • Assisting in the preservation of a section of natural Saskatchewan grass lands and flora (with Beverly Ann Bazowski)
  • Hosted, in partnership with Meewasin and Affinity Credit Union, Saskatoon’s send-off of this year’s Earth Day

Making a Difference

  • EcoJustice students finished first in regional, academic-based “Caring for Watersheds” Competition ($2100 in earnings)
    • Implementing of project slated for May-June
  • Awarded $1500 from Teacher’s Without Borders to help actualize experiential learning excursions
  • Have spread environmental and social justice message through the following media:
    • StarPhoenix, Global, CTV, Shaw and 30 minute show on CFCR’s environmental Pocket Mulch
  • Helped develop and presently utilize our division’s first Sharepoint site
reaching out to the community
Reaching Out to the Community
  • Doug Porteous – Meewasin Valley Authority
  • Charlie Clarke – City Councilor
  • Peggy Mckercher – Peggy Mckercher Conservation Area, former Meewasin chair
  • Janet McVitte – Professor, Curriculum Studies, (Science) University of Saskatchewan
  • Larry Mccallum – First Nation Educator, GSCS Board Office
  • Delvin Kanewiyakiho – First Nation Educatory, GSCS Board Office
  • Gord Androsoff – Road Map 2010, Meewasin
  • Brenda Peace – Librarian, Francis Morrison Library.
  • Saskatoon Zoo Society
  • Stan Duedek – Blue Mountain Adventure Centre
  • Amy Jo Ehman – Columnist, Saskatchewan Nutrition Expert
  • Chet Neufeld – President, Saskatoon Native Plant Society
  • Beverly Ann Bazowski – Sask. Conversation Land Owner
  • Tracey Verishine – Interpretation & Outreach Officer Sask, Parks Canada
  • Paulette Farbacher-Decloedt – BioResource Management Teacher, E.D. Feehan High School
  • Brenda Peace – Librarian, Francis Morrison Library
  • Regina Science Centre
  • Chantell Grattan – Child Find Saskatchewan
reaching out to the community9
Reaching Out to the Community
  • Dorthy Bartel – MCCS Saskatchewan
  • Kateri Hellman Pino – Teacher/Coordinator Blackstrap Environmental Center, GSCS
  • Chandra Pederson – Program Coordinator CHEP Good Food Box
  • Escape Sporting Goods
  • Sheelah Mclean – Teacher U of S and Aden Bowman High School
  • Ruth McCuaig – U of S Diefenbaker Center
  • Marita – World Gym Fitness Director
  • Ali Golfetto – Dignitas Youth Coordinator
  • Cory Zettestrom – Owner Bruce’s Cycle Works
  • Carmen Adams – Teachers Without Borders
  • Johnny Marciniuk – Coordinator, GSCS Board Office
  • Darren Prefontaine – Curriculum Development Officer, Gabriel Dumont Institute
  • Cheryl Dauvin – E.D. Feehan High School, Teacher
  • Sheila Chad – E.D. Feehan High School, Principal
  • Roy Sonderhousen – E.D. Feehan High School, Assistant Principal
  • Glenda Meldrum – Lululemon
  • Adrianne Begg – School Gardens Coordinator
  • Shelly Splysiuk-Neufeld – Teacher/Coordinator Blackstrap Environmental Center, GSCS